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Latest Headlines

Medicare Advantage: Trends, challenges and solutions

What's in store for insurers offering Medicare Advantage plans? They can expect more competition and less reimbursement. With more competition comes the need for insurers to keep operating costs low while maintaining compliance with regulations, said Robert Tracy (pictured), senior business director of government products at Independent Health.

Misread chest X-ray at the heart of $16.7 million malpractice award

The misread X-ray of a woman who ultimately died from lung cancer has resulted in a multimillion dollar malpractice award.

Sutter CMIO: Care improvement requires data sharing, interoperability

Healthcare providers should embrace the benefits of electronic health information exchange for the sake of patient quality rather than remain apprehensive about sharing data with competitors, according to Christopher Jaeger, chief medical information officer at Sacramento, California-based Sutter Health.

VA officials, Democrats work to offset scandal damage

As Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals work toward solutions to delayed care, vulnerable Democrats want to mitigate damage from the revelations surrounding the scandal.

Empowering patients against unnecessary care, medical errors proves difficult

Patients have a difficult time overruling their doctors when they believe a procedure is unnecessary or potentially harmful, according to Politico.

ECRI report IDs health IT safety issues for provider execs

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and ECRI Institute are teaming up to help healthcare executives remain aware of technology safety issues.

Security experts: Massive health data breach a disaster in the making

​A massive health data breach is on the horizon, security experts say, that points to lackluster response to growing threats both by the industry and in Congress.

Court: Physicians not liable for patients' risky behavior

In malpractice cases, patients can be held at least partially responsible when their own risky behaviors contribute to bad outcomes, even if knowledge of those behaviors comes from a third party, according to a recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

More practices eye informal integration amid struggles

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) identified its members' top practice struggles for the seventh year in a row with its "Medical Practice Today: What Members Have to Say" survey. 

Massachusetts gov signs nurse ratio bill

Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass.) Monday signed a bill into law mandating nurse staffing levels in Bay State intensive care units, according to  Littler Mendelson.