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Latest Headlines

VA, Cleveland Clinic team up to share vets' electronic health records

The Cleveland Clinic and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have joined forces to share electronic data in order to provide more coordinated care for veterans.

Survey: Most practices to implement chronic care management within a year

Despite lingering challenges, most providers plan to take advantage of Medicare's new code for chronic care management (CCM), according to preliminary results of a survey conducted by population health technology developer Kryptiq.

Humana to integrate Weight Watchers programs into employer-sponsored plans

Humana is aiming to help lower the obesity rate by partnering with Weight Watchers, giving its members with employer-sponsored plans access to Weight Watchers weight loss programs that are integrated within Humana's own wellness program.

Healthgrades names top hospitals in 2015

The top hospitals in America have in common a combination of collaboration, evidence-based decisions and vision, according to the latest rankings released by Healthgrades.

4 ways to better serve aging patients

It can be a challenge to treat elderly patients with complex needs and few physicians have specialized training in geriatrics. But the baby boomers are coming. By 2030, the over-65 population will be triple the size it was in 1980, according to a  Medscape  article that examines ways in which the industry has thus far underserved older patients.

Arkansas, Kentucky leading states for reduced uninsured rate

Arkansas and Kentucky are sitting pretty when it comes to reducing their uninsured rates. From 2013 to 2014, Arkansas experienced a 11.1 percent drop, while Kentucky saw a 10.6 percent drop, according to a new Gallup poll.

New Harvard fellowship aims to transform healthcare

Harvard Medical School's Center for Primary Care has launched a new part-time, one-year InciteHealth Fellowship to transform healthcare and its delivery in the United States. 

New ways to think about hospital-physician engagement

Guest post by Kenneth H. Cohn, a general surgeon and CEO of, who works with organizations to engage doctors to improve clinical and financial performance. A recent...

Georgia will try hub-and-spoke model for rural hospitals

Rural hospitals continue to struggle in Georgia, with some being forced to close their doors. That has prompted lawmakers to consider a variety of options, including a new proposal by a rural health committee assembled by Gov. Nathan Deal to essentially remake that state's five dozen rural providers into a holistic system.

Information hospitals typically keep from patients

Hospitals are mysterious places that may keep information from patients,  Marketplace  has reported. Often those items directly impact healthcare finance and the cost of care.