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Latest Headlines

Researchers: Both human error, EHR inadequacies led to Ebola misdiagnosis

A combination of human errors and electronic health record usability issues caused the misdiagnosis of the first Ebola patient in the United States, according to a new article in the online journal  Diagnosis.

Report: Health IT market moves to more powerful care delivery method

As venture capitalists pump more money into healthcare tech and innovation, and companies make more valuable contributions to the field, the industry is entering Health Market 2.0, according to a report by global consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

The business case for innovating communications in healthcare

In an exclusive interview, M. Bridget Duffy, M.D., chief medical officer at Vocera Communications in San Francisco, discusses why the  healthcare industry's recent focus on patient satisfaction and  HC AHPS  scores don't go deeply enough into repairing the core breakdowns in the way organizations help patients heal.

Going green reduces energy costs, improves overall population health

Because of the negative carbon footprint hospitals leave on the environment due to high energy consumption and the amount of waste they generate, healthcare organizations around the country must work to care for their patients, but the planet, according to an article in  Triple Pundit.

3 key elements of a successful wellness program

There are many aspects to creating a successful wellness program, but none are more important than these four factors--assessing and screening consumers, helping consumers make behavior changes, engaging consumers and measuring results, reported Employee Benefit News.

Limited reimbursement makes psychiatric care a losing proposition

For a snapshot of why so many psychiatric patients end up in the emergency department--and the problems that causes--take a look at Orange County, California.

Nurse retention strategies: Keys to empowerment, ownership and support

With all of the effort and expense that hospitals put into hiring the right nurses, organizations must put at least as much energy into retaining those nurses and fostering continued high performance and growth. This excerpt from Fierce' s new ebook explains the strategies hospitals use to engage nursing staff.

Providers devise new fees to levy against patients

Challenged by insurers ratcheting down their payments, hospitals and medical groups are creating more fees and charges for patients to pay as part of the care they receive, The New York Times reported.

Hidden fees plague consumers and insurers

Hidden fees continue to plague both consumers and insurers.  "It's probably easier to get into the FBI confidential files than to see a hospital charge master. We should know the price of a procedure before we do it,"  Shaun Green, chief operating officer of Arches Health Plan in Salt Lake City, tells  FierceHealthPayer.   

Information on quality of hospice care hard to find

Quality of hospice care varies widely in the U.S., and information on care quality is difficult to come by even by the standards of the healthcare sector, according to the Washington Post.