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Latest Headlines

Love thy doctor means good results for patients

Patients who love their doctors are more likely to take medications as prescribed and make lifestyle changes, said Dean Ornish, M.D., a clinical professor of medicine at University of California, San Francisco, and founder of the nonprofit Preventative Medicine Research Institute, in a Q&A published in  Medscape.

3 tips for dealing with angry patients

Consumer anger and frustration with the healthcare system is on the rise, and as the primary point of contact for patients using that system, doctors need to be aware and prepared, according to a story in  Medical Economics.

Telemedicine industry must embrace scrutiny to ensure quality

Research published earlier this week in  JAMA Dermatology  examining the accuracy and quality of services delivered by direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies caused quite a stir in the healthcare industry.

Pediatricians work to help children growing up in poverty

While pediatricians are being urged to screen their patients for poverty, some doctors are reluctant to ask families about their finances for fear the questioning may seem invasive or will identify problems that they can't treat, according to an  NPR  report.

Condolence letters when patients die: Docs say it's a personal choice

For doctors, it's a personal choice whether they want to send a sympathy letter to the bereaved family of a patient that has died. And physicians say it should stay that way, according to a new study.

ER physicians struggle with another challenge: Huge debts

Emergency room physicians are in demand, but soaring medical education debt has cast some doubts on how well the pipeline will be supplied in the coming years.

Mental health services lead U.S. spending outlays

The costs to treat mental health disorders far outstrips that of other medical conditions, according to a new study published in  Health Affairs.

The benefits of a combined palliative care and population health approach

Combining approaches from palliative care and population health may improve care quality for elderly and frail patients, a pair of doctors suggest in a  JAMA Viewpoints  article.

Physicians and family often disagree over prognosis of critically ill patients

In about half the cases studied, physicians and family members disagree about the prognosis of critically ill patients, according to new research published in  The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Docs struggle to understand role of cost in healthcare

Although doctors know they need to help control healthcare costs, they don't know how to do it, according to a study published in the  American Journal of Managed Care.