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Latest Headlines

Technology aids in care for undiagnosed hypertension

Technology-based screenings and in-person follow-ups reduced patients' risk of having undiagnosed hypertension over a 30-month period by more than 72 percent, according to a study in the  Annals of Family Medicine.

Why 'systems engineering' is crucial to healthcare delivery transformation

A report published in May by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology calls on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to transform healthcare nationally by engineering a "robust" health information infrastructure. Following up on that report, researchers from the National Quality Forum in the District of Columbia who helped pen the document have outlined and dissected the report's recommendations.

CDC patience with errors from lab use of EHRs growing thin

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) increasingly is concerned about patient safety and other problems incurred by laboratories' use of electronic health records.

HIMSS Analytics: Infection, lab outreach IT tools poised for growth

IT tools that allow hospitals to reduce infection incidences, help with lab outreach services and improve patient acuity are among the top IT applications poised for growth, according to a new report by HIMSS Analytics.

EHRs simplify identification of patients for clinical trials

Electronic health records can be a boon to conducting clinical trials and recruiting patients to participate, according to a new study in  Health Technology Assessment.

Predictive analytics in healthcare: Are they safe?

While hospitals--such Boston Children's Hospital and El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California--increasingly are turning to predictive analytics to improve patient care and safety efforts, some worry about the legal and ethical implications of using such technology.

Hospitals underuse minimally invasive procedures

Despite the fact that minimally invasive cardiac surgery has led to better outcomes--and presumably lower costs--than open-heart procedures, a new study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine concludes that it is being underused by many hospitals.

Data analytics use a key push for 'Most Wired' hospitals

The use of data analytics technology to achieve success as the healthcare industry transitions to focus on value over volume is a pressing issue for hospitals, particularly those named to this year's "Most Wired" list.

The 10 most expensive cities for healthcare

Sacramento, California is the most expensive city for healthcare in the United States, according to a new analysis from Forbes.

Data sharing, EHR interoperability keys to improving clinical trials

As the complexity of clinical trials continues to grow, increased data sharing and interoperability will become more important, according to panelists paticipating at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday.