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Latest Headlines

3 more ways to reduce patient no-show rates

From technology solutions to personal phone calls, physician practices are experimenting with various ways to drive down the number of no-show patients, according to a recent  Medscape  article. Here are three strategies that have worked.

Mobile clinics cut costs, inappropriate ER use

Use of mobile clinics is on the rise among hospitals with low-income patient populations whose living situation is often too uncertain for them to visit hospitals, according to Marketplace.

A checklist for patient satisfaction

Just as checklists have become popular in healthcare to improve patient safety, such a resource can also help physicians better connect with patients, according to a  Huffington Post  article.

Providers divided on best way to improve patient engagement

Most healthcare providers believe that improved patient engagement leads to better outcomes, but were divided on the best strategies to accomplish this, according to survey results published in an  NEJM Catalyst  blog post.

CDC continues mold investigation at Pittsburgh hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has yet to complete its investigation into why four transplant patients at two Pittsburgh hospitals contracted mold infections and later died, but a "Notes from the Field" report posted Thursday confirmed it is still focused on the facility's negative pressure room.

Survey: Docs satisfied with pay, but losing patience with the ACA

While physicians are generally feeling better about their income in 2015, they're feeling worse about the Affordable Care Act than they have in several years, according to survey results announced by the Medicus Firm.

Hospitals want Part B proposals narrowed in scope

The American Hospital Association has praised the proposed Part B drug cost savings demonstration project, but believes a federal agency should narrow its scope.

An impossible task: Finding out the true cost of maternity services

Figuring out how much a hospital charges for a newborn delivery is apparently an impossible task, according to  Vox.

The makings of successful patient loan programs

A variety of hospitals around the United States now offer a mix of interest-free to low- interest loans to patients overwhelmed by rising out-of-pocket costs and medical bills.

Primary care shortage threatens to derail NY healthcare reform

A shortage of primary care providers is threatening to derail the success of healthcare reform in New York State, according to a healthcare organization there.