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Latest Headlines

Emerging global healthcare markets may hold key to value-based care

The U.S.must learn more about value-based healthcare from global emerging markets and employ frugal innovation if the country and the industry wants to reduce the gross domestic product on healthcare and prevent it from rising 25 percent over the next few years,  Forbes  contributor Reenita Das wrote in a recent opinion piece. 

Bill Spooner: You're only as strong as the people you work with

In part 2 of an exclusive interview with FierceHealthIT, former Sharp HealthCare CIO Bill Spooner shares his advice for new CIOs in the industry, as well as lessons learned.

Why hospital CEO turnover is on the rise

Hospital CEO turnover reached an all time high of 20 percent in 2013. Experts cite a variety of causes for the uptick, including consolidation of the healthcare industry. 

Feds investigate 'patient dumping' law compliance

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights convened last week to determine if hospitals across the country are violating the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act by "dumping" mentally ill and other patients.

Docs, nurses learn to get along in simulation game

A new simulation game aims to teach doctors and nurses how to work more collaboratively and avoid conflicts in order to prevent dangerous or sometimes fatal miscommunications.

Add a new chair to the hospital C-suite table

The chief population health officer (CPHO) is the latest executive title in hospital and health system C-suites. The CPHO oversees the development and implementation of a hospital or health system's population health management strategy and is typically a physician. 

Ind. hospital to start its own police department

An Indiana hospital will form its own independent police department in an effort to ensure officers receive consistent training for the healthcare setting and so the hospital doesn't drain resources from community departments.

Why a good healthcare manager is hard to find

It's rare to find a person who possesses effective management skills. As a result, companies--and healthcare organizations--often hire unsuitable managers,   ac cording to  a  Harvard Business Review  blog post by Randall Beck and James Harter.

Proposed bill protects hospitals from 'federal contractor' designation

A proposed bill may keep the government from classifying hospitals  and healthcare providers as federal contractors or subcontractors  because they receive federal payments.

Give nurses the power to make care decisions to improve patient outcomes

Hospitals that have visible and accessible chief nurses and also involve nurses in care-delivery decisions offer better quality of care, according to a new study published in  The Journal of Nursing Administration.