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Latest Headlines

Post-EHR clinical quality measure performance 'mixed'

Transitioning to electronic health records can improve clinical quality measurement, but not necessarily across all measures and not in the short term, according to a new study in  eGEMs (Generating Evidence and Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes).

Congress mulls bill to improve complex care for pediatric Medicaid patients

Congress will mull legislation that would make it far easier for providers to coordinate the special needs care of pediatric enrollees in the Medicaid program. If p assed into law, the bill would save the Medicaid program on the federal and state level as much as $13 billion over 10 years.

Hospital redesign: Offices are out, innovative design is in

As a variety of industries move away from traditional workspaces in order to modernize their businesses, the healthcare sector has embraced the open-office trend as well as other design innovations aimed to improve the patient experience.  

Healthcare finance through the class divide

If you want the ethos of the ivory tower's upper floors laid bare, Robert Pear's recent ironic New York Times article does the trick. A significant swath of the Harvard University faculty is...

Benefits of med students 'tracking' former patients via EHRs outweigh potential harms

Medical students should be allowed to track former patients via electronic health records to improve their training, but only within certain limits and with patient permission, according to a new perspectives article in the  Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Reality TV controversy reignites patient-privacy debate

The recent controversy surrounding a reality TV show's depiction of a man's death in a New York hospital has ignited a debate about the nature of patients' privacy rights while being treated in emergency departments.

Retail clinics seek mall space to reach wider patient base

Many retail clinics take advantage of mall space abandoned by retailers such as RadioShack and Sears, according to Bloomberg  Businessweek.

3 keys to unlock the patient satisfaction puzzle

The effort to improve the patient experience is one of the paramount issues in the modern healthcare industry--in part because patient satisfaction is tied to financial incentives. To make a real difference, hospitals must create an "overall experience of caring,"  Forbes  contributor Micah Solomon writes in a recent article.

Medicare to start paying doctors to administer better care

Medicare will now issue a monthly fee to primary care doctors with the intention to provide better care to seniors who need it most.

'Shark Tank'-style contests, community initiatives spark healthcare innovation

Several providers use initiatives, including a Shark Tank model, to promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurship within research sectors.