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Latest Headlines

Docs almost evenly divided on Affordable Care Act

A new poll from Kaiser Family Foundation showed that 52 percent of primary care doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants reported that they dislike the law, compared to 48 percent who said the opposite.

Cancers, chronic conditions lack quality measures

Many chronic conditions--such as certain cancers--lack the proper representation in Medicare pay-for-quality programs. 

To improve hospital-physician relationships, involve docs in decision-making

Healthcare leaders who want support from their physicians must step up efforts to involve them in key decisions, according to an opinion piece in  Forbes.

All-payer data finds mixed results on readmissions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts' efforts to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions yielded mixed results in recent years, with a small portion of the patient population continuing to account for most readmissions, according to a new report from the state Center for Health Information and Analysis.

4 elements of a successful healthcare collaborative

A Portland, Oregon-based healthcare collaboration involving an insurer, a Seattle hospital system and an information technology company has reduced treatment costs, improved patient satisfaction and eliminated thousands of hours' worth of wasted work, according to a case study published in the  Harvard Business Review.

EHR design is an 'investment' not all vendors embrace

EHR usability is "incredibly complex" and needs specific adaptations of user-centered design (UCD) in order to be effective, according to panelists at a Health IT safety webinar conducted by RTI on behalf of ONC on June 19.

How healthcare leaders can increase transparency, improve patient safety

Organizations must have transparency in order to create a true culture of patient safety. But it takes strong leadership to overcome the barriers to transparency ingrained in healthcare culture so that organizations can be open about errors and mistakes that harm patients and make changes in their systems to keep them from happening again, argue four members of the National Patient Safety Foundation's Lucian Leape Institute in a blog post for Health Affairs..

A year after VA scandal, little progress on waitlists

One year after reports of long waitlists and coverups of care delays rocked the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, not only have waitlists only grown longer, but a budget shortfall of nearly $3 billion could affect care for many veterans, according to a report in The New York Times.

HFMA's healthcare pricing guide for consumers falls short

In advance of its annual national institute that opened in Orlando on Monday, the Healthcare Financial Management Association has released an update of "Understanding Healthcare Prices: A...

Toby Cosgrove reveals the secret to Cleveland Clinic's care delivery transformation

Despite its challenges with hand-hygiene compliance and doctor-patient communication, Cleveland Clinic has had tremendous success with accountable care and improving patient safety and care access, according to CEO Toby Cosgrove, M.D., who spoke Friday at the sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.