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Latest Headlines

Media spotlight without facts makes mHealth privacy a tougher task

Privacy is a huge concern in mobile healthcare, which makes protecting consumer data and providing consumers control over data something everyone--from the federal agency level to mHealth app and device makers--cares about. It's not surprising, then, that a U.S. senator brought the issue into the media spotlight, calling on the Federal Trade Commission to stop device makers from allegedly selling data and enacting an "opt out" for consumers. What's not good, however, is that Schumer put the focus on Fitbit, one of the veteran fitness tracker manufacturers, saying the company was selling its user data when it was not.

Senator wants FTC rules on data selling by wearable device companies

A U.S. senator is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to shore up data privacy regulations regarding mobile health and fitness devices, claiming device makers are sharing data without consumer permission or awareness.

De-identification effective in maintaining patient privacy if done right

As hospitals and healthcare organizations adopt new ways to store and share data, privacy and security of the information is a top priority--and with that comes de-identification of data.

CMS delays Open Payments System public launch

The public launch of a database that will disclose potential conflicts of interest among doctors is now delayed, after physician groups from around the country asked for more time to disclose relationships, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced this week.

Few eligible Part D enrollees receive drug therapy management

CMS requires that all Medicare Part D plans offer medication therapy management (MTM) to eligible consumers. But only 11 percent of those who are eligible for the service receive it, finds a new analysis from Avalere Health. 

3 ways to build an effective complex care management program

A new issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund offers several suggestions for creating an effective  complex care management  program, including choosing a model, working with patients and providers, and sharing patient data. 

Admitting privileges laws open new front in abortion battle

The next legal front in the abortion debate is flurry of state legislation requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at area hospitals, Kaiser Health News reports.

High cost of drugs price HIV and AIDS patients out of health insurance policies

Advocates have accused some insurers of discouraging HIV and AIDS patients from obtaining coverage under the ACA by levying high co-insurance charges for expensive prescription drugs. But soaring costs set by drug manufacturers and the number of new enrollees with specialty medicines is putting pressure on payers.  

90% of uninsured Americans won't face fines

Almost 90 percent of the 30 million uninsured Americans won't face a penalty due to an increase of exemptions in the healthcare reform law, which leaves insurers to worry about their risk pools, reports the  Wall Street Journal.

VTE rates don't reflect care quality

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has long used venous thromboembolism rates to determine hospital care quality, but a report finds this measure may not indicate care quality, according to Anesthesiology News.