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Latest Headlines

Political roundup: Congress most likely to act on funding for opioid treatment

Despite the fact that it is an election year and there will be a new president in the White House in 2017, Congress still has time to take action on healthcare issues, Bob Doherty of the American College of Physicians, said in an interview with  Medical Economics.

Outpatient clinic staff fail to wash hands more than one-third of the time

Medical staff in outpatient settings failed to follow established hand-hygiene practices nearly 4 out of 10 times, according to an observational study that also found staff failed to follow practices for safe injections one-third of the time.

Proposed CMS rule would cut payments to specialists, hospitals

A new proposed Medicare rule would cut payments to both hospitals and certain specialists while hiking reimbursements for primary care providers, according to an analysis by Avalere.

Physicians face more malpractice exposure in New York State's market

Physicians in New York State may face more exposure when it comes to malpractice claims because of changes in that state's medical malpractice market, according to a  Politico New York  report.

Opioid crisis: Physicians shouldn't bear blame

Physicians aren't to blame for the nation's opioid crisis, according to doctors who spoke to  Medscape  about the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's new opioid prescription guidelines for primary care practitioners.

Physician well-being, opioid crisis head Surgeon General's list of priorities

Increased physician well-being and effective opioid prescription practices represent top priorities over the next year for Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, M.D., according to an article in  Medpage Today.

Avoid legal battles: Don't punish nurses who speak up

Hospitals can protect themselves from legal action simply by listening to nurses who speak up about patient safety problems and then correcting the problems instead of covering them up, according to a  Medscape  article that examines two legal cases involving nurses who were fired after reporting concerns about patient safety.

Health IT Now: Health regulatory framework must be more 'trusting of IT'

Patients would benefit from a health regulatory framework that is less rigid and more "trusting of IT," according to a new white paper published this week by Health IT Now, in conjunction with health analytics firm Apervita.

Six years in, Affordable Care Act appears likely to go the distance

Guest post by Kent Bottles, M.D, a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health. Last month I was so busy doing my income taxes and preparing MACRA presentations for...

Physicians should blame themselves for poor payment models

One healthcare leader says physicians have only themselves to blame for poor payment models designed by payers and government regulators, according to a  Medical Economics  report.