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Latest Headlines

House Republicans propose 'world's greatest' ACA replacement plan

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) have unveiled an ACA replacement they call the "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan." 

Scuttled Staples-Office Depot deal: Bad news for health insurer mergers

The demise of a proposed deal between Staples and Office Depot may be yet another sign that the two pending health insurer mergers are in for a tough regulatory review.  

Sharp divide over plan to curb drug spending

Lawmakers, physicians and patient advocates voiced a wide range of reactions to the Obama administration's proposed drug reimbursement model in a House subcommittee hearing this week, with some arguing the demonstration project should be scrapped entirely and others advocating for slight tweaks to address provider concerns. 

Hospitals driving force behind campaign lobbying against insurer mergers

A collection of state-based groups known as the Campaign for Consumer Choice is less a citizen-driven movement against health insurer mergers than it is a hospital industry-funded lobbying campaign, according to a report from  STAT. But an antitrust lawyer involved in the campaign tells  FierceHealthPayer  that shouldn't really surprise anyone.  

Non-profit hospital systems often under pressure to behave like for-profits

Non-profit hospital systems are coming under increasing pressure from the investor community to behave more like for-profit operations, providing a level of transparency that would be closer to that of a publicly-traded firm,  The   Wall Street Journal  reported.

California advocates speed efforts to alter coverage rules for undocumented immigrants

As the Obama presidency winds down, the rush is on in California to push through a controversial proposal that would allow undocumented immigrants to access the state's health insurance exchange.  

U.S. not doing enough to combat Zika

Congress has not acted fast enough or allocated enough money to combat an outbreak of the Zika virus, according to the former White House Ebola czar.

More than 7,300 patients may have been exposed to infection in Calif. hospital

California state investigators found that more than 7,300 patients at a San Diego-area hospital may have been exposed to infections caused by contaminated drugs last year, according to  Kaiser Health News.

Physicians appeal to CMS over state cuts to Medicaid rates

Four major physician groups have asked federal health officials to take action to keep states from making cuts to Medicaid rates now in anticipation of the implementation of a final Equal Access rule.

States' Medicaid demonstrations require robust evaluation

Medicaid demonstration waivers can inform game-changing federal policies, making it imperative to evaluate their impact on patient care, providers and health plans, according to The Commonwealth Fund.