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Latest Headlines

EHR-related patient safety problems persist 'long after' implementation

Electronic health records create a rife of patient safety problems that linger well after implementation, according to a new study in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Co-locate IT, hospital analytics employees to boost productivity

The physical presence of data support experts co-located with hospital analytics employees has proven to be a boon for productivity and patient outcomes at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, according to Yiscah Bracha, assistant vice president of quality improvement healthcare analytics.

FDA won't regulate medical device data systems

​Draft guidance published Friday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seemingly paves the way for smoother medical device interoperability by lowering the burden on developers of medical device data systems (MDDS) to comply with agency requirements.

VA telehealth efforts cut patient costs

Home-based telehealth programs help military service members receive better care at lower costs than fellow service members who only receive in-person care, according to figures touted this week by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials.

How Virginia Mason plans to implement, optimize CPOE

Arthur James Bender, M.D., medical director of health information at Virginia Mason Medical Center, believes that ongoing CPOE implementation efforts at his Seattle-based hospital can lead to improvements for both patients and providers.

Automated 'lab-on-a-chip' tech could reduce healthcare costs

A new computer programming language, created by a research team at the University of California, Riverside, will automate "laboratory-on-a-chip" technologies--and has the potential to reduce healthcare costs.

AHIMA endorses values of data-driven learning health system

The American Health Information Management Association has endorsed core values of a learning health system that supports using high-quality data to improve patient health.

AMA's Robert Wah: Technology use in healthcare a balancing act

In his first speech as president of the American Medical Association, Robert Wah spoke about the organization boldly going where it hasn't gone before.

As access to student EHRs expands, so too does the role of school nurses

School officials and health systems are banding together to make sure students with chronic conditions receive comprehensive care.

More access to tech for non-clinical staff improves care at medical campuses

As technology's role in healthcare grows, so too, does the opportunity for non-clinical or lower-level staff members to assist in myriad tasks, giving doctors and nurses more time to address complex cases.