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Latest Headlines

The outsourcing explosion: Hospitals turn to outside firms to provide more clinical services [Special Report]

 In this special feature,  FierceHealthFinance  examines the financial benefits of outsourcing and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

CDS tools can reduce ordering of imaging tests

Clinical decision support in electronic health records can cut down the amount of diagnostic radiologic imaging ordered, according to a new study in the  Annals of Internal Medicine.

BCBSMA approves mastectomy coverage amid policy confusion

An updated Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts policy blindsided a patient recently because it would not cover the full cost of a her mastectomy, saying removing the breast without cancer was unnecessary.

Secrecy about superbugs could put patient safety in jeopardy

The all-too-common secrecy surrounding superbug outbreaks at U.S. hospitals undermines promising strides the healthcare industry has made in the push for transparency, the  Los Angeles Times  reports.  

EEOC's proposed wellness program guidelines up for debate

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  issued proposed rules last week for employer-based wellness programs which aim to reconcile guidelines under both the Affordable Care Act and Americans with Disabilities. However, the guidelines may be up for debate with other federal agencies.  

3 factors in highly effective value-based payment programs

A  Health Affairs  blog post identifies   several common factors in value-based payment reform programs that have had success so far. Here are three of them.  

What hospitals can do to tackle the deadly threat of sepsis

To tackle the ongoing threat of sepsis--which contributes to as many as 50 percent of all U.S. hospital deaths--the medical community must change the way it responds to this deadly condition, according to a commission published in  The Lancet.

3 steps to productive physician-patient dialogue

Sometimes the best a primary care physician can do for a patient is simply to have a conversation, according to an opinion piece in  MedPage Today  by Andy Lazrismm, M.D.

Despite increased use, docs still not embracing EHRs

More physicians are using electronic health records, but that doesn't mean that more of them are happy about it.

How providers can curb unnecessary care with a 'do no harm' campaign

When two doctors started the Do No Harm Project at the University of Colorado-Denver, it was simply because they recognized that healthcare overuse is "an urgent ethical issue" in the medical field, said co-founder Brandon Combs, M.D., in a Thursday webinar hosted by the Lown Institute.