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Latest Headlines

Medicare spending slowdown could put brakes on Medicare reform

Medicare spending will slow down over the next decade--and although  this bodes well for the federal budget it could also slow down Medicare reform, notes a  post  in  the Morning Consult.

4 keys to successful HIT vendor-client relationships

When it comes to relationships between health IT vendors and clients, there are many ways to ensure they are positive for both parties involved.

3 strategies to promote hospital culture of ownership

To become successful and stand out in a competitive healthcare industry, hospitals must encourage a culture of personal accountability and complete ownership, from the bosses in the C-suite to the front-line workers administering medication, Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach Inc., writes in  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Schools, medical groups endorse shorter education programs

Shortening the time it takes to get a medical degree would lessen newly-minted doctors' debt burden without compromising quality of care, according to the New York Times.

Kaiser Permanente's Jack Cochran on the path to value-based care

As a way of paying for quality rather than volume, many  insurers are moving away from a fee-for-service payment model toward a value-based reimbursement process that focuses more on transparency and accountability,  FierceHealthPayer  previously reported. To better understand the benefits of a value-based payment model operates, spoke with California-based Kaiser Permanente's Jack Cochran (pictured), M.D., FACS,  executive director of the Permanente Federation in an exclusive interview.

Survey: Healthcare orgs taking a second look at historically generous employee health benefits

As healthcare costs continue to rise, hospitals and other healthcare organizations--which historically provide more generous employee benefits than in other industries--are scrutinizing the health insurance they offer their own employees, according to a new survey.

Physicians and business-oriented bosses clash over healthcare

As the face of hospital and health system leadership changes to those who aren't necessarily from a healthcare background, tensions between doctors and their business school managers are on the rise and patients could suffer, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek article.

4 unexpected patient safety hazards

As providers in the United States focus on patient-centered healthcare, the importance of patient safety increases. Some threats to patient safety are obvious, such as preventable medical errors, hospital-acquired infections and hospital violence. But these more obvious examples are far from the only obstacles to a safe patient population. To improve outcomes, healthcare leaders must consider other, less expected threats.  FierceHealthcare  breaks down four of these patient safety hazards 

Poll: ACA popularity at all-time low

Fifty-three percent of Americans held unfavorable views of the Affordable Care Act in July, which is up eight percentage points from last month,  according to the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.

Care coordination movement picks up speed in Maryland hospitals

By Carmela Coyle, president and CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association With national healthcare leaders and federal regulators focusing now more than ever on how to achieve the triple aim of...