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Latest Headlines

Feds want Apple's word it won't share, sell HealthKit user data

Apple and Federal Trade Commission officials are discussing data sharing and user privacy as it relates to Apple's HealthKit and its impending watch, with the agency seeking assurance Apple will not sell data to third-party vendors, according to a Reuters report.

Lack of Medicaid expansion will cost Florida hospitals billions

The intransigence of the Sunshine State's lawmakers over expanding Medicaid eligibility will cost the state's hospitals billions of dollars over the next several years, the Tampa Bay Times reports. 

Physician assistants at center of billing schemes

Physician assistants, who frequently provide primary care services to patients under the direct supervision of a doctor, are often the focal point for fraud.

eHealth Initiative roadmap calls for alignment of HIT regulatory efforts

Interoperability and Meaningful Use efforts need to be aligned with other healthcare regulatory and industry initiatives, according to the eHealth Initiative, which on Thursday unveiled its 2020 roadmap for transforming health IT.

New Choosing Wisely recommendations from ED docs focus on unnecessary scans

The American College of Emergency Physicians has issued a new list of tests and procedures--including efforts to eliminate unnecessary CT scans--as part of the Choosing Wisely initiative.

Revised Catholic rule eases process for hospital mergers, affiliations

A new ruling this week that eases the process for mergers between the Catholic church and healthcare providers worries healthcare advocates as the number of Catholic-related hospitals continues to rise throughout the nation, according to the  Washington Times.

Ebola Watch: White House makes case for $6B in prep funds, resources

White House officials urged a Senate Appropriations Committee to approve an additional $6 billion in funding for Ebola preparation in the United States during a hearing on Wednesday.

Providers deserve a better, more transparent appeals process

I'm sure I'm not the only person who's distressed to learn that the appeals process for the Meaningful Use program lacks clarity and appears arbitrary. So what's going on here? It's not that easy to find out.

Could a patient compensation system replace malpractice claims?

A new study suggests that a state-administered patient compensation system could take the place of the current adversarial medical malpractice tort system and save money at the same time.

How hospitals can reduce risk of infection, cross-contamination

The threat of the Ebola virus has brought even more attention to the importance of disinfection protocols and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.