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Latest Headlines

Ebola Watch: Inventions take on challenges of fighting virus

All the attention paid to the shortfalls of personal protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients may have paid off, as some of the country's best medical minds have designed a safer, sleeker and less cumbersome suit, according to  The   Washington Post.  

Find-A-Doctor sites return insufficient, inappropriate results

The majority of leading U.S. hospitals and health systems do not give patients the option to search medical conditions online, according to a new report.

High-risk pools aren't good option for expanding health coverage

Establishing new national high-risk pools like the pre-existing condition insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act isn't a good alternative to expanding ACA coverage. That's because insurance works best when payers can spread risk evenly across a large population, according to a new issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund.

Study: Messaging diabetic teens bolsters engagement, disease knowledge

Text messages can help keep teen diabetics engaged in healthcare issues and treatment, according to a new  study  published in the  American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Spectrum.

Mass General, Mass Medical Society release guidebook on human trafficking for healthcare providers

Massachusetts General Hospital and the Massachusetts Medical Society this week released a comprehensive guidebook for healthcare providers on human trafficking. It features an overview of trafficking, describes its clinical manifestations and offers guidance for healthcare professionals on identification, assessment, care and follow-up.

mHealth Summit 2014: App developers must make things easy for providers

To ensure high provider engagement in the use of mobile health technologies, developers must keep their concepts simple and straightforward, according to Shivdev Rao, a physician advisor in residence at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Technology Development Center.

Patient's employment status plays big role in readmission

Socioeconomic factors such as employment status are some of the biggest factors impacting the odds of a patient's readmission, according to a new study by Truven Health Analytics.

'Code Comfort' treats pain, suffering with same urgency as Code Blue

"Do not resuscitate" does not mean "do not treat," but hospitals can struggle to manage the suffering of patients who do not want aggressive intervention in an effective and timely manner. Novant Health has adopted a solution called "Code Comfort."

How Aetna harnesses its data to help breast cancer patients

Payers have so much data available to them that they can create all kinds of valuable programs and projects that serve their members.   That's the belief driving Aetna CarePal, a pilot program that connects members who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer to members who have already survived the disease. 

Ebola response shows double standard in infection control prevention

Health officials' response to Ebola compared to their reaction to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) demonstrates a clear double standard, according to an opinion piece in  Forbes.