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Latest Headlines

Asian Americans face language barriers when purchasing health insurance

Most details regarding how to purchase health insurance are either in English or Spanish. This poses a problem for Asian American consumers who may experience a language barrier when it comes time to enrolling, reports  Kaiser Health News.

Lax guidelines led to Ebola spread in Dallas

Infection control experts blame lax federal guidelines for the spread of Ebola to two Dallas healthcare workers who cared for the country's first Ebola patient, the  New York Times  reports.

California hospital shuts down ORs after patient infections

Orange County, California's third-largest hospital has suspended all elective surgeries after four patients developed infections following orthopedic surgery, according to the Orange County Register.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program focuses on how data can improve health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is setting its sights on improving healthcare through data and information.

Medical tourism gains steam among Americans

Medical tourism is gaining popularity among Americans, but the practice may not be in their best interests.

CMS to invest $114 million to boost rural ACOs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is making $114 million available to encourage Accountable Care Organizations in rural and underserved areas to take on greater financial risk.

Intolerance of failure blamed for epidemic of overtreatment

Think doctors overtest and overtreat? Blame "intolerance of both uncertainty and error," according to an analysis published online in BMJ.

3 ways hospitals can reduce medical errors

A 2013 report found that medical errors may cause up to 400,000 deaths annually, making them the third leading cause of death in the nation, behind only heart disease and cancer.  FierceHealthcare examines three ways healthcare providers can reduce and prevent these mistakes.

CDC outlines new Ebola protocol with rapid response teams

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tuesday launched a new strategy to stop the spread of Ebola to healthcare workers in the wake of news that a second clinician who cared for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan before he died has come down with the deadly virus.

Public sector retirees to pay costly premiums for plans

The private sector began to eliminate retiree health insurance benefits back in the 1990s--will the public sector follow?