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Latest Headlines

Overworked physicians may inadvertently contribute to the opioid epidemic

To begin to tackle the nation's prescription opioid epidemic, the industry must first deal with the problem of overburdened physicians, writes Bruce Y. Lee in a  Forbes  commentary..

Report: Reinsurance windfall not enough to keep ACA plans from steep losses

Though insurers received larger-than-predicted payouts from the reinsurance program in 2014, they still lost more than $2.2 billion on Affordable Care Act exchange plans that year, according to a new study from George Mason University's Mercatus Center.  

Patients 50% more likely to die avoidable deaths in hospitals that score lowest in safety

Hospitals could save at least 33,000 lives each year if they followed the patient safety policies and procedures of the highest-scoring hospitals in The Leapfrog Group's Spring 2016 Hospital Safety Score update, a new study finds. 

Feds finalize sweeping Medicaid managed care rule

The federal government on Monday issued a long-awaited final rule for Medicaid managed care plans that creates a quality rating system, allows states to set network adequacy standards and limits how much insurers can spend on administrative costs.  

'Insurance warrior' is on a mission: Get health plans to pay up

Though she's not the first person you'd expect to act as an "insurance warrior," Seattle woman Laurie Todd has gained a following by doing just that,  STAT  reports

Pastoral provider licenses draw the ire of Texas medical board

People using "pastoral provider licenses" are starting to draw the attention of the Texas Medical Board.

Republican group offers ACA replacement roadmap

New recommendations from the independent research arm of House conservatives lay out a roadmap for how the GOP could structure an Affordable Care Act replacement plan.   

Zika virus: CDC issues worker protection guidelines

Public health authorities have issued new guidelines to protect workers who treat patients exposed to the Zika virus.

Oklahoma law eliminates MOC requirement, other states may follow

Oklahoma became the first state to pass a law that removes maintenance of certification as a requirement for physicians to obtain a license, get hired and paid or secure hospital admitting privileges.  

US preparedness for public health emergencies edges upward

The U.S. is better prepared for public health emergencies than it was three years ago, according to an annual health preparedness assessment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.