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Latest Headlines

Doc groups call for ICD-10 grace period

Four major medical organizations have echoed the American Medical Association's plea for a two-year grace period that would allow physicians to transition to the new coding system without penalty.

Nebraska Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Steve Martin's management transformation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska has been shifting its management system over the last 10 years to become a peer-to-peer network instead of a top-down hierarchy, reported the Huffington Post.

To improve hospital-physician relationships, involve docs in decision-making

Healthcare leaders who want support from their physicians must step up efforts to involve them in key decisions, according to an opinion piece in  Forbes.

3 ways physicians can balance work and relationships

About a week ago, I bought the first bicycle I have owned in almost 20 years. And it wasn't because I'm known for my grace on wheels. Mostly, I decided to start riding because it's an...

Clinical, patient engagement key to ACO success

Implementing an accountable care organization is nearly impossible without high-quality clinical engagement, according to a panel of healthcare leaders at Friday's sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.

Why payers should take a personalized approach to patient engagement

The best way to engage patients in their care is to take a personalized approach, leaders from Independence Blue Cross and Penn Medicine said during a recent panel at the BIO conference in Philadelphia.

Louisiana providers at odds over commercially insured patients

An anti-trust battle is brewing in Shreveport, Louisiana, between the operator of LSU hospitals and a community health system that already has a large market share in the area. 

Which CEO would get biggest golden parachute in health insurer merger?

The chief executives of three of the major U.S. health insurers currently locked in merger maneuvering have a lot to gain if takeover bids for their companies come to fruition, Bloomberg reports

Healthcare increasingly requires a tech-savvy workforce

The rise of technology in healthcare is creating new roles within the industry and requiring doctors and nurses to be tech-savvy as well, according to a story in the Financial Times.

Pharmacists take on bigger role, authority in healthcare

Historically, pharmacists have taken a background role in the care process. But today pharmacists take on a more prominent role in healthcare to improve patient outcomes.