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Latest Headlines

OpenNotes may strengthen patient-doctor relationships

Transparency via the OpenNotes initiative, which allows a patient to read their doctor's notes, is creating stronger patient-physician relationships, new research shows. 

Hospital groups can take lead on data-reporting problems

Amid a widely-demanded delay of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' latest round of star ratings for hospitals, the ball is in hospitals' court to improve many of the problems the industry sees with the rating methodology, argues a blog post from Health Affairs.

How to communicate with patients after an error occurs

It's often difficult for clinicians and administrators to say they are sorry when something goes wrong with patient care. And that lack of communication leaves patients and families confused, wondering what happened and whether they should file a lawsuit to find the answers. But a new online toolkit from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality can help clinicians eliminate that "wall of silence" and culture of secrecy.

Aggressive medical care: Docs, patients struggle with end-of-life decisions

When it comes to end-of-life decisions, it's often unclear whether doctors or patients should have the final say. The philosophical, legal, ethical and economic impacts of these challenging decisions about the type of care patients receive when they are near the end of their lives puts doctors in the hot seat, reports  Medscape.

Study finds risk factors for infection from superbug-tainted scopes

A new study from UCLA Health identifies factors that increase the likelihood of a patient being infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria from tainted scopes.

Racism can flip the power dynamics between physician and patient

In the usual physician-patient encounter, it's the doctor who has the power. But that can all change when the physician is at the receiving end of a racist rant from a patient, writes J. Nwando Olayiwola, M.D., in a reflection piece in the  Annals of Family Medicine.

WHO: Pandemic preparations don't go far enough

Not enough is being done to prepare internationally for pandemics, the World Health Organization warned at its 69 th World Health Assembly.

HHS issues guidance to clarify Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act

Providers who have been trying to shield patient records from view by hiding behind the Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act can no longer do so with the release of guidance clarifying the law's requirements. 

Where retail clinics fit into the healthcare value equation

Retail clinics have grown in popularity with patients, and that demand may hold benefits for the healthcare system overall, according to a blog post on  Health Affairs.

New coalition will press for legislation to battle opioid epidemic

A new coalition made up of national physician organizations and other groups, will press Congress to adopt comprehensive policies to combat the country's opioid epidemic.