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Latest Headlines

OR traffic increases risk of infection

Surgical teams put patients at risk for infection by frequently entering and leaving the operating room, according to a new study published in the journal  Orthopedics.  

Despite efforts, US obesity rate continues to climb

The U.S. obesity rate continues to rise, dashing the expectations of health professionals who hoped to see a decline. While rates of sugar and sweetened soft drink consumption are down, nationally, the obesity rate has remained stubbornly high, according to new statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Connected Health 2015: Providers must better understand people to improve health landscape

Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation Medical Director Douglas Wood believes that doctors and hospitals currently are too focused on providing healthcare for patients rather than helping people to achieve healthy lifestyles.

How physician offices and retail clinics can collaborate [Interview]

Family Medicine for America's Health's  Health is Primary  campaign today announced a collaboration with CVS Health to increase coordination of care between primary care providers and retail pharmacies and clinics, including CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic. In an exclusive interview with  FiercePracticeManagement,  Glen Stream, M.D., president and board chair of FMAHealth, discussed the role of primary care offices in making such partnerships work.

1 in 10 older patients are victims of elder abuse

There's a 1 in 10 chance that the seniors coming to your practice are victims of emotional, sexual or financial abuse, according to a review article published in  The   New England Journal of Medicine.

Outcome-based deals with insurers tough to implement, pharma CEOs say

Though health insurers are starting to pursue value-based deals with drug and device manufacturers, two pharmaceutical executives think the U.S. healthcare industry isn't quite ready to switch to that pricing model, Reuters reports.

How hospitals' 'culture of secrecy' keeps error victims out of the loop

A "culture of secrecy" within healthcare often prevents the victims of medical malpractice from getting the full picture, according to a report from Cleveland-based ABC affiliate WEWS-TV.

Insurers take steps to prevent drug addiction, treat addicts

With opioid abuse and addiction driving up healthcare costs, health insurers are helping to tackle the problem through a variety of strategies, according to the  Boston Globe. 

The next phase of patient safety improvement: Tackling misdiagnosis

The healthcare industry must adopt a systemwide approach to tackling medical misdiagnosis, a growing concern due to recent research that estimates 12 million people in the U.S. will experience a diagnostic error each year, argues an opinion piece published in the  New England Journal of Medicine.

Nurses' work environment helps outcomes, readmissions more than staffing

The nurse work environment contributes more to good patient outcomes and reduced readmission rates than staffing levels do, according to a new report from Press Ganey.