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Latest Headlines

Montana town debates future of its only health clinic

The future hangs in the balance for the only healthcare clinic in the small town of Lincoln, Montana, according to a report in the  Billings Gazette.

Hospital privacy officials: Make security a proactive process

While privacy has become increasingly top of mind for provider organizations over the past year, industry executives would be wise to focus on being more proactive about such efforts, a pair of hospital officials said Monday at the 24th National HIPAA Summit.

One way to improve healthcare: Pay doctors more

As the presidential candidates discuss ways to improve healthcare, one physician says in a  Huffington Post  blog that they are missing a key piece of the puzzle: pay doctors more money. 

Medical practices should adhere to social media guidelines

There are both benefits and risks when it comes to social media for physicians and medical practices.

Primary care docs in rural areas secure highest average salaries and signing bonuses

Internal medicine and family practice physicians whose primary goal is paying down their medical school debt  may want to consider working in rural communities, as a new report shows that is where the money is for these doctors.

Florida surgeon faces state complaint over case involving concurrent surgery

A West Palm Beach surgeon is facing an administrative complaint from Florida regulators for supervising a team that operated on the wrong part of a boy's leg while he was handling multiple surgeries at the same time, according to the  Sun Sentinel.

Task force creates framework to define skills, education for clinical informatics execs

Required education and skills for chief clinical informatics officer roles (CCIO) is necessary for "a dynamic, motivated workforce," according to a report from an American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) task force

VA scandal: Department may take more than a year to fire embattled execs

This week, nearly two years after the discovery of falsified records that kickstarted the Veterans Affairs scandal at the Phoenix VA Healthcare System, the agency recommended the removal of three Phoenix executives--but the process of actually firing them is far from over, according to Cronkite News.

How the Mayo Clinic reduces the chance of physician burnout

The Mayo Clinic is tackling the problem of physician burnout with a program that focuses on increasing collaboration and building camaraderie.

CEO Mark Bertolini: Aetna, Humana starting early to align cultures

Recognizing that cultural cohesion can make or break a merger, Aetna and Humana are being proactive about aligning the two companies' cultures while their deal awaits regulatory approval, according to Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini.