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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts nurses call for end to hospital violence

A union that represents Massachusetts nurses is pushing for the passage of a bill that would require healthcare providers to partner with unions to create a comprehensive workplace violence program, according to a report in the  Boston Business Journal.

Bill would block Massachusetts insurers from sharing private health info

A recently introduced bill in the Massachusetts legislature would prevent insurers from sharing private health information with anyone except the patient it concerns when several people are covered through one plan.

The pros and cons of smartphones in the operating room

Although smartphones can be a major asset in the operating room for doctors and nurses to look up quick information, they can also distract clinicians, according to The Atlantic.

VA scandal: Facility manager in Georgia indicted for falsifying records

The manager of a Veterans Affairs facility in Georgia has been indicted for falsifying the medical records of veterans awaiting care outside the VA system, according to the Washington Post.

How expansion helped solve a rural hospital's financial troubles

The picture looks increasingly bleak for rural hospitals, as patient volumes decline and care costs and bad debt remain high. But one small rural Missouri provider has found a way to survive without cutting back on services; in fact it has expanded them, according to  National Public Radio.

Most healthcare workers don't follow personal protective equipment-removal rules

Fewer than 15 percent of healthcare workers comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations for removing personal protective equipment (PPE), according to a study from the  American Journal of Infection Control. Correct removal is crucial to reduce contamination from emerging pathogens like the Ebola virus.

It's time to speak up, speak out about mHealth, wearables

With mHealth devices becoming more mainstream, it's time for patients' voices to be heard when it comes to development of the tools. A new set of draft guidelines created to drive wearables development forward is giving them a chance to.

Coalition seeks feedback on mHealth development guidelines

A set of draft guidelines, created by a coalition including Microsoft, Vitality Institute and University of California San Diego, for responsible use of wearables, smartwatches and mHealth apps is open for public comment through mid-October.

Ohio health system's new dress code: Mandates underwear, bans "extreme" hair colors

Akron, Ohio's Summa Health Systems, Inc. has issued new guidelines for healthcare workers forbidding certain hair colors, long beards, exposed skin and "going commando," according to Cleveland's Fox 8 News.

Nurse safety: 3 dangers hospital leaders must know

Nursing staff face a number of safety hazards, to the point that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced increased scrutiny of hospitals' safety precautions. But there are several threats to nurses that hospital leaders must address, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.