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Latest Headlines

Why 2015 could be a watershed year for mHealth regulatory decisions

To say it's been a busy few months regarding regulatory actions in the healthcare space would be an understatement. To that end, I don't believe it would be sensationalistic to predict this may be a year in which federal agencies make landmark decisions and establish strategies and historical markers when it comes to mHealth technology oversight.

Proposal in California would require insurers to update provider lists

California lawmakers have proposed legislation that would require insurers to update their provider lists weekly and make them more available online.

Nontraditional medical offices hit the road, meet different reactions

When the going gets tough, choices get even tougher for independent physicians. But not all physicians struggling to maintain private practices have stuck with the options that have come to comprise today's standard menu: Go big, go concierge or get out.

Small insurers in Massachusetts upset over risk adjustment program

Small health insurers in Massachusetts worry that a provision in the Affordable Care Act will force them to subsidize the state's dominant insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

FTC targets online children's game for deceptive mental health claims

The Federal Trade Commission last week settled charges against a Texas game vendor allegedly making unsubstantiated claims that its software improved children's memory, behavior and focus, and helped those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Feds to clarify HIPAA for mobile health developers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights is working with ACT- The App Association to provide clearer and more accessible regulatory guidance relating to HIPAA rules, and to address issues and concerns mHealth app developers are facing regarding federal oversight.

FDA green lights mHealth apps for glucose data sharing

The first set of mobile apps for diabetics looking to share data collected by continuous glucose monitors can head to market thanks to a green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Massachusetts hospital org to pay $1.77 million to settle kickback allegations

The administrative arm of a Massachusetts hospital will pay $1.77 million to settle allegations it paid grants to physician members in exchange for referrals--a violation of the state antikickback statute.

House debates how to pay for SGR fix

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health are working on yet another attempt to reform the unpopular Sustainable Growth Rate formula, according to Healthcare Finance News.

New superbug danger: Patients sickened by infected endoscopes

The use of contaminated endoscopes infected scores of patients in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Chicago hospitals with a deadly, drug-resistant infection, according to recent reports, underscoring the danger posed by the "looming global crisis" of such superbugs.