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Latest Headlines

Hospitals hit CMS hard on rationale for IPPS cuts

Hospitals continue to push back against the 0.2 percent inpatient prospective payment system cut imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services during the 2014 fiscal year.

Linda Reed on ICD-10: Prepare and don't get caught short

Despite yet another delay in the transition to ICD-10, providers still must remain focused and alert to ensure that, should implementation go forward on Oct. 1, 2015, cash flow remains uninterrupted. That was the message last week from Linda Reed, vice president and CIO at Morristown, New Jersey-based Atlantic Health System.

Emails suggest bias in Phoenix VA probe, say critics

Richard J. Griffin has come under fire for his work as lead investigator in the probe into malfeasance at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System, according to the Washington Post.

More Ebola cases likely in US by year's end--but how many?

More cases of the Ebola virus are likely to emerge in the United States by the end of the year as healthcare workers return home, but just how many remains unclear, according to the Associated Press.

Consumers must be given control over health data, says privacy advocate

Congress must enact new laws and take action, along with players in the healthcare industry, regarding third-party health data brokers that are selling data sets without the consent or knowledge of consumers, Deborah Peel, a privacy advocate and founder and chair of Patient Privacy Rights, told

CMS softens proposal to require EHRs for payment of chronic care management

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has relaxed--slightly--its proposal of requiring physicians to use electronic health records to be reimbursed for chronic care management. It won't drop the requirement but will allow practices to use either 2014 or 2011 certified systems.

OIG 2015 work plan increases EHR scrutiny

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General continues to ramp up its scrutiny of electronic health records, adding a new focus area specific to EHRs in its 2015 work plan and continuing most of its EHR-related reviews from last year.

After mid-terms, states may reconsider Medicaid expansion

About half of the states had been staunchly opposed to expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but watching billions of federal dollars flow to their neighbors has apparently softened their stance on the matter, Kaiser Health News has reported.

Marc Probst: Intermountain will double and triple down on innovation in 2015

In part II of our exclusive interview with Intermountain Healthcare CIO Marc Probst, he discusses the federal interoperability road map draft, unveiled by ONC on Oct. 14. He also shares what his organization's primary focus will be in the coming year.

Despite hospital safety process improvements, outcomes backslide

The fall 2014 update to Leapfrog's Hospital Safety Score reveals a mixed bag of news about U.S. hospitals. Overall, of the 2,520 hospitals scored, 790 earned an "A," 688 earned a "B," 868 earned a "C," 148 earned a "D" and 26 earned an "F." In addition, several states moved up into the "A" rankings, including Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and New Jersey, according to an announcement.