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Latest Headlines

Landmark King v. Burwell ruling: Industry reacts, looks to future

The Supreme Court released its long-awaited opinion on  King v. Burwell  this morning in a 6-3 vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act's federal subsidies.

Feds ban health insurers that have blanket exclusions on gender transition care

By 2016, federal employees' health insurers will no longer be allowed to have blanket exclusions for transgender-specific healthcare services such as hormone therapy and gender-transition-related care,  Vox  reports. 

HFMA ANI 15: How risk stratification, care coordination helps lower costs for insurers

It pays for a health plan to identify at-risk individuals and intervene to keep them out of the hospital--both in terms of the organization's bottom line and for the overall health of its members, according to a summary of a presentation at this week's  Healthcare Financial Management Association's Annual National Institute in Orlando, Florida.

New readmission reduction guidelines: Medication management essential

The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation proposes national recommendations to better manage patient medications in order to reduce hospital readmissions.

OSHA to crack down on hospitals that don't protect nurses from injury

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has announced a new initiative to drastically increase scrutiny of injuries among hospital nursing staff.

Supreme Court upholds ACA's federal subsidies 6-3

The Supreme Court ruled that federal health insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act are legal in a 6-3  ruling  on  King v. Burwell  this morning. 

Nebraska HFMA chapter wins excellence award

The Healthcare Financial Management Association this week awarded the Robert M. Shelton Award to its Nebraska chapter during its annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

Do advocates overestimate the benefits of personalized medicine?

The advocates of personalized or precision medicine may have set up unrealistic expectations about its promise while leaving many questions unanswered, according to a viewpoint article in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Anesthesiologist must pay $500K for insulting man under sedation

A jury awarded $500,000 to a Virginia man whose accidental recording of his colonoscopy revealed his surgical team mocked him while he was under anesthesia, according to the Washington Post.

Use of hospitalists on overnight shift doesn't change patient outcomes

A teaching hospital that implemented a program that had an on-site, attending-level physician provide overnight supervision, did not see any significant impact on important clinical outcomes, according to a recent study  published in the  Journal of General Internal Medicine.