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Latest Headlines

Report: Too many docs keep licenses after sexual misconduct

State medical boards aren't doing enough to protect patients from physicians known to have engaged in sexual misconduct, according to a Public Citizen report published by  PLOS ONE.

Insurers move to stem ACA losses--but at expense of consumers?

Seeking to stem their financial losses on Affordable Care Act exchange products, health insurers have started to discourage consumers from signing up for coverage outside of standard enrollment periods and choosing less-profitable plans,  Kaiser Health News  reports.  

Recruiting tip: Kindness counts more than performance

There is more to hiring employees than determining how well they will perform, especially in healthcare. A highly skilled doctor who nonetheless treats coworkers poorly, for example, is likely to cost your practice more than he or she generates, according to an article from  Harvard Business Review.

House fails to override Obama's veto of ACA repeal

The House of Representatives failed on Tuesday to override President Barack Obama's veto of a bill that would have gutted the Affordable Care Act. 

Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan: The trouble with nixing private insurers

With the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders closer than ever, one of the key differences that has emerged between the two Democratic presidential candidates is their healthcare policy positions.

Insurers jump into battle over drug prices at state level

Health insurers in Virginia want to require more pricing transparency from the pharmaceutical industry, but drug companies are pushing back by saying this could be the first step toward government-related price controls that would stifle future innovations, according to an Associated Press article.  

How physicians can grow from serious mistakes

When physicians make serious medical errors, they needn't merely survive the emotional aftermath. With the right types of support, they can use the difficult experience to help them grow, according to a new study published in  Academic Medicine.

Hospital groups urge Supreme Court to strike down False Claims Act decision

Several healthcare provider groups submitted amicus briefs to the Supreme Court urging the reversal of a False Claims Act decision hinging on what they say is an overbroad interpretation of "implied certification."

CMS clarifies CO-OP regulations

Facing increasing pressure from lawmakers over the slew of failed consumer operated and oriented plans, the federal government recently clarified some regulations that govern the startup insurers.  

White House pledges $1B to launch 'moonshot' project but it's not enough to cure cancer

The White House administration will ask Congress for $1 billion in mandatory funding to support President Barack Obama's new "moonshot" initiative to find a cure for cancer. But researchers interviewed by  The New York Times  say the funds aren't enough.