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Latest Headlines

VA CIO says new scheduling system will roll out by 2017

Contrary to previous reports, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will deploy a new scheduling system by 2017.

4 ways to stay in love with medicine

The business of healthcare is grueling at times--and arguably tougher with each passing year or day. As a result, some physicians leave and go on to exercise their talents elsewhere, typically with...

MGMA: Practices forced to allocate more staff resources to regulatory burdens

As the regulatory and administrative burden on physician practices increases, so too has the expense of paying employees needed to perform this work. 

Benefits of MD/MBA programs go both ways

While it may be too soon to determine whether the explosive growth in joint M.D./M.B.A. programs changed the dynamics of practicing medicine, individuals on both the clinical and administrative sides of healthcare report that such dual training improved the way they perform in their roles, according to an arti cle  from the  Atlantic.

Docs happiest in areas with strong communities, low managed care

Although physicians nationwide repo rt signs of struggle, there are pockets of the country where practicing medicine is more pleasant than average. Mississippi leads the pack for the second year in a row, a ccording to this year's Best States to Practice re port  from  Physicians Practice. 

VA scandal whistleblowers receive settlement for unfair treatment

​The Veterans Affairs Department announced Monday it settled the complaints of three employees who faced retaliation after filing whistleblower complaints about the Phoenix VA hospital--revelations that led to a nationwide scandal that involved secret wait lists to cover up treatment delays and possible patient deaths.

3 skills effective hospital leaders need

As healthcare providers reshape their infrastructure to a post-Affordable Care Act world, they must think about how to hire the most effective executives, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.

Getting to the root of the problem helps wellness programs thrive

We have reported a lot about wellness programs--how they are increasingly becoming more popular, how they help lower healthcare costs and how they boost consumers' overall health. And despite...

CEO pay growth outstrips other positions

Chief executive base pay continues to grow faster than other C-suite positions, according to the 2014 Hay Group Healthcare Compensation Study.

Hospital security planning will play part in containing Ebola virus

Hospital security policies and personnel can play a huge role in preventing the spread of the Ebola epidemic that is raging on in West Africa, according to an article at