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Latest Headlines

Most docs are pretty smart with their money, finds survey

Financially speaking, most doctors across the United States are doing pretty well--and that seems to be due to relatively prudent financial decision-making, according to the 2016 Medscape Physician Debt and Net Worth Report.

Healthcare administrators and physicians see eye-to-eye on patient-centered care

Healthcare administrators and physicians both place high priority on patient communication and clinical team collaboration, a new survey found.

Change your approach for primary care success

The rapid changes in the American healthcare system have put an increased focus on primary care provision, but practices will need to rethink their approach to primary care if they want to be successful, according to an article in  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Medicine is still the best profession, one doctor says

While bureaucratic insurance companies and government healthcare regulations have fostered the mindset for many doctors that they would tell their children to stay away from the medical profession, Joshua Maili, M.D.,  a vitreoretinal surgeon at a private ophthalmology practice in Sarasota, Florida, doesn't agree.

Docs: MACRA success requires less burdensome performance reporting

The government must put in place a more workable performance reporting system if it wants Medicare payment reforms to be successful, physician groups were expected to tell lawmakers today.

Practice support: To outsource or hire in-house talent?

Does your practice have a game plan if your electronic health record system goes down? How about if your phone system stops working? To keep your practice running, you need to mobilize the right IT resources, reports  Physicians Practice.

Physicians and LGBT patients: Laws, religious beliefs and medical care

A law passed earlier this month in Mississippi makes it legal for physicians and therapists to opt out of providing care to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender  patients on religious grounds--raising legal and ethical questions for the healthcare field, according to a report in  The Atlantic.

Expert predicts a nationwide shortage of pathologists in near future

The abrupt resignation last month of Los Angeles County's chief medical examiner called attention to the lack of resources in that department, but the problem isn't restricted to LA or even the state of California, according to a  Los Angeles Daily News  report. 

ACA fallout: One-third of physicians ready to quit since passage of healthcare reform law

The Affordable Care Act has put increased pressure on the country's physicians and has driven one-third of them to consider quitting the profession, according to a new study by CompHealth.

Stress, burnout hinder nurse performance

Nurses face some of the highest levels of work-related depression, stress and burnout of any profession. It may help to reduce that stress if hospitals rethink how nurses and staff fit into the healthcare chain of command while making the organizations better and more profitable places to work, according to  National Public Radio.