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Latest Headlines

Survey: Americans want providers who are more digitally connected

Americans are clamoring for doctors who are more digitally connected, and are more frustrated with paperwork and customer service in the healthcare industry than banks, auto dealerships, cellphone companies and others, a new survey finds.

The evolution of ACOs and what it may look like in the future [Special Report]

In this special report,  FierceHealthcare  talks to experts and providers about the evolution of ACOs, the most significant changes to the model and what the future holds. 

Oncologists under pressure to solicit patients for donations

Even as oncologists begin to decry the high cost of cancer care, they are under pressure by their hospitals to identify wealthier patients and solicit them for donations, according to the  New York Times.

New Jersey hospitals' patient safety program cut costs by $120 million

A collaborative effort of New Jersey's hospitals has borne significant clinical and financial fruit, according to data released by that state's hospital association.

Can hospitals become hubs for improving community health?

Hospitals are logical hubs for tackling community socioeconomic issues that affect population health, but several challenges stand in the way, according to a new discussion paper from the Brookings Institute.

House calls: A sound way to reduce hospital readmissions, care costs

Older and chronically ill patients are always in danger of hospitalizations and readmissions, driving up healthcare costs. But an old-fashioned concept--house calls--could tame such patients, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

New infection control protocols at California hospital that closed OR last year due to HAI

A review of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services inspection reports over the past five years by  The Orange County Register  reveals how award-winning hospitals can fail to follow protocols designed to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Hospitals make little progress on heart failure readmissions

Although hospitals make efforts to prevent heart failure readmissions, few have achieved meaningful reductions in recent years, according to research presented at the Heart Failure Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting and published in the  Journal of Cardiac Failure.

Fear of overtesting and malpractice often drives diagnostic errors

One reason for the widespread problem of diagnostic errors is the pressure clinicians are under to avoid unnecessary tests and control healthcare costs, according to a leading healthcare expert who was one of the reviewers of the recent Institute of Medicine report that revealed most people will experience a misdiagnosis at some point in their lives.

Short pause after patient death helps medical teams recover emotionally

Medical teams at the University of Virginia Medical Center find that pausing for a few moments after a patient dies helps them accept the loss and experience less emotional trauma.