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Latest Headlines

Drug companies contribute to the rise in antibiotic resistance

Major pharmaceutical companies may have contributed to the global rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to a new report from Sum of Us, a consumer watchdog. 

OSHA doubles down on efforts to curb nurse injuries

Amid recent reports that chronicled the high rates of workplace injuries among nurses, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to ramp up its regulatory efforts in the healthcare industry,  Healthcare Finance News  reports.

EHR vendor Medical Informatics Engineering suffers cyberattack

Cloud EHR vendor Medical Information Engineering has revealed that it suffered a data breach affecting the electronic medical records of some of its clients' patients.

Price transparency: A look back and ahead

In this special report, FierceHealthFinance examines the progress providers and advocates have made on price transparency, the obstacles to further progress and what the future holds.

Rural health crisis: Hospitals struggle to stay open, shift focus to outpatient care

The rural health financial crisis has forced many hospitals to cut their workforces, others to drop services like routine baby deliveries and all to look at other delivery options and financial models. But more hospital closures are likely, industry experts say, unless the federal and state governments make policy changes.

King v. Burwell: What you need to know leading up to the Supreme Court decision

Sometime this month--perhaps even days from now--the Supreme Court will release its long-awaited ruling on the  King v. Burwell  case. Here's a brief refresher on what you need to know about the case and its potential impact throughout the industry. 

Why one state isn't worried about a rise in hospital medical errors

Medical errors are on the rise in Massachusetts, the  Boston Globe  reports, but according to the state's Department of Public Health, that's actually a good sign.

Lawmakers clash with Burwell over ACA contingency plans

GOP lawmakers clashed with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell when she testified before a House committee Wednesday.

Fight to keep community hospital open could bankrupt healthcare district

The struggle to save a community hospital in California may come at the cost of bankrupting its healthcare district, according to the  East Bay Express.

ICD-10 bill calls for transition grace period

If proposed legislation is your bag, then ICD-10 truly is the gift that keeps on giving. The latest example comes in the form of H.R. 2652, also known as the Protecting Patients and Physicians Against Coding Act of 2015, introduced June 4 by Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Ala.).