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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts docs took advantage of low-income addiction patients

In Massachusetts, two doctors have reached an agreement with the state Attorney General's office to pay $445,720 in aggregated fines and restitution for overcharging low-income patients who were receiving treatment for opioid addiction, according to an article at

Consumer coalition to advocate against health insurer mergers

Healthcare provider groups have been clear in their view that the pending health insurance mega-mergers will ultimately harm hospitals, physicians and by extension, consumers. But now a group representing consumers themselves has joined the movement to oppose the deals.

Participation low, often unhelpful in cyberthreat information-sharing

A recent review of the HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange (CTX), set up in 2012 to speed up detection and response to cyberattacks, highlights how far the industry has to go to effectively share information on cybersecurity

FTC seeks to block West Virginia hospital merger

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has intervened in a proposed merger of two rural Appalachian hospitals, claiming it would create monopoly-like conditions for the region.

New Jersey hospital's property tax settlement could open floodgates

A New Jersey hospital's management decision to pay back property taxes could set off a flurry of similar demands to other acute care facilities statewide.

VA paid $142M in bonuses during the year of scandal

The embattled Department of Veterans Affairs paid out $142 million in executive and employee bonuses in 2014, the same year a major, ongoing scandal involving care delays first broke, according to USA Today.

American Medical Association urges feds to block insurer mergers

Continuing the healthcare provider community's criticism of consolidation in the health insurance industry, the American Medical Association has officially asked federal regulators to block the two major insurer mergers.

Slow telehealth adoption hurts family physicians' ability to compete with retailers

One of the many ways retail health clinics are gaining marketshare is through telemedicine--and family physicians must adopt the technology in order to remain competitive, according to a speaker at the American Academy of Family Physicians' recent State Legislative Conference.

Court rules hospital not responsible for employee's Facebook patient privacy violations

A judge has ruled a hospital is not liable for an employee's Facebook post containing a screenshot of a patient's medical record that revealed she had a sexually-transmitted infection, setting a potential precedent for emerging issues of social media and patient privacy, according to the  Cincinnati Enquirer.

Financial responsibility for hospital medical errors: No easy answers

The question of who pays when something goes wrong in a healthcare setting seems simple enough, but the answer isn't straightforward due to so many variables, according to a report from  Kaiser Health News.