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Latest Headlines

Gender wage gap persists among nurses

Male nurses continue to earn significantly higher salaries than their female colleagues even though women outnumber men in the profession, according to a new study published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

3 rules for effective communication (and when to break them)

The perfect communicator doesn't exisit. Rather, the art and science of exchanging messages is one we continue to hone throughout our lives, regardless of job title. As a writer, perhaps I'm...

3 tips to maximize the power of practice meetings

Important ingredients that are often missing in meetings, according to a recent post from  Harvard Business Review,  include leaders' ability to demonstrate empathy and emotional control. These concepts apply to one-on-one interactions, too, as described in a recent post for  Physicians Practice.

Compassionate healthcare can boost bottom line

Compassionate healthcare delivery might not only be morally correct, it could also help hospitals and health systems' bottom lines.

Controlling chronic disease: What needs to change?

Although chronic disease represents the leading cause of death in the U.S., 40 percent of all premature death is due to behaviors amenable to change, noted authors of an article published in  The American Journal of Medicine.

The link between compassionate care and patient satisfaction

Healthcare organizations that show a commitment to compassion enjoy a better bottom line as well as increased patient and caregiver satisfaction, according to a whitepaper from the Swartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare.

Catholic Health Initiatives creates infrastructure to engage, retain doctors

One of the nation's largest hospital-based systems has made strides in physician engagement by building an infrastructure for its ambulatory services, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.

3 more ways to turn bad luck into fortune

Good news: A little more than a week post-op, I'm typing this commentary with both hands! While a broken wrist isn't a circumstance I'd wish on anyone, the lessons it continues to bring...

5 ways to improve nurse-doctor collaboration

Getting nurses and doctors on the same page is integral to providing the best possible patient outcomes, and one conflict-ridden hospital's successful effort to improve teamwork offers salient lessons for other healthcare leaders who want to do the same, according to a  Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine  article.

Do hospital leaders tolerate violence against emergency staff?

The risk of violence toward emergency department staff persists in large part because their supervisors perceive it as part of the job, according to MedPageToday.