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Latest Headlines

The silver lining for ICD-10 skeptics this time around

It's telling that the recent announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services finalizing Oct. 1, 2015, as the new ICD-10 deadline was met mostly with skepticism, at least by hospital CIOs and provider organizations with whom I spoke last week. Still, there appears to be one big difference between this delay and the last one: Right up front, CMS announced plans for readiness testing for providers, including end-to-end testing.

Most states to revert Medicaid pay to 2012 rates

In an effort to sustain healthcare availability for low-income families, six states will use their own money to extend the Medicaid pay increase to primary care physicians in 2015,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

New hospital CEOs must bring strategic plan for future

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, hospital leadersmust think long and hard about what they want in a new CEO, making the hunt much more challenging than it was 15 years ago, according to  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Are U.S. hospitals prepared for potential Ebola patients?

Are United States hospitals prepared to deal with potential Ebola patients? It depends on who you ask.

Medicare spending slowdown could put brakes on Medicare reform

Medicare spending will slow down over the next decade--and although  this bodes well for the federal budget it could also slow down Medicare reform, notes a  post  in  the Morning Consult.

The rise of nurses in health IT

From chief nursing informatics officers to chief information officers, nurses increasingly are taking on new leadership roles in health IT and having a major impact on healthcare innovation and delivery.

4 keys to successful HIT vendor-client relationships

When it comes to relationships between health IT vendors and clients, there are many ways to ensure they are positive for both parties involved.

3 strategies to promote hospital culture of ownership

To become successful and stand out in a competitive healthcare industry, hospitals must encourage a culture of personal accountability and complete ownership, from the bosses in the C-suite to the front-line workers administering medication, Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach Inc., writes in  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Give physicians some slack to drive healthcare innovation

Contrary to conventional wisdom, healthcare providers may want to invest in physicians who slack, argues a Health Affairs blog post.

More medical groups turn to high deductible health plans for physician coverage

Medical groups, like hospitals and health systems, now take steps to reduce  utilization and trim costs within their health insurance coverage options  for physicians and families.