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Latest Headlines

Streamlined ER treatment leads to nationwide drop in coronary heart disease deaths

The  New York Times  takes an in-depth look at the changes in U.S. emergency rooms that have led to a 38 percent decline in the death rate from coronary heart disease from 2003 to 2013.

Clinical, patient engagement key to ACO success

Implementing an accountable care organization is nearly impossible without high-quality clinical engagement, according to a panel of healthcare leaders at Friday's sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.

Mobile health may lead to new business models

As more personalized healthcare grows, thanks in part to the expanding reach of digital health tools, two emerging business models may take root--"goldminers" and "bartenders," according to a  Harvard Business Review  report.

Study: Tablet, app use does not improve patient knowledge of care

Supplying patients with tools such as tablets and patient portal apps does not have a great impact on their understanding of their care and treatment, according to a study published in the  Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.

Chicago hospital cuts down readmissions through discharge clinic

A discharge clinic operated by Chicago's Mercy Hospital & Medical Center has been able to slash readmission rates by about 85 percent,  according to Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

Why payers should take a personalized approach to patient engagement

The best way to engage patients in their care is to take a personalized approach, leaders from Independence Blue Cross and Penn Medicine said during a recent panel at the BIO conference in Philadelphia.

Patients with surgical complications less likely to die if readmitted to same hospital

Patients who are readmitted to the hospital when complications occur after a major surgery are more likely to survive if they return to the facility where that original surgery took place, a new study finds. The research reveals the potential downside to medical tourism.

Pharmacy-led clinic helps Chicago hospital slash readmission rates

In another example of the growing role pharmacists play in healthcare, a discharge clinic, staffed with a pharmacist and nurse practitioner who meet with patients after their release from the hospital, has helped Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago cut its readmission rates, according to an article in  Hospitals and Health Networks Daily.

In-home senior care program saved Medicare $25M

A program that uses house calls to treat seniors with multiple chronic conditions saved Medicare $25 million in its first year, CMS announced.

Chief nursing officer's tale highlights need for empathy in healthcare

Guest post by Thomas Dahlborg, chief financial officer and vice president of strategy for NICHQ (National Institute for Children's Health Quality), where he focuses on improving child health and...