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Latest Headlines

Public supports GOP effort to raise ACA full-time work week

A large majority of Americans support Republican lawmakers' attempt to change the Affordable Care Act's definition of a full-time work week from 30 hours to 40 hours, according to a new poll from Morning Consult.

Will Aetna be nabbing all the good employees with pay increase?

Starting in April, Aetna will increase the incomes of its lowest-paid employees by as much as 33 percent to a minimum of $16 an hour, the insurer announced Monday. The move is an attempt to recruit top prospects, reduce turnover and, according to CEO Mark Bertolini, reflects the insurance industry's continuing shift to a business-to-consumer market, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Consumer Reports releases latest round of patient feedback

Consumer Reports  has released its latest round of ratings for physician offices, this time using survey response data from more than 52,000 patients throughout California to rate practices on how well they communicate with patients, offer timely care and service, coordinate patient care, help patients stay healthy and provide helpful office staff.  

One-third of physicians would consider government practice jobs

Despite recent controversies surrounding wait time and staffing issues among hospitals run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a significant minority of physicians (36 percent) surveyed by the Medicus Firm said they would be "very likely" to consider a government-employed practice opportunity.

Study shows strength of team-based care in PCMH

Despite the challenges practices face in implementing the pati ent-centered medical home   model, many who've put forth the effort have achieved promising results, according to a series of recent reports. However, progress to date varies by practice size, noted an ar ticle  from  Medscape.

How far should practices go to prevent the spread of germs?

With flu season well under way and the Ebola crisis unresolved, practices need a plan to make sure patients don't leave their offices with more illnesses than with which they arrived.

World Health Organization: 'eLearning' equal to traditional training for healthcare workforce

Training through electronic media and devices could help prepare more healthcare professionals, addressing possible shortages of doctors and nurses around the globe, according to a new review from the World Health Organization.

Sue Schade: The importance of encouraging women in health IT

While core system updates are a vital part of Sue Schade's job, the potential to innovate is one of the biggest drivers for the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers CIO on a day-to-day basis.

Staff makeup plays key role in hospitals' productivity

Healthcare facilities can employ a diverse array of staffing patterns--including those that employ more non-physician staff members--into their organizations in order to increase their productivity and better meet the needs of their communities, a new study suggests.

Fitch predicts rosier future for for-profit hospitals

Although the overall financial path for hospitals has been a mixed bag, those in the for-profit sector appear to have a particularly bullish future in the near-term.