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Latest Headlines

Telemedicine doesn't speed stroke evaluations

Assessment for stroke took slightly longer using robotic telepresence, but this option still could be effective when the hospital has no vascular neurologist on site, according to research published at  Telemedicine and e-Health.

How 3 providers benefit from telemedicine

With stronger network connectivity and enhanced technologies, telemedicine is paving the way for a new approach to care--and many providers are already seeing the benefits of the tool.

Mount Sinai turns to telemedicine to cut ED use, readmissions

As reimbursement for telehealth care grows more ubiquitous, hospitals increasingly are taking advantage of the technology to improve patient care. Case in point, New York-based Mount Sinai Health System this week announced the launch of several telehealth initiatives to extend care beyond its walls.

HIT stakeholders: Technology critical to 'Next Generation' ACO models

Technology will play an integral role in deployment of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' "Next Generation Accountable Care Organization" model announced Tuesday, several health IT stakeholder organizations say.

Telemedicine dangers must be addressed

Despite the promise of telemedicine in improving healthcare, there are downsides to such technology that need to be addressed, according to Russ Alan Prince, president of consulting firm R.A. Prince & Associates Inc.

VA missed opportunities to enroll patients in telehealth program

Non-Institutional Care Patients had some of the best outcomes through the Veterans Health Administration's Home Telehealth Program; however, a recent audit found that the agency missed opportunities to expand enrollment for those patients.

Behavioral health remote monitoring cuts hospital admissions

Patient engagement through a remote behavioral health intervention after a cardio vascular event has the ability to reduce hospital admissions and length of hospital stays, a study published in the  American Journal of Managed Care  found.

State licensure problems plague telemedicine

Obtaining state medical licenses is a time consuming process and a big barrier to the use of telemedicine across state lines, and according to the authors of a new report, the time to find a solution is now.

Are you ready for the e-health invasion?

By Jonathan H. Burroughs Disruptive innovation may be described as the introduction of a new technology or paradigm that while not as good as the original, provides easier, lower cost accessibility...

Telemedicine helps hospital move patient care from 'Blockbuster to Netflix'

Healthcare in the U.S. needs to "change its DNA" and usher in consumer technology, according to Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals CEO Stephen Klasko, M.D.