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Latest Headlines

Early PET to diagnose Alzheimer's correlates with better outcomes

Early findings from the Metabolic Cerebral Imaging in Incipient Dementia study show that patients with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease who are diagnosed early with PET imaging start receiving treatment earlier and show better clinical outcomes.

FDA would create electronic drug-tracking system under legislation

Federal legislators this week unveiled a bill that calls on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop an electronic system for tracking pharmaceuticals "from manufacturing to distribution."

Nursing staff frequently injured on job

Orderlies, attendants and nursing aids suffer more musculoskeletal injuries than any other profession, and registered nurses suffer more such injuries than the average worker, ABC News reports.

CMS: RACs to delay scrutiny of short inpatient stays

Only days after more than 100 members of the House of Representatives urged the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to postpone its "two-midnight" rule for hospital inpatient admissions set to take effect Oct. 1, CMS issued guidance on the new policy announcing auditors will delay scrutiny of short inpatient stays for 90 days.

Small business exchange enrollment delayed

Small businesses won't be able to sign up online through the small business health option program when the exchanges open for enrollment next week. 

HHS delays small business exchange online enrollment

The reform law has suffered yet another setback, this time in the form of another delay to the federally-run small business health insurance exchanges.

Healthcare reform funding saved by the vote

In a 100-0 vote, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday cleared the way to debate the House-passed stopgap bill that would fund government operations but cut off funds to the Affordable Care Act, USA Today reported.

Popularity aside, Obama just wants healthcare reform to work

President Barack Obama said what matters most is getting healthcare reform off the ground and getting people enrolled, not the political popularity of the Affordable Care Act.

Federal court judge dismisses hospital observation care suit

A federal court judge this week dismissed a lawsuit seeking to eliminate observation status-- but the ruling won't likely end debate over the three-day rule. 

Medicare RACs recoup $2.4B in overpayments in nine months

The Office of the Inspector General may not think the Ce nters for Medicare & Medicaid Services is catching all overpaid claims, but hospitals across the country may disagree. So far this fiscal year Medicare recovery auditors reclaimed more than $2.23 billion in overpayments.