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Latest Headlines

ACOs could meet both payment reform, population health needs

Accountable care organizations represent a rare opportunity for states to meet both their population health and payment reform needs, according to a new study by the Milbank Memorial Fund. 

Gawker examines variations in surgical prices by city

Prices for common medical procedures at hospitals vary widely by city, according to a new examination by the online publication  Gawker.

Study: Doctors need help adjusting to value-based payment environments

Alternative and value-based payments may be the wave of the future in healthcare, but providers are unprepared to actually accept them, according to a new study.

AHA creates toolkit to assist in price transparency

The American Hospital Association has assembled a toolkit for its members in order to improve their price transparency.

ACHE 2015: Healthcare must focus on vulnerable populations

Healthcare's biggest challenge in an era of value-based care is to target the causes of poor health before patients require medical intervention, according to a panel discussion on population health management for diverse populations this week at the American College of Healthcare Executives' 2015 Congress.

How Medicaid ACOs can pave the way for population health management

Accountable care organizations and similar models are a prime opportunity for states to bridge their population health and payment reform goals, according to the Milbank Memorial Fund's new issue brief, which offers strategies to promote Medicaid ACOs.

How insurers can help lessen financial blow of coverage churn

Churning remains a challenge for consumers who move between subsidized private marketplace plans and Medicaid coverage, but  research by the Commonwealth Fund suggested that insurers can help offset the inevitable complication by offering complementary health plans while using a common provider network for both marketplace and Medicaid plans.

5 post-ACA healthcare trends to watch

Despite Republican lawmakers' continued attempts to derail healthcare reform and the uncertainty over the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling in the King v. Burwell case, the Affordable Care Act has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the last five years and will continue to do, according to a new report by PwC.

How the Cleveland Clinic has embraced value-based care

The Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit healthcare organization long known for clinical excellence in treating the "sickest of the sick," may face its biggest challenge yet as it delves into primary care delivery and chronic disease management to keep up with a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the  New York Times  reported.  

Do online hospital ads mislead patients?

Although patients' ability to seek healthcare information online is an important part of patient engagement, hospitals' online advertising often downplays the potential risks of procedures that providers offer, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.