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Latest Headlines

Value-based model could improve hospital performance 30%

A value-based approach to hospital operations could improve performance by up to 30 percent, leading major providers like the Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente to embrace it, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

State-by-state look at impact of ACA

Individuals in states that ceded all enforcement of the Affordable Care Act were worse off by approximately $245 per participant on an annualized basis,  according to a recent study from Amanda Kowalski, published by the Brookings Institution.

4 ways healthcare workers can improve patient satisfaction

To keep patient satisfaction scores high, hospitals must rely on front-line workers and administrators to interact with patients in the most positive way possible,  Global Healthcare  reported.

"House call" ambulances save money, unnecessary ER trips

A new ambulance service in Denver relies on "mobile care units" rather than full ambulances to treat patients in need of emergency care, according to  Kaiser Health News.

Should insurers create wellness programs?

Although a growing number of employers are investing in wellness programs to help lower their health-related costs, research doesn't always prove that these initiatives are effective. That leaves insurers wondering whether they should invest the time and resources necessary to develop and implement wellness programs.

Joan Rivers' death and end-of-life care, informed consent and risk of routine procedures

The circumstances that led to Joan Rivers' death--and whether an error occurred at the outpatient center where she reportedly had an endoscopy to determine what was wrong with her vocal chords--are still unclear, according to the  New York Magazine.  But the complications she experienced and her death raise important healthcare considerations for hospitals, clinicians and patients.

Aetna, Weill Cornell Physicians establish accountable care agreement

In order to provide better access to care to nearly 9,000 residents in New York, Aetna announced on Tuesday its plan to team up with Weill Cornell Physicians, Cornell University's physician group, to establish a new accountable care agreement.

Nurses need more respect, stronger voice

Hospitals and healthcare facilities don't give nurses enough recognition, support or appreciation--and the effects are far-reaching, according to an  opinion pi ece  in the  Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Physician "culture of perfection" keeps medical errors high

Reducing medical errors means rethinking a culture that encourages doctors to conceal them, argues a doctor at Bellevue Hospital Center at New York University, according to MedCityNews.

ER visits for high blood pressure rise 25% in five years

The number of patients who went to the emergency room for hypertension jumped 25 percent in recent years, according to a study presented at this year's American Heart Association's High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions.