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Latest Headlines

How to recharge when you can't get a break: Take one

Have you ever caught yourself lamenting to a friend, "It's been a long week," and realized it's only Tuesday? This winter vortex, which is actually more like a black hole, is...

Divorce study suggests female physicians need more work-life support

The idea that physicians, as a profession, are at higher risk for divorce may be misguided, according to a study published last week in  The BMJ.

Why hospitals can't afford to skimp on physician engagement

Too many hospitals overlook the importance of physician engagement, which means they may miss out on some of the advantages of an engaged clinical workforce, according to a Gallup  Business Journal  article.  

Healthcare jobs boost American middle class

The healthcare industry provides a ray of hope for middle-class workers seeking well-paying jobs with opportunities for advancement, the  New York Times  reports, though not all workers may benefit from this trend. 

3 communication strategies to prevent lawsuits

When patients are upset, the best way you can prevent their dissatisfaction from escalating into a lawsuit is to communicate with empathy, according to experts.

3 tasks hospital leaders shouldn't delegate

To successfully lead a healthcare organization, there are several tasks executives should handle themselves rather than delegate, according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Injured nurses often lack support from hospital leaders

Despite research showing nurses are at greater risk for workplace injuries than police officers, correctional officers and construction workers, hospital administrators often refuse to provide the support injured nurses need, according to  National Public Radio.  

How healthcare leaders can make it clear that black lives matter

The healthcare community has not been--and should not be--isolated from the recent dialog about racism spurred by outcry over what some view as police brutality and unequal justice targeted at black citizens, according to two recent opinion pieces in the  New England Journal of Medicine.

How healthcare executives can gain doctors' trust

​Healthcare executives who seek to successfully integrate doctors into their organization will soon find out the task is easier said than done, argues Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D., in a recent article for  Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, but a good place to start is by taking steps to build physicians' trust.

NPR documentary explores how nurses handle stress, burnout

Nurses outnumber doctors by six to one, spend more time with patients and, with an expanding scope of practice, are the backbone of American healthcare. A new documentary says these factors lead nurses to feel stressed, overburdened and unsupported.