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Latest Headlines

5 optimistic healthcare trends for 2015

After the initial apprehension and uncertainty in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, optimism is taking hold among healthcare leaders, according to research from the Aegis Health Group, which identified several positive trends within the industry.

Strategies to improve emergency care communication

A commentary published in the February issue of  Emergency Medicine Australia  offers up strategies for emergency room doctors and nurses to improve communication and combat chaos.

Burnout grows among physicians

The number of burned-out physicians is on the rise, with nearly half of American doctors reporting a loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism and a low sense of personal accomplishment, according to a new survey from  Medscape.

Disaster plans are a moving target: 4 areas to update

As of this morning, the snow in Boston has stopped, the travel ban has been lifted and the kids have another full day off from school. With snow totals of up to two-and-a-half feet, Blizzard 2015...

Inspector General slams VA's IT oversight

More than five years after the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs launched a new system to manage its IT projects, its still lacks the required discipline and accountability for effective oversight, according to a new inspector general report.

Patient engagement key to doing more with less

Today's physician practices are more burdened with administrative, technological and regulatory challenges than ever--all in the midst of dramatic reimbursement changes and a physician shortage. But adding human resources--which already comprise 56 percent of healthcare providers' costs--isn't the best way to accomplish less with more, according to a recent article for  Medical Economics.

Hospitals work to prevent nurse fatigue

Buddy systems and "flex nurses" are two ways that some hospitals attempt to ease nurses' burden and reduce the likelihood of fatigue, in keeping with recommendations from the American Nurses Association, according to the  Courier-Journal.

Massachusetts hospital org to pay $1.77 million to settle kickback allegations

The administrative arm of a Massachusetts hospital will pay $1.77 million to settle allegations it paid grants to physician members in exchange for referrals--a violation of the state antikickback statute.

Healthcare CEOs predict increased focus on consumers, population health for 2015

Improved care quality, lower costs and preparation for the healthcare industry's transition to a value-based model will top healthcare CEOs' agendas this year, according to t he  Huron Consulting Group's annual Healthcare CEO Forum R eport.

Aetna CEO on decision to raise minimum pay rates

Aetna announced last week that it was increasing the incomes of its lowest-paid employees by as much as 33 percent, to a minimum of $16 an hour because to do otherwise would be unfair, the insurer's chief exec said Wednesday. And he wants other companies to follow suit.