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Latest Headlines

Remember the big picture to improve physician leadership

The intense focus doctors give to individual patient care comes at a hidden cost when it pulls physicians away from a broader perspective of the healthcare system, according to an article in  Medpage Today.

Patients at higher risk for psychiatric symptoms after ICU stay

Patients are at increased risk for mental symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression following stays in the intensive care unit, according to a study from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Henry Ford program slashes patient suicide rates by 80%

A program at Henry Ford Health System's Behavioral Health Services Department drastically reduced suicide rates by applying a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation care redesign initiative to target depression, according to a case study published on the  NEJM  Catalyst  blog.

Anthem taps Wisconsin health system for new payer-provider venture

Anthem is joining forces with major Wisconsin health system Aurora Health Care to create a health insurance company that seeks to drive down costs by steering patients to a select group of providers.  

3 lessons to improve patient care transitions

Although there is no cookie-cutter approach to care coordination, one hospital's strategy has proven to be an effect model for patient care transitions, according to  Medscape.

Out-of-control jumble of quality measures overwhelms hospitals, creates chaos

The governmental groups, commercial payers and other organizations creating "measure madness" by requiring hospitals to report on hundreds of quality measures must commit to the minimum amount necessary, according to the Healthcare Association of New York State.

Hospitals struggle with vaccine-preventable diseases

Hospitals face a threat many in the healthcare community thought had been stamped out decades ago: vaccine-preventable diseases.

Christiana Care's Terri Steinberg: Analytics vital to successful population health

For Christiana Care CHIO Terri Steinberg, the key to successful population health management is balance in three areas: people to run the program, analytics to offer real-time updates and a robust electronic health record system. Without one area stabilized, the others are likely to falter.

Data gaps in EHRs must be addressed, not discounted

I'm often cynical about studies that seem flawed, misleading, or not useful. But sometimes a study that seems off the mark or outdated can actually be significant. Last week, a study published...

ACA exchange plans improve drug access for some complex diseases

Affordable Care Act exchange plans have made it easier for patients to access drugs that are used to treat complex diseases such as HIV, cancer and multiple sclerosis, according to a new analysis from Avalere.