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Latest Headlines

Cigna's collaboration with provider improves care, cuts costs

The second-year results of a collaborative care program between Cigna and an Indianapolis-based health system show that the endeavor both improved the quality of care and lowered costs, according to an announcement from the companies. 

Turning down the volume: Hospital experiments with sound panels to reduce noise

Complaints that hospital noise from monitors and paging systems interrupts patients' sleep and can influence their blood pressure and heart rates has led one Michigan system to borrow a method used in music rooms to make the hospital quieter and improve patient care.

Critics complain proposed sepsis reporting rules could lead to overtreatment

Sepsis is one of the top drivers of costs, readmissions and mortality for hospitals, accounting for up to half of all hospital deaths, but until recently it has not received the same scrutiny as other top causes from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. But proposed CMS reporting requirements for doctors who treat the condition are drawing mixed reviews.

Report cards make consumers' opinions about insurers public

The five insurers operating Medicaid managed care plans in Ohio only scored an "average" rating when it came to how satisfied their members were with their doctors, according to a new report card from the state.

5 factors that indicate patients are at risk for unplanned readmissions

​Patients with chronic cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, those discharged on Fridays, those who have long lengths of stay, and those with a high number of previous emergency department visits are at a greater risk for unplanned and expensive hospital readmissions, new research shows.

What providers can learn from an early Triple Aim adopter

In a blog post for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Leslie Graham, chief executive officer and Barbara Eldridge, manager of quality improvement, both of the Primary Care Coalition in Montgomery County, Maryland, describe some of the lessons they learned while they worked on projects to improve population health as part of the Triple Aim.

3 factors that will transform Medicare

Although Medicare was built on a failing model of fee-for-service, the nation's largest insurer has been making plans to transform itself into the future, say two health policy experts.

Collaboration, risk-taking drive healthcare innovation [Special Report]

In this exclusive  FierceHealthcare  special report, we explore some of the obstacles to innovation and how these unique ventures offer lasting lessons to healthcare leaders who want to drive change in the industry.

Patient safety risk: First responders often unprepared to treat children

First responders lack experience in emergencies involving children, and it puts patient safety at risk, causing significant injury or death in 4 to 17 percent of hospital admissions, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics.

How a wellness center can slash your hospital's expenses

In-hospital wellness centers were once the purview of only the most cutting-edge health systems, but they're becoming more common as care value becomes increasingly important to the healthcare business, according to Healthcare Finance News.