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Latest Headlines

Gunshot wound victims may prove an opportunity for hospitals

The United States lives to some degree under the specter of the gun, and by extension so do its medical providers. It is a sobering fact but also one that could mean an opportunity for hospitals....

Why ACA guidelines could harm success of wellness programs

A successful wellness program not only boosts employees' health and lowers costs, but also provides employees with incentives and perks. That's why more  employers are teaming up with insurers to create effective wellness programs that focus on improvements, no matter how small.

3 Michigan systems complete merger; White House asks for $30M to fight Ebola;

News From Around the Web > Three healthcare organizations in southeast Michigan made their merger official Tuesday, creating a single, $3.8 billion nonprofit health system, according to Hometown...

Unidentified respiratory illness hits children in 10 states

An unidentified respiratory illness has already infected more than 1,000 children across 10 states will likely spread across the country, according to ABC News.

CA hospitals have huge tab for treating gunfire victims

California is the most populous state in the nation, and as a result, its hospitals bear a significant bill for gun-related injuries.

Illinois fines hospitals $16.3M for excess readmissions

Hospitals already face federal financial penalties for rea dmission  of discharged patients. But some states tack on even more fines

Collaborative forms effective model for creation of diabetes registry

Disease registries can be created by different physician practices using separate electronic health record systems despite challenges, according to a new case study reported in eGEMS (generating evidence and methods to improve patient outcomes).

KLAS: 1 in 4 ambulatory providers believe MU is improving patient care

In what appears to be another setback for the Meaningful Use program, the latest report from Orem, Utah-based KLAS Research reveals that just 25 percent of ambulatory providers feel that their electronic health records have a positive impact on patient care.

Insurers: Don't ignore the lack of health literacy

As the health insurance industry gears up for another enrollment period, set to kick off November 15, the lack of health literacy continues to be an issue for both insurers and consumers,  reports the  Wall Street Journal.

'Small' as important as 'big' when it comes to healthcare data

There's a lot of talk about big data in the healthcare industry these days, but what about small data? In a recent commentary, Larry Stofko, executive vice president of the Innovation Institute at St. Joseph Health System in Orange County, California, says the latter is just as important.