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Latest Headlines

3 steps to professional success for hospital CEOs in a changing industry

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, hospital CEOs are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before to deliver effective and financially efficient care, all in the face of the highest CEO turnover of all time. Here are three ways  hospital and health system CEOs can ensure professional success in the volatile healthcare industry.

Rival Boston hospitals want say in Partners' acquisition agreement

Several Boston hospitals that oppose the recent agreement between Partners HealthCare System and the Massachusetts Attorney General to acquire South Shore Hospital filed a letter in court to participate in the judicial process, the Boston Business Journal reported.

Massachusetts AG OKs Partners HealthCare acquisition, alters hospital's power

An agreement between Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and Partners HealthCare System will alter the hospital's negotiating power for years to come--ending an antitrust investigation and allowing the hospital to acquire South Shore Hospital, according to an announcement from Coakley's office.

Budget concerns force hospital CIOs to skip non-critical IT projects

Budget constraints have forced many hospital CIOs at entities large and small to triage potential projects and move forward with only those efforts deemed the most necessary.

Hospitals move from the city to the 'burbs

Over the past 25 years, hospitals have left urban areas with high populations of low-income and disabled residents to move to less populated suburban areas.

CMS gives pharmacists green light to bill incident-to docs

In an effort to make the patient-centered medical home model more financially viable for practices, Medicare officially granted permission for pharmacists to bill their patient-care services incident-to a physician, according to an announcement from the American Pharmacists Association.  

4 growing healthcare executive positions

As the healthcare industry focuses and expands on quality and value-based care, hospital C-suite and executive positions must adapt to fill new demands and roles.

What to look for in an employment opportunity

Health systems must make the most of employed physicians, and get the most value and quality for their money. Physician alignment and cohesion into a health system are key to successful and profitable integration. 

Co-locate IT, hospital analytics employees to boost productivity

The physical presence of data support experts co-located with hospital analytics employees has proven to be a boon for productivity and patient outcomes at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, according to Yiscah Bracha, assistant vice president of quality improvement healthcare analytics.

How payers can implement data analytics

While health insurers focus on risk assessment and controlling costs, they also need to incorporate analytics to help solve broader insurance issues, according to Insurance & Technology. Greater investments in data analytics can improve overall outcomes.