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Latest Headlines

CVS digital exec: We're forging ahead on digital health tools

CVS will continue to make its mark on digital health by embracing online tools to help consumers manage chronic conditions, as well as improving convenience, according to Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer.

Docs say oncologists--not payers--should determine cancer care pathways

Though the concept of designing cancer care "pathways" has potential, oncologists have reason to be concerned about the possibility of health insurers determining these pathways on their own, according to an opinion piece published in  JAMA Oncology.  

Why practices should hire staff with emotional intelligence

Between calming down the stressed out parents of sick children and figuring out how to juggle physicians' busy schedules, physician practices need employees with emotional intelligence. Still, it's not easy to hire for emotional intelligence, reports  Harvard Business Review. 

Overprescribing doc sentenced 30 years to life in prision

Setting a new precedent for the punishment of inappropriate painkiller prescribing, Hsiu-Ying "Lisa" Tseng, D.O., has been convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison, according to the Associated Press.

Pediatric ER seeks to limit stressors for autistic patients

A pilot program at an Orlando, Florida, hospital aims at reducing autistic children's stress during visits to the emergency room, according to Bay News 9.

Focus on low-cost, efficient, accessible care to attract millennial patients

For all the regulatory and institutional pressure to define and deliver value-based care, the biggest near-term driver of practical changes to care delivery may come from traditional market pressure. The expectations and values held by millennial patients already force providers to adjust, and that trend is likely to continue, according to an article in  USA Today.

Superbug-linked scopes: Feds failed to act on earlier outbreak

A recent report found blame to go around for a series of bacterial infection outbreaks linked to contaminated medical scopes, with regulators, hospitals and manufacturers all dropping the ball. Now new evidence indicates the problems with the scopes were apparent nearly four years ago, according to the  Los Angeles Times, but major players in healthcare oppose a key feature that would prevent a delay in notification from happening again.

Mobile health data plays role in digital biomarkers

Relevant data plays a critical role in digital biomarkers, and mobile devices collecting such information are a valuable contributor to the technology.

Personalization, education tools foster behavior change among mHeath users

The top factors spurring behavioral change among mHealth users are personalized content, educational tools and dashboard functionality, according to a recent research2guidance blog post.

Antibiotic exposure can predict C. diff infections

A new  study  examines the role of specific antibiotics in the development of  Clostridium difficile  infections, a drug-resistant, bacterial "superbug" that now rivals Methicillin-resistant  Staphylococcus aureus  as the most common and severe infection resistant to antibiotics.