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Latest Headlines

Doctors missing swath of diabetes diagnoses, study suggests

The number of American patients wi th diabetes topped 21 million in 2010, according to an April study publi shed  in the  Annals of Internal Medicine,  but new research publi shed  in the same journal suggests that as many as three in 10 cases currently go undiagnosed.

High deductibles scaring patients away from care

For several years now, rising out-of-pocket health costs have caused some p atients  to forego needed care. A recent  stu dy  from the Commonwealth Fund confirms that not only are patients cutting back on care due to cost, but also their  misunders tanding of insurance coverage leads many to forego preventive care unnecessarily.

Organizations urge Congress to avoid further ICD-10 delays

A group of 15 organizations--including the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, the American Health Information management Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and America's Health Insurance Plans--is urging congressional leaders to ensure that no future delays to ICD-10 implementation take place.

3 ways to avoid losing patients to follow up

From a leg al  and ethical standpoint, physicians must keep patients from missing recommended follow-up care. But while it's not realistic for practices to track down every no-show or noncompliant patient, there are strategies that can reduce the likelihood of a patient's dangerous health condition remaining unaddressed, according to a po st  from the  New York Times.

Nurses union: OSHA must tighten Ebola protection requirements

National Nurses United called on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to implement safety requirements to shield healthcare workers from the deadly Ebola virus.

3 factors affecting the ACA's future

The Affordable Care Act has faced many obstacles and challenges aiming to prevent implementation of its various provisions--and more are yet to come, according to CBS News.

SEC investigates insider trading on Medicare

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether insider trading took place during a 2013 incident in which financial institutions were tipped off that Medicare was about to raise reimbursement rates.

Ebola watch: California adopts toughest regulations in US to protect hospital workers

California now has some of the toughest regulations in the country to protect healthcare workers who treat patients with Ebola.

VA scandal: 600k vets still waiting a month for treatment

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs announced earlier this month it slashed wait times nearly 18 percent after a nationwide scandal revealed secret waitlists covered up long delays in care, more than 600,000 veterans are still waiting a month or longer for appointments, according to  USA Today.  

Mobile tech holds promise for clinical trials, but caveats remain

Using mobile tools in clinical trials offers a long list of benefits, from helping patients stay on medication routines to the ability to change gears in quick fashion. but mHealth is also a double-edged sword as data collection and deeper insight could propel trials off course, according to a report at  Hospital & Health Networks.