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Latest Headlines

VA telehealth efforts cut patient costs

Home-based telehealth programs help military service members receive better care at lower costs than fellow service members who only receive in-person care, according to figures touted this week by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials.

The importance of claims databases to control costs

Well before implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a handful of states--including Maine, Maryland and Massachusetts--created all-payer claims databases (APCD), according to Stateline. The APCDs collect claims data from all commercial insurers within their borders to detect price discrepancies among doctors and hospitals.

5 A's of successful physician employment, alignment

Health systems must make the most of employed physicians, and get the most value and quality for their money. Physician alignment and cohesion into a health system are key to successful and profitable integration.  Hospitals & Health Networks  shared the five A's of differentiating physicians to give hospitals a competitive advantage.

Insurers combat soaring cancer costs

Both insurers and cancer patients are seeing chemotherapy bills skyrocket, according to MedPage Today.

How to engage consumers for better outcomes

In the post-healthcare reform era, payers must take measures to reach and engage their consumers, according to a new white paper from IDC Health Insights.

Pharmacists help reduce readmissions among high-risk patients

Readmissions could drop as much as 20 percent if community pharmacists work with high-risk patients after discharge on counseling and medication management, according to a recent study announcement.

Care coordination, targeting chronic conditions key to reducing ED super-users

As hospitals across the country work to reduce costs from emergency department "frequent flyers," some Florida hospitals tackle the problem by coordinating care and targeting patients with chronic conditions, the  Daytona Beach News-Journal  reported.

Cleveland Clinic's Cosgrove, other health experts aid in VA search for new leader

The government wants input from a panel of nine healthcare industry experts and leaders to help select a new for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary--and one of the panelists is Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, M.D., who recently turned down the job, Reuters reported.

MedPAC offers tips to improve Medicare payments

While the Medicare program continues to change and evolve, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommends the following considerations in its annual report to enhance Medicare payment systems.

Massachusetts nurses union rallies support for staffing ratio, transparency ballot vote

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) acquired enough signatures to put two hospital initiatives up for a ballot vote in November, according to the  Boston Business Journal.