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Latest Headlines

Overworked physicians may inadvertently contribute to the opioid epidemic

To begin to tackle the nation's prescription opioid epidemic, the industry must first deal with the problem of overburdened physicians, writes Bruce Y. Lee in a  Forbes  commentary..

Healthcare transformation requires physician leaders to become 'chief meaning officers'

In order to transform healthcare, physician leaders must assume the role of "chief meaning officer," write two industry leaders. 

Data drives payer, provider efforts to transform care delivery [Special report]

The healthcare industry's transition from fee-for-service to value-based care requires providers and insurers alike to fundamentally rethink their business models. It also requires data--lots of data.  

Doc shortage solution: Pharmacists prove effective in managing chronic conditions

Pharmacists could be a key element in addressing the physician shortage, but questions remain about exactly how much of the load they can--or should--carry, according to an article from UPI.

AMA joins IDEA Labs' efforts to boost healthcare innovation

The American Medical Association has teamed up with IDEA Labs, a student-run biotechnology accelerator, to develop new healthcare innovations.

Medical scribes help cut doctors' EHR workload

Physicians who dread having to document patient care into electronic health records (EHR) have created a fast-growing job market for medical scribes, according to a  STAT  report.

Patients 50% more likely to die avoidable deaths in hospitals that score lowest in safety

Hospitals could save at least 33,000 lives each year if they followed the patient safety policies and procedures of the highest-scoring hospitals in The Leapfrog Group's Spring 2016 Hospital Safety Score update, a new study finds. 

The continued resistance to Medicaid expansion is silly and profoundly damaging

I recently journeyed to England and one impression that will stick with me is that the United Kingdom is paying closer attention to what goes on within its borders than the U.S. is within its own....

Coalition to push drugmakers on prices

A coalition of hospitals, insurers and businesses released a policy proposal that aims to increase drug pricing transparency, promote competition and that "strikes a balance between innovation and affordability."

Pastoral provider licenses draw the ire of Texas medical board

People using "pastoral provider licenses" are starting to draw the attention of the Texas Medical Board.