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Latest Headlines

CDC outlines 'unprecedented' challenges of 2014

The past year brought with it 'unprecedented' healthcare challenges, including Ebola, Enterovirus D-68 and antibiotic resistance, making the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's mission critical, the agency noted in a report that reviewed the public health threats that ensued this year. 

Respect: The key to patient safety and preventing medical errors

A new Consumer Reports survey polled 1,200 people who were hospitalized in the last six months and found that those who rarely felt respected by healthcare workers were two and a half times more likely to fall victim to a medical error than those who reported they were treated well.  

'Vaccine friendly' docs don't push shots

When it comes to pediatric immuniz ations, some practices take a cut-and-dried approach that essentially mandates parents vaccinate th eir children if they want them to belong to the practice. There's another subset of physicians, however, who are "vaccine friendly," which means that they don't push vaccines on patients, if they offer the shots at all, according to a  report  from the  Boston Globe.

Humana's ACO reduced costs by 19 percent

Humana's Medicare Advantage ACO has reduced costs by 19 percent.  The insurer analyzed data of nearly one million MA members from 2013 and found a number of measurable improvements.

UnitedHealth to bundle payment for MD Anderson Cancer Care

UnitedHealth announced Monday that it will pay MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston a flat fee to provide head and neck cancer care. The new bundled payment program is part of UnitedHealth's effort to increase its value-based reimbursements, which it said has already tripled since 2011.

'60 Minutes' accuses insurers of denying mental health claims

The news magazine 60 Minutes said on a recent show that insurers are denying mental health claims for patients in need of chronic long-term mental healthcare. In fact, the show said Anthem had more than a 90 percent denial rate for mental health claims, according to CBS News.

Ebola Watch: Inventions take on challenges of fighting virus

All the attention paid to the shortfalls of personal protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients may have paid off, as some of the country's best medical minds have designed a safer, sleeker and less cumbersome suit, according to  The   Washington Post.  

Find-A-Doctor sites return insufficient, inappropriate results

The majority of leading U.S. hospitals and health systems do not give patients the option to search medical conditions online, according to a new report.

High-risk pools aren't good option for expanding health coverage

Establishing new national high-risk pools like the pre-existing condition insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act isn't a good alternative to expanding ACA coverage. That's because insurance works best when payers can spread risk evenly across a large population, according to a new issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund.

Study: Messaging diabetic teens bolsters engagement, disease knowledge

Text messages can help keep teen diabetics engaged in healthcare issues and treatment, according to a new  study  published in the  American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Spectrum.