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Latest Headlines

Meaningful Use must be malleable in the shadow of health reform

The  call for change of the Meaningful Use program  is taking a new twist, here on the eve of the release of the proposed rule implementing Stage 3. Stakeholders had been urging that the Meaningful Use program to make a lot of changes, including greater interoperability, fewer burdens and the like. But now, the conversation has shifted to money--and not just the costs to providers or the profits of the vendors. Stakeholders and analysts are saying that the program may hurt the economy and efforts to reform healthcare. 

5 post-ACA healthcare trends to watch

Despite Republican lawmakers' continued attempts to derail healthcare reform and the uncertainty over the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling in the King v. Burwell case, the Affordable Care Act has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the last five years and will continue to do, according to a new report by PwC.

Do online hospital ads mislead patients?

Although patients' ability to seek healthcare information online is an important part of patient engagement, hospitals' online advertising often downplays the potential risks of procedures that providers offer, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Blue Shield of California loses tax-exempt status

The California Franchise Tax Board has revoked the tax-exempt status of the nonprofit Blue Shield of California, which may now owe tens of millions of dollars in state taxes annually.

House leaders negotiate permanent SGR repeal

After lawmakers derailed what looked like a permanent legislative fix to the widely unpopular sustainable growth rate formula last year, Congress members seek to craft another long-term fix ahead of a looming deadline,  MedPageToday  reports--and this time they just might pull it off.

How providers can promote health cost transparency

Americans' cries for health price transparency are growing louder, but their search for cost data remains mostly elusive, according to a report from Public Agenda. 

Wraparound coverage final rule largely unchanged

The Obama administration's final rule on wraparound benefit coverage makes it clear that insurers can't offer excepted benefits as a substitute for primary coverage. 

4 price transparency considerations for providers

The majority of Americans want to compare healthcare prices, but many don't know how to find the information they need, according to a report from Public Agenda.

The pros and cons of in-office pharmacies

It's difficult for practices to ensure patients' medication adherence as patients often fail to fill or take prescriptions as directed for several reasons, with physicians often learning of the problem after a consequence occurs. But some practices have had success with in-office pharmacies.

Adverse subsidy ruling in King v. Burwell could damage hospital bottom lines

An adverse ruling against premium subsidies by the U.S. Supreme Court in the King v. Burwell case could nip at hospital finances in 34 states, the  McClatchy News Service  reported.