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Latest Headlines

CMS: 81 percent of initial ICD-10 test claims accepted

Of nearly 15,000 test claims received by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid for the first round of end-to-end ICD-10 testing, 81 percent were accepted, according to statistics revealed by the agency Wednesday.

Healthcare system prepared to handle increased coverage

Increased insurance coverage rates under the Affordable Care Act are unlikely to overwhelm healthcare services, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund.

Despite some progress, gender gap persists in academic medicine

Academic medicine's gender gap is still going strong, with women comprising one in five full-time faculty members, according to research published in the Journal of Women's Health.

Under-fire FDA rushes to respond to superbug outbreak

Amid concerns over the response of the Food and Drug Administration to a deadly outbreak of the superbug Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), the agency plans to modify the labels on duodenoscopes, the specialized medical devices blamed for spreading the bacteria, Reuters reported.

Cybersecurity: How health execs handle growing privacy threat [Special Report]

​Cybersecurity in healthcare is easier said than done. In this special report,  FierceHealthIT  examines what providers and payers currently are doing to prevent data breaches, as well as what they should be doing. We also speak to attorneys and patient advocates to gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity challenges that lie ahead. Full report

Antibiotic stewardship can curb rise of deadly superbugs

The superbug Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) has been making headlines in the wake of a deadly, multi-state outbreak among hospitalized patients, but a new study reminds health leaders that improvements in antibiotic stewardship are sorely needed to mitigate the threat posed by not just CRE, but all varieties of these powerful pathogens.

House bill aims to soften MU requirements for ASC-affiliated docs

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), joined by two Democrat and one Republican co-sponsors, has introduced legislation to soften the Meaningful Use requirements for eligible physicians who treat patients in ambulatory surgical centers.

Blurred lines not a good anthem for mHealth regulation

Before the Federal Trade Commission or Food and Drug Administration tackle another mobile health technology investigation, the two federal agencies--both of which are charged with protecting consumers--need to huddle up in a conference room, lock the door and not come out until they produce a clear map of what they're responsible for when it comes to oversight and regulating such tools. Why? Because right now it's getting quite difficult to figure out who's keeping on eye on the shallow end of the mobile health technology pool and who's watching the deep end.

FTC fines melanoma diagnostic app makers for unsubstantiated claims

The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with two companies, and is pursuing charges against two others, in relation to two apps that claim to detect melanoma.

Surescripts releases new resources on e-prescribing controlled substances

Health information network giant Surescripts has published new tools to help prescribers learn more about the electronic prescribing of controlled substances.