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Latest Headlines

Study: National telemedicine service expands healthcare access

A Health Affairs study of adult users of a national telemedicine service found that it appears to be expanding access to patients who are not connected to other providers.

Young adult enrollment hits roadblocks

Former foster children and college students aren't enrolling in coverage made possible through the Affordable Care Act. News reports suggest unfamiliarity with one of the law's provisions and affordability concerns are to blame.

White House pushes ACO expansion in 2014

The Obama administration will step up efforts to push accountable care organizations (ACOs) this year, according to MedPageToday.

Cut from a health plan? 3 ways to fight back

Although a federal judge in Connecticut temporarily blocked UnitedHealthcare from dropping an estimated 2,200 physicians from its Medicare Advantage plan, experts fear the victory could be temporary, according to a post from  Physicians Practice.

With ACA, ambivalence seems best course

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become the policy equivalent of cheese-stuffed pizza crust or reality show housewives. The American public disapproves of their existence while simultaneously...

Practices must innovate to keep wait times under control

Just as wait times to get a doctor's appointment begin improving, some experts say access may reach an all-time low as patients newly insured under the Affordable Care Act seek treatment, according to research from physician search firm Merritt Hawkins.

Feds appropriately disclose, protect health records

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services keeps records containing financial or health-related information on millions of Americans, including providers and insurance beneficiaries. An audit of how the agency protects those records and accounts for their disclosure revealed substantial compliance with The Privacy Act of 1974, according to the Office of Inspector General.

States vary on ACA implementation

State support of three Affordable Care Act pillars--health insurance market reforms, insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion--varies widely and raises questions about how consumers can benefit from healthcare reform no matter where they live, according to an analysis by The Commonwealth Fund.

WellPoint, insurers spend millions to stop rate hike justification

Health insurance companies in California spent $13.8 million to defeat a state ballot initiative that would require them to get approval for rate hikes, according to the Consumer Watchdog Campaign.

Bill would make insurers accept any willing provider

Fueling the fight against narrow networks, a bill moving forward in the Mississippi House would require insurers to accept into their network any healthcare provider who meets contract terms, the Associated Press reported.