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Latest Headlines

Health IT adds unexpected costs to M&As

With the recent growth of mergers and acquisitions in health IT, hospitals are coming across unexpected costs when trying to integrate computer systems.

Hospital CIO: Healthcare lags in harnessing IT

As industries flourish thanks to advances in technology and information sharing, healthcare lags far behind, says Dick Escue, CIO at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Are hospitals responsible for preventing workplace violence?

Despite the rise in workplace violence, many hospitals don't know how to prevent assaults. But healthcare organizations must take steps to stop attacks because a governement agency will hold providers responsible for failure to put safeguards in place.

Unclear governance, physician roles contributed to Atrius breakup

In an era of rapid physician practice consolidation driven by pressure to better coordinate care and achieve economies of scale, a well-known practice alliance in Massachusetts, Atrius Health, will soon lose two of its largest members, the  Boston Globe  reported.

What healthcare providers should know about reverse false claims

The Department of Justice and the New York Attorney General's Office have intervened in a first-of-its kind federal False Claims Act lawsuit against Continuum Health PArtners, Inc. For insights on the significance of this case as Affordable Care Act enforcement unwinds, FierceHealthCare spoke to Leslie J. Levinson, J.D.

Emory Hospital CEO: Moral obligation to treat American Ebola patients

Despite the controversy over whether two Americans who contracted Ebola while working in Liberia should receive treatment in the United States, the CEO of Emory University Hospital told  WSB-TV Atlanta  that there was no question that the facility would accept them.

Court rulings could give states more health exchange power--for better or worse

Legal challenges are giving states and their governors more power to run healthcare insurance coverage programs, an unintended result of the ACA.  "There's a question of whether the individual market would be stable in states without subsidies," Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told the  National Journal. 

FCC: Wireless providers must offer text-to-911 by end of 2014

All wireless carriers and certain texting applications will be required to support text-to-911 functionality by the end of 2014, according to rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Most docs support medical marijuana, but need training

As the legalization of medical marijuana expands, most U.S. physicians agree it has clinical benefits, but want more information on the medical science of cannabis and how it may help their patients, according to a survey of 1,544 doctors from  WebMD  and  Medscape.

The South's big ol' Medicaid problem

Although the United States has a checkered record when it comes to dealing with its poorest and most disadvantaged populations, the South is the unabashed leader in that category. I won't get...