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Latest Headlines

Is anyone happy about the SGR fix and ICD-10 delay?

It's been quite a couple of weeks for the healthcare industry. In case you missed the news, in lightning speed, Congress approved a temporary fix to the sustainable growth rate, a formula that...

HHS publishes FDASIA framework for health IT

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, on Thursday, published the long-awaited proposed strategy and recommendations for a health IT risk-based framework mandated by the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act.

What's really driving unpaid premiums?

People who signed up for a Covered California health insurance plan may drop their coverage without paying their premiums because they found insurance elsewhere, according to a new analysis released Wednesday by the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center.

Review: Mammo benefits may be overstated

A review of 50-plus years of literature on the benefits and risks of mammography has found that while screening mammograms may reduce breast cancer mortality, the benefits of mammography are less--and the potential harms greater--than had once been expected.

Lingering exchange glitches could spark lawsuits

Thousands of Nevadans may have paid for exchange plans but remain uninsured because of problems with the state's online marketplace, alleges a class-action lawsuit filed against Nevada, Xerox and the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

Obama signs SGR patch

A day after the Senate approved the measure, President Barack Obama signed H.R. 4302, which implements another 12-month patch to the sustainable growth rate payment formula.

Many academic medical center heads sit on pharma boards

Leading executives at academic medical centers often sit on the boards of pharmaceutical companies, creating potential conflicts of interest regarding both institutional oversight and research initiatives, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

ICD-10 delay: How providers should respond

While it's clear that the ICD-10 deadline will be pushed back for the second time in nearly two years thanks to the inclusion of a delay in the latest sustainable growth rate patch legislation, what's not so clear is what comes next for both providers and payers. In a pair of recent posts, Deloitte Healthcare Provider Lead Mitch Morris and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO John Halamka offer up a few suggestions.

Teaching hospital leaders-drug company affiliation raise conflict of interest concerns

Academic medical center leaders who serve on pharmaceutical company boards could create a conflict of interest or foster competition between institutional oversight responsibilities and individual clinical and research practices, according to an article published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Double-digit rate hikes still a reality

Insurers already are anticipating the need to raise prices for 2015, reports Reuters. The first group of enrollees represents a higher rate of older and more costlier members than anticipated so insurers will need to raise premiums to avoid losing money.