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Latest Headlines

Superbugs will kill 10 million a year by 2050

Healthcare experts have long warned drug-resistant superbugs are a "looming global threat," and left unchecked, they may kill someone every three seconds by 2050, according to a new report.

Pain medication doesn't always lead to addiction

Not all pain medication users are addicts, writes Nicole Hussey, a patient who suffers from chronic pain, in an opinion piece in the  Los Angeles Times. 

Highmark sues feds over risk corridor payments

Highmark has filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that it did not hold up its end of the bargain on risk corridor payments promised during the first year of Affordable Care Act exchanges.

Oscar among insurers seeking steep premium increases

Health insurance startup Oscar is asking for premium increases as high as 30 percent in New York--a significant departure from the modest rate hike it asked for last year and another sign the Affordable Care Act exchanges are headed for a market correction.  

Battle lines drawn over new drug payment model

Lawmakers, physicians and patient advocates voiced a wide range of reactions to the Obama administration's proposed drug reimbursement model in a House subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, with some arguing the demonstration project should be scrapped entirely and others advocating for slight tweaks to address provider concerns.

The FDA's draft guidance on EHRs and clinical trials needs more meat

We may finally see more streamlined approval of new drugs and devices, thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's latest effort to push researchers to use electronic health records in clinical trials--draft guidance published this week regarding how to use EHRs as a source of data. Still, the draft guidance is pretty skimpy and raises questions that must be answered.

Gun laws shouldn't stop doctors from talking to patients about ownership, safety

Gun laws allow doctors to talk to their patients about gun safety, as well as report ownership, according to a review in the  Annals of Internal Medicine. 

OSHA rule would make hospital workplace injury data public

A new final rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on workplace injuries will require hospitals and healthcare organizations to release injury data that will later be posted on the agency's website.

Critics: EEOC wellness program rules create opportunities to discriminate

While one national group praised the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's final rules on corporate wellness programs as providing the much-needed clarification, others lambasted the rule as creating "opportunities to discriminate." 

Cigna's disclosure signals trouble ahead for insurer mergers

Like a commuter who runs to catch the closing doors of a train only to wait an interminable time for it to depart, leaders at one of the major health insurers seeking permission from the Justice...