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Latest Headlines

Patient requests drive unnecessary medical spending

Despite lobbying by organizations such as  Choosing Wisely, unnecessary tests and procedures continue to drive up overall healthcare costs in the United States. A part of the problem lies in our reliance on physicians to balance both high-quality, high-value care with their patients' expectation and satisfaction, according to a policy paper published in the  American Journal of Managed Care.

Maryland's global budgeting push hospitals closer to 'Triple Aim'

Maryland's shift to global budgets has led to some impressive successes, but many challenges remain, according to the president of that state's hospital association.

Parents have a bigger say in care of severely ill babies

Healthcare's recent transition away from a paternalistic model that puts physicians in charge of life-or-death medical decisions hasn't just affected care for the elderly but for premature and seriously ill infants as well, according to an article from  NPR. 

How to address healthcare's 'pricing failures'

Healthcare is currently experiencing a pricing failure that the country must fix in the coming years, according to  Forbes  columnist Dave Chase, who writes that the profligate spending on healthcare services prevents some states from funding education and other initiatives. He has suggested a specific fix to the issue.

AAFP: Feds should cover cost of medical interpreters

Language barriers can lead to dangerous deficiencies in patient care, but financial constraints have kept use of medical interpreters in physician offices relatively low. A new proposed rule would require healthcare entities, including small physician offices, to provide "enhanced language assistance for people with limited English proficiency" at their own expense.

Fighting, falling leading causes of eye injury; Mediation better for pain than placebo;

News From Around the Web > Fights and falls are the leading causes of eye injuries that require hospitalization, according to research presented at the 119th Annual Meeting of the American Academy...

HIT execs talk innovation, cybersecurity, patient engagement at Connected Health Conference

Last week, health IT experts converged at the National Harbor in Maryland, to discuss the ever-changing role of technology in healthcare at HIMSS' Connected Health Conference.

HHS to end provider agreement with Seattle hospital over 'multi-systemwide failures'

In the wake of an inspection that found "multi-systemwide failures" that created a major risk of patient harm, Seattle's Western State Hospital may lose millions in Medicare and Medicaid funding, according to the Associated Press.

4 steps to maximize hospital community health efforts

All stakeholders in the healthcare industry must take four steps in order for hospitals to improve population health within their communities, according to an opinion piece from the Brookings Institution.

Lahey Health CEO: How two-way patient transfers cut costs [Interview]

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthFinance,  Lahey Health CEO, Howard Grant, M.D., discusses the integrated healthcare system's novel cost-saving approach of transferring teaching hospital patients to community care settings for care.