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Latest Headlines

Proposed CMS rule aims to involve patients in discharge

Patient preference during the hospital discharge planning process would hold greater weight under a new proposed rule that also aims to reduce readmissions.

What baseball can teach healthcare about purpose, ethics and teamwork

As far as baseball analogies go, the comparisons between America's favorite pastime and healthcare are remarkably strong, as described in a recent commentary by Robert Pearl, M.D., in  Forbes.  A key distinction, however, is that hospitals and healthcare providers don't have the luxury of beginning each season anew with a clean slate, as do ball players, which is all the more reason medicine should heed the following lessons.

Theranos to rename, restructure board of directors

Lab testing startup Theranos is shaking up its board of directors after reports questioning the accuracy and use of the company's flagship technology.

Industry voices final concerns before 340B guidance is revised

The primary lobbying group for the 340B discount drug program has expressed deep concerns regarding some of the new proposed regulations in the "mega-guidance."

Hospitals still hedge on offering charity care

Not-for-profit hospitals are under some pressure to make their financial interactions with patients operate more smoothly, but many have yet to offer discounts to uninsured patients.

States need more data to define essential benefits

After revisiting requirements for health plans' essential benefits this year, states made few changes, but that may largely be due to regulators not having enough data to evaluate consumers' experiences, five healthcare policy experts from Georgetown University write.

WEDI-Con: Physician practices encountering some hurdles during ICD-10 transition

While the first month of the ICD-10 transition has gone relatively smoothly, per both an update from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released Oct. 29, and hospital and payer stakeholders speaking at a conference a day earlier, physician practices have had some issues, according to Robert Tennant, director of health information technology policy at the Medical Group Management Association.

Researchers test the conventional wisdom on work-hour restrictions

Thousands of new doctors at several healthcare organizations around the nation are working 30 continuous hours to test whether such lengthy shifts cause fatigue and jeopardize patient and provider safety.

California negotiates with feds over new Medicaid waiver

​With its current Medicaid waiver set to expire, California continues to negotiate with the federal government on the terms for a new waiver, with billions of dollars in funding for the program at stake, according to a report by  Kaiser Health News.

As readmissions fall, observation status rises--even at hospitals outside readmissions program

Many hospitals are substituting observation care for readmissions, even those that do not stand to lose money if they don't reduce their rates, according to a  Health Affairs  blog post.