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Latest Headlines

OIG 2016 work plan heightens, refines EHR scrutiny

The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General continues to focus on electronic health records and health IT, adding two EHR-related issues to its new 2016 work plan.

Cadillac tax opponents seek compromise in repeal effort

Opponents of the Cadillac tax now say they are willing to compromise in their effort to repeal the controversial provision of the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare workers at significantly higher risk for hepatitis C infection

4 guiding principles for managing an active-shooter scenario

Following four key principles--"avoid, deny, defend, treat"--will help hospitals deal with having an active shooter on site, a disaster preparedness expert told the American College of Emergency Physicians meeting in Boston last week.

RAC recoupments drop dramatically, thanks in part to industry pushback

Payment recoupments as a result of the work of recovery RACs dropped dramatically last year, thanks in part to pushback from the hospital sector--and they're about to drop even more.

Regulators have tough job in review of Aetna-Humana merger

As the industry awaits word from federal regulators on the outcome of their review of the proposed Aetna-Humana merger, experts say the process is certain to be challenging and complicated.

Government looks to change workplace wellness program rule

​A newly proposed rule from the federal governement, which would allow voluntary employer workplace wellness programs to ask for genetic health information from employees and their spouses, is expected to receive praise from employers but may worry some consumers.

DOJ settles with 450 hospitals for $250M over False Claims Act allegations

Nearly 500 hospitals in 43 states agreed to pay $250 million in settlements involving cardiac devices that were implanted in patients in violation of Medicare coverage requirements, according to the Department of Justice.

Proposed CMS rule aims to involve patients in discharge

Patient preference during the hospital discharge planning process would hold greater weight under a new proposed rule that also aims to reduce readmissions.

What baseball can teach healthcare about purpose, ethics and teamwork

As far as baseball analogies go, the comparisons between America's favorite pastime and healthcare are remarkably strong, as described in a recent commentary by Robert Pearl, M.D., in  Forbes.  A key distinction, however, is that hospitals and healthcare providers don't have the luxury of beginning each season anew with a clean slate, as do ball players, which is all the more reason medicine should heed the following lessons.