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Latest Headlines

How mobile technology could change the patient-provider relationship

Today's smartphones soon could be integral to the relationship between patients and providers, according to Erin Byrne, managing partner and chief engagement officer at Grey Healthcare Group.

Not all mHealth activity trackers are created equal, study finds

When it comes to accuracy of data from mHealth fitness tools and wearables, not all stats can be trusted, according to new research.

Report: Biomarkers, apps help in suicide prevention

Early suicide prevention, especially in people who suffer from psychiatric illnesses, may soon be faster and easier through a new mobile healthcare app.

Health tracking hard 'work' for some older, chronically ill patients

Fostering mHealth technology adoption among the older and chronically ill is going to require strategic efforts by developers and device makers, as well as an understanding of why the aging population is likely not to embrace such tools, according to recent research.

To tackle racial disparities, healthcare must examine unconscious bias

Even as the nation's overall healthcare outcomes improve, racial disparities in both treatment and outcomes persist, and healthcare professionals must consider the role their unconscious behavior may play in the situation, according to National Public Radio.

Rural hospitals ally with bigger providers to weather financial crisis

Amid an ongoing financial crisis for the nation's rural hospitals, some providers stay afloat by forming alliances with one another or larger hospitals, according to Kaiser Health News.

Patient safety experts: Make hand hygiene, flu shots mandatory for healthcare workers

Clinicians must no longer have the right to refuse to follow best practices for hand hygiene and influenza vaccinations, according to leading patient safety advocates in a  Health Affairs  blog post.

Treasury regulations on patient financial assistance may be tough to enforce

The new rules issued by the U.S. Treasury Department intended to curb excessive debt collection practices by hospitals are not likely to be enforced in a consistent and effective manner, Erin C. Fuse Brown, a law professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta, writes in the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Patient finance companies inflate bills for mesh removal procedures

A medical lending company that arranged for women to have uterine mesh implants removed often charged them more than 20 times what it actually cost to perform the surgery, Reuters has reported.

Merger mania among hospitals could damage access to care

A new study finds the continuing urge to merge in the hospital sector could not only lead to more obstacles in obtaining care, but could create a "too big to fail" culture in which government regulators may have to bail out hospital operators if they enter into financial difficulties