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Latest Headlines

ACHE 2015: 4 habits of highly effective healthcare leaders

Confronting the myriad challenges of running a healthcare organization requires creative thinking and talented leaders--three of whom shared their insights at the American College of Healthcare Executives' 2015 Congress.  

How providers can promote health cost transparency

Americans' cries for health price transparency are growing louder, but their search for cost data remains mostly elusive, according to a report from Public Agenda. 

Questions raised about 'sponsored' CDS alerts

Sponsored electronic health record alerts are a boon to some and a concern to others, according to an article in  The Wall Street Journal.

Patients' goals key to effective care

​There are critical questions missing when many physicians interview patients, according to an article in the  Washington Post  by family physician Mitch Kaminski, M.D. They are: "What are your goals for your care?" and "How can I help you?" he wrote.

Next generation PCMH: The community-centered health home

Some of the most powerful weapons in the battle against chronic disease have to do with lifestyle, yet physicians often struggle to get patients to follow through on advice to eat well and exercise. Emerging partnerships between physician practices and fitness centers aim to help solve this conundrum, according to an article from the  State.

Out-of-network coverage missing from most New York exchange plans

Even though New York's insurance exchange offers consumers hundreds of plans, most residents can't figure out if the plans offer out-of-network coverage.  That's because they usually don't.

Insurers begin to embrace 'well care'

Insurers are ramping up efforts to encourage wellness and change how they pay for healthcare by using technology and clinical services to manage that care.

4 price transparency considerations for providers

The majority of Americans want to compare healthcare prices, but many don't know how to find the information they need, according to a report from Public Agenda.

The pros and cons of in-office pharmacies

It's difficult for practices to ensure patients' medication adherence as patients often fail to fill or take prescriptions as directed for several reasons, with physicians often learning of the problem after a consequence occurs. But some practices have had success with in-office pharmacies.

Last call for consumers to purchase ACA coverage

The special enrollment period began Sunday for millions of Americans who did not yet purchase health coverage for 2015 and were hit with federal fines for not having insurance--but i t's unclear how many people know that they can take advantage of the opportunity.