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Latest Headlines

Data analytics use a key push for 'Most Wired' hospitals

The use of data analytics technology to achieve success as the healthcare industry transitions to focus on value over volume is a pressing issue for hospitals, particularly those named to this year's "Most Wired" list.

The 10 most expensive cities for healthcare

Sacramento, California is the most expensive city for healthcare in the United States, according to a new analysis from Forbes.

Data sharing, EHR interoperability keys to improving clinical trials

As the complexity of clinical trials continues to grow, increased data sharing and interoperability will become more important, according to panelists paticipating at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday.

HHS challenge focuses on CDS use to prevent hypertension

The U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services has launched a new challenge to use electronic health records and other health IT to prevent hypertension.

Hospital IT execs: Patient safety results should define CPOE success

The success of a computerized physician order entry implementation project should be defined, first and foremost, by improvements to patient safety, according to Chris Snyder, a hospitalist and chief medical information officer at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Sutter CMIO: Care improvement requires data sharing, interoperability

Healthcare providers should embrace the benefits of electronic health information exchange for the sake of patient quality rather than remain apprehensive about sharing data with competitors, according to Christopher Jaeger, chief medical information officer at Sacramento, California-based Sutter Health.

Data-driven tool enables patients to balance recovery expectations

Before deciding whether to go through with a medical procedure, it's important for patients to balance their expectations on recovery. A new data-driven tool being developed allows them to do just that.

Big data not a 'magic weapon' for healthcare

Big data isn't a "magic weapon" that can solve all our healthcare problems, according to Eerke Boiten, a senior lecturer at the University of Kent.

Videoconferencing eases stress for pediatric patients

Pediatric hospital patients find comfort in being able to interact with family and friends via videoconferencing, according to new research published in the journal  Pediatrics.

How the University of Utah is using data to slash healthcare costs

Few hospitals can say how much it costs them to care for each patient admitted, but the University of Utah is working to change that.