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Latest Headlines

FDA advisory panel: Superbug-linked scopes put patients in danger

An advisory panel convened by the Food and Drug Administration urged the agency to better protect patients from specialized medical scopes linked to recent superbug outbreaks, the  L.A. Times  reports.  

Respite centers for mentally ill could reduce expensive hospital visits

Some cities are experimenting with "respite centers" to better accommodate the needs of the mentally ill and avoid potentially lengthy and costly hospital stays,  StateLine  has reported.

Growth of patients with $50K annual drug tabs skyrockets

Specialty drugs continue to take a huge bite out of the pocketbooks of American insurers, employers and individuals, and the cost growth trend is "unsunstainable," according to a new study commissioned by Express Scripts.

Intervention programs help violence victims after hospital discharge

Post-discharge care is a major priority for the healthcare industry, but normally it focuses on high-risk patients with chronic conditions. When violence in the community results in hospitalizations and poses a risk to--a patient population, the solution is more complicated, according to  The Atlantic.

Wearable sensor could help detect falls, user's body temperature

A new wearable sensor tag, which can be attached to walkers or worn on the wrist, has the ability to detect everything from a fall to a user's body temperature.

Improved communication between patients, caregivers can cut costs

A poll of healthcare quality professionals by ASQ has concluded that improved communication between providers and patients is key to cutting costs.

How to align workplace health, safety strategies

Adopting a framework to integrate health and safety strategies into the workplace could significantly improve American workers' overall well-being, according to guidance published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

High deductibles main reason Americans go without medical care

One in four adults with non-group healthcare coverage did not receive needed care because it cost too much,  according to a new report from nonprofit Families USA.

Disaster drills helped Philadelphia hospitals respond to Amtrak train crash

In the wake of this week's derailment of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia, the city's hospitals faced a surge of incoming patients--and thanks to disaster drills, they were well-prepared, according to NBC Philadelphia.

40 percent of hospitals fail on nursing workforce safe practices

Just weeks after it issued a report that indicated hospitals have made little to no progress on patient safety outcomes, the Leapfrog Group released another report that found many hospitals also fail to adequately support their nurses.