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Latest Headlines

CMS proposes modest FY 2016 payment hike for rehab hospitals

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued a new proposed payment hike of 1.7 percent for inpatient rehabilitation facilities for the 2016 fiscal year. The increase would represent additional revenues of about $130 million. 

As NFL players take hits, insurers collect cash

Last week, the National Football League approved a settlement that would issue payments to injured players after the league failed to properly investigate and respond to concussion-causing hits. However, a big slice of the payments will instead go to the players' health insurers.

Hospitals don't do enough to stop C. diff spread

Even as the White House has unveiled an aggressive, $1.2 billion plan to fight antibiotic-resistant infections, a new study suggests that U.S. hospitals don't do enough to prevent one particularly dangerous superbug from harming patients.

Fired Blue Shield of California exec faces scrutiny for lavish spending

Blue Shield of California's former Chief Technology Officer Aaron Kaufman remains on the hot seat after details emerged last week that he spent more than $100,000 on his corporate credit card. Kaufman was fired in March for alleged violations of Blue Shield's travel and expense policies.

Incorporating mHealth into routine care 'potentially transformational' despite challenges

The advent of true mHealth technology comes with big obstacles and caveats, according to a viewpoint published in  Science Translational Medicine.

3 long-term healthcare changes on the horizon

Healthcare is already changing before hospital leaders' eyes, but several longer-term trends will emerge over the next five to 15 years, healthcare experts told the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

When mergers and acquisitions go wrong [Special Report]

In this special report,  FierceHealthFinance  takes a look at why some hospital merger and acquisitions don't work so healthcare leaders can avoid making the same mistakes.

Drug known as 'spice' sparks rise in ER visits, poison-control calls

The use of a drug called spice--a synthetic substance that mimics the effects of marijuana--has sparked a troubling rise in visits to emergency departments and calls to poison control, the  New York Times  reports.

Workplace violence is on the rise and nursing staff are in particular danger

In a report that puts hard numbers behind a danger many health workers have long spoken out against, the Occupational Health Safety Network found that injuries associated with workplace violence increased overall from 2012 to 2014 and "nearly doubled for nurse assistants and nurses."

Republicans may want Americans to keep federal subsidies until 2017

Congressional Republicans are mulling whether to allow individuals to keep their Affordable Care Act federal subsidies until 2017.