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Latest Headlines

3 steps the US can take to control the Ebola outbreak

The United States has done a great deal to try to stop the out-of-control Ebola epidemic in West Africa, but  The Hill  outlines additional steps the nation could take if the crisis gets worse.

8 cities with the highest hospital readmission rates

Medicare's 2014 comprehensive  measure  of hospital readmissions show that 364 hospitals across the country, in states such as Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island have higher hospital readmission rates than the national average.

Highmark sues UPMC for $300M 'pricing manipulation'

Highmark filed a lawsuit Wednesday against UPMC for allegedly overbilling the insurer by $300 million for cancer drugs. If Highmark wins, the case could be a "landmark and precedent-setting event" for insurers seeking to block providers from overcharging on procedures, medical billing expert Rebecca Reier told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

State AGs say purchase of medical practices drives up prices

The much contested St. Luke's Health System-Saltzer Medical Group acquisition--often considered to be a local matter confined to mostly rural Idaho--actually has national implications, according to amicus briefs filed by 16 state attorneys general.

Could medical marijuana be a money-saver for healthcare?

Should the U.S. healthcare system go to pot in order to save money?

New gov't report predicts healthcare cost escalation

Healthcare s pending  will likely make up 19.3 percent--nearly a fifth--of the U.S. economy by 2023, despite a temporary recent lull in steep growth, according to the latest government report. This is up from 17.2 percent in 2012.

CMS: Health spending slowdown is history

The slowdown in health spending growth may be near its end, with an improved economy and increased coverage likely to bring faster growth, according to a report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services   Office of the Actuary published in  Health Affairs.

750 organizations want in on CyberRX attack simulations

More than 750 healthcare organizations have signed up for the second round of cyberattack simulations to be carried out beginning in October by HITRUST and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HIT groups applaud CMS telemedicine expansion proposal

Expansion to telemedicine coverage for Medicare beneficiaries recommended by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in its proposed update to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2015 generally was praised in comments recently submitted by industry stakeholders, including the American Telemedicine Association and the American Hospital Association.

AHA supports proposed Medicare anti-fraud and abuse legislation, suggests improvements

American Hospital Association Executive Vice President Rick Pollack sent a letter of support for the U. S. House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Health's draft legislation "Protecting the Integrity of the Medicare Act" that would combat waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare program.