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Latest Headlines

Deeper understanding of healthcare violence needed to prevent it

Rather than being reactive, healthcare professionals must understand the various reasons workplace violence occurs, according to an article by  StatNews.

Inaccurate testing drives up healthcare costs, unnecessary procedures

Amid increased concerns about misdiagnoses in healthcare, unreliable, inaccurate medical testing is also a major obstacle to patient safety, hiking unnecessary medical and drug expenses as well as prompting unneeded medical procedures, according to a new report from the Food and Drug Administration,

Groups want to keep limits on risk corridor payouts to insurers

Despite news that the nation's largest health insurer is struggling to make a profit on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, some conservative groups want to continue limiting the government's ability to cushion the companies' losses.

Patient email and texting: How to keep data safe

Patients may be hungry for easy electronic communications with their doctors, such as text messages and email, but practices are wise to consider the risks before they proceed.

CMS data on hospital-acquired infections confuses consumers

Federal data on hospital-acquired infections, intended to help consumers choose hospitals, actually confuses them, a study published in  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology  found.

Hospitals must take proactive approach against violence

Hospital violence is on the rise, but healthcare leaders face the difficult task of taking measures to prevent it without compromising the open, healing environment of their organizations. The key, according to an article by  StatNews,  is to develop effective strategies that go beyond simply reacting to individual incidents. 

Advocates urge state insurance regulators to scrutinize mergers

With worries that the proposed mergers of major health insurance companies are going to be bad news for consumers, some are urging state insurance regulators to carefully scrutinize those plans.  

Experts call for reform of global infectious disease protocols

Over a year after fears of the West African Ebola epidemic gripped the U.S. healthcare epidemic, a panel of experts called for far-reaching reforms in how public health organizations handle the threat of infectious disease.

Proposed ACA marketplace reforms address consumer, insurer concerns

Seeking to improve the experience of consumers and health insurers alike, the federal government has proposed a host of reforms for the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.

Value-based purchasing scores remain volatile

Data from Medicare's value-based purchasing program contain broad variations and few clear patterns, according to a new report from Leavitt Partners, and the report's author says it may take solutions such as a separate program for low-volume hospitals or combining Medicare's care-quality programs to achieve meaningful improvements.