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Latest Headlines

House leaders urge restructuring at HHS to improve security

Security concerns too often are playing second fiddle to maintaining network operations in the Department of Health and Human Services, according to a report from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that recommends agency chief information security officers not report to the chief information officer.

St. Luke's used tough tactics to keep patients within system

St. Luke's Health System jealously kept its patients within its hospitals in Idaho, the Idaho Statesman has reported, a business model that ultimately played into the unraveling of its acquisition of Idaho's largest medical group.

AHA raises concerns about pending health plan deals

The American Hospital Association has raised concerns about the effects of pending mergers between Anthem and Cigna, as well as another pending deal involving Humana and Aetna.

American Hospital Association takes aim at Anthem-Cigna merger

Having already spoken out against the proposed mergers in the health insurance industry, the American Hospital Association has now ratcheted up its scrutiny of one specific mega-deal in a letter to the Department of Justice.

Expansion of insurance coverage drove recent healthcare spending increases

As healthcare spending appears poised to rise in the coming years, a new study suggests that the recent upward bumps may be due to millions of more Americans gaining coverage as opposed to other market trends.  

Community health clinics fill care gaps in non-expansion states

As financial hardships continue for hospitals in states that didn't expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, the role of community health centers is evolving to fill the gap.

CEO Mark Bertolini: Humana deal will help Aetna compete in consumer-driven marketplace

Aetna's decision to merge with Humana is not only driven by the smaller company's dominance in Medicare Advantage (MA) business, but also its strong understanding of the consumer-driven trend that has come to dominate the health insurance industry, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini tells  Bloomberg.

Two main factors affecting 2016 health insurance premiums

The health insurance premiums for 2016 will differ from 2015 rates due to a number of reasons, but it's largely because insurers had limited information regarding the risk profile of the market as a whole at the time rates were filed.  Another factor affecting 2016 premiums,  according to an issue brief from the American Academy of Actuaries, includes the reduction of reinsurance program funds.

1.8 million Americans could lose subsidized coverage due to tax-filing issues

Tax filing issues may jeapordize subsidized health insurance coverage for 1.8 million Americans, reports the Associated Press.

EHR vendors, users: Beware the attorney general breach investigation

It's significant that the  cyberattack Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) suffered in May appears to be worse than originally thought. But what is also significant is that it's the Indiana Attorney General's office, not the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights, that's investigating the breach.