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Latest Headlines

Emory Hospital CEO: Moral obligation to treat American Ebola patients

Despite the controversy over whether two Americans who contracted Ebola while working in Liberia should receive treatment in the United States, the CEO of Emory University Hospital told  WSB-TV Atlanta  that there was no question that the facility would accept them.

Court rulings could give states more health exchange power--for better or worse

Legal challenges are giving states and their governors more power to run healthcare insurance coverage programs, an unintended result of the ACA.  "There's a question of whether the individual market would be stable in states without subsidies," Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told the  National Journal. 

FCC: Wireless providers must offer text-to-911 by end of 2014

All wireless carriers and certain texting applications will be required to support text-to-911 functionality by the end of 2014, according to rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Most docs support medical marijuana, but need training

As the legalization of medical marijuana expands, most U.S. physicians agree it has clinical benefits, but want more information on the medical science of cannabis and how it may help their patients, according to a survey of 1,544 doctors from  WebMD  and  Medscape.

The South's big ol' Medicaid problem

Although the United States has a checkered record when it comes to dealing with its poorest and most disadvantaged populations, the South is the unabashed leader in that category. I won't get...

Patient photo collages fade from office scene, thanks to HIPAA

The longtime tradition of doctors' offices displaying photos of babies delivered by their physicians is going the way of cigars in the waiting room, thanks to privacy concerns related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, according to an article from the  New York Times.

Med management market to pass $1.6 billion by 2019

In addition to government initiatives driving more accountability in patient care, concerns around lowering medication errors and adverse drug events are steadily increasing the value of the global market for medication management, according to a new report.

Standalone emergency rooms grow, but face backlash

As free-standing emergency rooms grow in number, they face a potential backlash over their high prices and allegations of fraud, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Media spotlight without facts makes mHealth privacy a tougher task

Privacy is a huge concern in mobile healthcare, which makes protecting consumer data and providing consumers control over data something everyone--from the federal agency level to mHealth app and device makers--cares about. It's not surprising, then, that a U.S. senator brought the issue into the media spotlight, calling on the Federal Trade Commission to stop device makers from allegedly selling data and enacting an "opt out" for consumers. What's not good, however, is that Schumer put the focus on Fitbit, one of the veteran fitness tracker manufacturers, saying the company was selling its user data when it was not.

Senator wants FTC rules on data selling by wearable device companies

A U.S. senator is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to shore up data privacy regulations regarding mobile health and fitness devices, claiming device makers are sharing data without consumer permission or awareness.