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Latest Headlines

EHRs enable big data analysis to predict readmission risks

The information in different electronic health records can be collected to create large scale predictive analyses to reduce unplanned patient readmissions, as Illinois-based Advocate Health Care can attest.

Ask pain patients about alternative therapies

Most chronic pain sufferers have tried alternative therapies such as acupuncture or chiropractic care, but more than a third didn't tell their medical doctors about it, according to a survey of more than 6,000 patients treated for chronic pain at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

U.S. News names Massachusetts General Hospital best in the nation

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is the best hospital in the country, according to the latest rankings released by U.S. News & World Report.

VA scandal: Facility manager in Georgia indicted for falsifying records

The manager of a Veterans Affairs facility in Georgia has been indicted for falsifying the medical records of veterans awaiting care outside the VA system, according to the Washington Post.

Care coordination can help Medicaid stem costs of new enrollees

While a recent report indicated that newly eligible Medicaid enrollees may be more costly than anticipated to cover, a  Health Affairs  study points to one promising cost-reduction solution--care coordination.

Community hospital vs major medical center: Sometimes local care is the better option

Although many patients will travel to a major medical center, hospital system or specialty center to treat a serious condition or undergo major surgery, in some cases, the local community hospital may be a better option, according to an article in  U.S. News & World Report 

Hospitals, healthcare systems seek feedback directly from patients

Hospitals and healthcare systems are turning to a new constituency when it comes to improving the care they provide: patients and their families.

Surprise bills can lurk even in urgent care visits

Many finance-savvy patients are eschewing emergency rooms in favor of urgent care, expecting it will save them money. Yet they are still getting hit by surprise medical bills, Kaiser Health News has reported.

4 steps to improve patients' health literacy

Healthcare providers must take four immediate steps to improve their patients' health literacy and make sure patients understand the health information and instructions they receive, according to a new article in the  American Family Physician. 

Collaborative mHealth initiative aims to cut diabetes care cost

A coalition of healthcare entities looks to revamp diabetes care by cutting out glucometers and lancets while providing real-time data to care providers.