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Latest Headlines

Should states prosecute overprescribers?

Despite widespread efforts to reduce illegal or "non-therapeutic" prescribing, physicians rarely face criminal penalties, according to an investigation by the  Austin American-Statesman  published in the  Miami Herald.  

Telemedicine success hinges on willingness of states to improve the current landscape

Throughout 2014, telemedicine continued to make inroads for patient care efforts. For instance, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, in its final physician fee schedule rule posted last fall, agreed to cover a majority of services proposed in July, including psychotherapy and annual wellness visits.

The business case for better listening

​ Despite the crunch on physicians' face time with patients, more astute listening may be key to better, more cost-efficient care. Examples of scenarios in which missing pieces of a patient's story has led to misdiagnosis (the leading cause of malpr actice cases) and inappropriate treatment (a leading money waster) abound.

3 keys to executing a successful hospital merger

With mergers and acquisitions increasingly prevalent in today's healthcare industry, an article from  Becker's Hospital Review  offers tips on how to navigate a deal successfully.

Blue Shield of California disputes Sutter Health's rates

Blue Shield of California and Sutter Health, which runs 23 hospitals in Northern California, are butting heads.

Clinic employees stand up to unsafe workloads under capitation

Clinicians working for a rural California healthcare clinic object to new policies they say required them to take on unsafe patient loads in the company's effort to maximize profits under capit ated  contracts, and at least one physician claims she was fired for opposing the plans, according to reports from local newspapers.

CMS revises RAC program to increase transparency, oversight

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced revisions to its Recovery Audit Contractors program to sharpen agency oversight, reduce the burden on providers and increase transparency.

Better patient engagement needed for ACA success

While the Affordable Care Act has achieved its goal of getting more Americans to carry health insurance, the result hasn't been universally positive for patients or physicians, according to an arti cle  from the  Wall Street Journal   that discusses the benefits and "side effects" of the healthcare reform law.

New federal patient finance rules are impressive--so long as they're enforced

These have been less than heady days for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Two agencies under its supervision, the Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service, have been under fire. The former has been criticized for agents going missing at inopportune times at the White House, while the latter couldn't find emails about how it investigates political fundraising groups for their tax exemptions.

Prime Healthcare's bid for six Calif. hospitals comes under scrutiny

Prime Healthcare Services, the Southern California-based, for-profit chain that has generated much controversy in recent years for its business practices, is making a bid to acquire six hospitals operated by the Catholic Daughters of Charity healthcare system.