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Latest Headlines

Updated OIG 2015 work plan adds EHR issues under review

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General continues to refine its scrutiny of electronic health records, adding a new focus area in an update to its work plan, but deleting several older items previously under review.

mHealth security, communications platforms deserve attention

This week brings insight on two very different issues relating to mobile health technology and use. One is the growing "bring your own device" movement within hospitals and care centers by the nursing population. The second is the fallibility of mobile communications infrastructure carrying all the messaging and data.

CMS to investigate Florida hospital's pediatric heart surgery deaths

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will investigate a Florida hospital where several infant heart surgery patients died in recent years,  CNN  reports

Florida House rejects Medicaid expansion

Florida's Republican-led House of Representatives rejected the state's plan to expand Medicaid to nearly 650,000 residents.

mHealth companies making tools for EU must consider nations' varying rules

When it comes to telehealth and remote treatment initiatives, the landscape in Europe is one of fragmentation, as each country has specific rules, as well as market conditions, reveals new research2guidance data.

CMS requires ACOs to explain health IT use

The  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services final rule on Medicare Shed Savings Program accountable care organizations (ACOs), published late Thursday, finalizes a proposal that calls on ACOs to describe in their applications how they will promote the use of health IT to boost care coordination.

More flexibility, options under Medicare ACO final rule

For the most part industry experts are pleased with the changes the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid made to the Medicare Shared Savings Program, which provides more options and opportunities for accountable care organizations to participate in the risk-backed shared savings initiative. But others say that some of the policy changes are lopsided and unfair to ACOs in the lower-risk options.  

CMS releases final rule on MSSP ACOs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid late Thursday released its final rule on the Medicare Shared Savings Program in an effort to encourage more participation of accountable care organizations in risk-based models.

Florida Senate approves health insurance bill

The Florida Senate passed a controversial healthcare bill Wednesday that would provide half a million residents with federal funding to purchase health insurance. 

Identity theft demonstrates unique danger to healthcare professionals

In addition to the damage identity theft does to its targets, the case of a Massachusetts plastic surgeon demonstrates how it can hurt those around them, the Boston Globe reports.