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Latest Headlines

Nurse retention strategies: Keys to empowerment, ownership and support

With all of the effort and expense that hospitals put into hiring the right nurses, organizations must put at least as much energy into retaining those nurses and fostering continued high performance and growth. This excerpt from Fierce' s new ebook explains the strategies hospitals use to engage nursing staff.

Providers devise new fees to levy against patients

Challenged by insurers ratcheting down their payments, hospitals and medical groups are creating more fees and charges for patients to pay as part of the care they receive, The New York Times reported.

Hidden fees plague consumers and insurers

Hidden fees continue to plague both consumers and insurers.  "It's probably easier to get into the FBI confidential files than to see a hospital charge master. We should know the price of a procedure before we do it,"  Shaun Green, chief operating officer of Arches Health Plan in Salt Lake City, tells  FierceHealthPayer.   

Information on quality of hospice care hard to find

Quality of hospice care varies widely in the U.S., and information on care quality is difficult to come by even by the standards of the healthcare sector, according to the Washington Post.

White House to revise Ebola guidelines for healthcare workers in West Africa

The White House confirmed this weekend that officials will craft new guidelines for healthcare workers returning from West African countries affected by the Ebola outbreak, according to USA Today.

Hospitals face growing need for medical, language interpreters

Hospitals across the country face a demand for medical interpreters--and solutions such as conferring with a family member or an interpreter via a phone service don't always meet the need,  NPR  reports.

Will insurers ever cover medical marijuana?

Can you imagine a time when you go to the doctor and he or she asks, "Would you like some weed to help ease your symptoms?" Obviously, that scenario isn't occurring now, but it's possible that it will be a common conversation happening in doctors' offices in the near future--especially if insurers start covering medical marijuana.

4 ways medical homes can focus on patients

Patient-centered medical home have become increasingly more popular as they help insurers and providers lower costs and improve care. But one challenge that continues to face medical homes is building strong relationships with participating patients, especially taking into consideration individual needs and desires, according to a new report from the Louis W. Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

Ebola preparation is costly for hospitals

As hospitals scramble to properly prepare for any further outbreaks of the Ebola virus in the United States, they are bumping up against the inevitable barrier: cost. Hospitals are finding that merely preparing for the narrow possibility of treating an Ebola patient can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Education, outreach reduce unnecessary lab tests

Providers who better understand the specific uses of different kinds of laboratory tests order fewer unnecessary tests and provide better patient care,  Medscape Medical News  reported from the American Society for Clinical Pathology conference.