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Latest Headlines

Stage is set for payers to transform industry in 2015

Good news, payers: You are well positioned to save a somewhat struggling health insurance industry.  While, at times, payers have been deemed rather unpopular, this sets them up to be unlikely heroes,  according to the  Harvard Business Review.

The quest for patient-centered care: Patients as partners

In exclusive interviews with  FiercePracticeManagement, Karen Jones, M.D., vice president and chief medical officer of the WellSpan Medical Group, and Lisa Letourneau, M.D., executive director of Maine Quality Counts, discuss the secrets behind their success of partnering with patients to improve primary care and what's next in their efforts to improve patient engagement.

Palliative care manages chronic conditions and provides comfort

Palliative care--long thought of mainly as a precursor to hospice care for patients with terminal illnesses--is not just for the dying anymore, according to a report from the  Wall Street Journal.

ACO rolls swell following penalty reprieve

Closely on the wings of CMS' proposed rule that would give some accountable care organizations a three-year reprieve before they receive penalties for failure to meet performance measures, 89 new ACOs have announced that will join the Medicare Shared Savings Program, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced in a blog post this week. 

Assistant physician: A new form of midlevel provider?

In Missouri, a law passed earlier this year would give the green light to an entirely new form of midlevel provider: the assistant physician, according to a report from the  Columbia Missourian.  Assistant physicians, not to be confused with physician assistants, would be composed of medical school graduates who were unable to secure residencies.

Report: VA wasted billions on projects while veterans waited for care

Matters just keep getting worse for Veterans Affairs. The department continues to waste billions on elaborate, controversial projects even as it struggles to address urgent quality of care issues, according to a new  CNN  report.

Hospitals turn to gardening, farming to improve population health

Two hospitals hope to manage community and population health with the principle of "food as medicine," according to ABC News.

Records show scope of patient harm at VA facilities

Amid the recent controversy over whether the Veterans Health Administration accurately reported the number of patients who died waiting for an appointment, a new report from the  Washington Free Beacon  sheds some light on just how many patients have been harmed while seeking care at VA facilities.   

ONC: Poor documentation mars adverse event reporting

An analysis of adverse events reported to two databases found a need for improved reporting, according to a blog post at  Health IT Buzz.

Hospitals that reduce readmissions still hit with penalties

Even if a hospital succeeds in cutting readmissions, it could still experience steep financial penalties from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, according to a new report by the Altarum Institute's Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness.