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Latest Headlines

Survey: Most employees happy with health plan, but cost concerns continue

While most U.S. workers are satisfied with their health insurance benefits, their level of satisfaction is declining and they are increasingly concerned about costs, according to a recent survey.  

At Mayo Clinic, burnout predicts whether physicians will cut work hours

At the same time the country faces predicted physician shortages over the next decade, burned out doctors are cutting back on the number of hours they work, a new study finds.

Aetna embraces consumerism through new C-suite hires

Aetna, which is already preparing to align cultures with merger partner Humana, is also striving to remake itself as a more consumer-focused company--starting with some of its top executives, according to the  Hartford Courant.  

Healthcare sector continues to post big job gains

As a juggernaut for jobs creation, the U.S. healthcare system continues to roll along, posting big job gains in March.

Practice leaders, it's time to prioritize human resources

If it's been a while since you updated your employee policies or reviewed your office manager's job description to ensure it accurately reflects his or her day-to-day responsibilities, you should get cracking, writes Paul Edwards, CEO of a human resources support company, in  Physicians   Practice.

'Immersion Day' program fosters understanding by putting administrators in scrubs

In an effort to foster greater understanding of the inner workings of healthcare, North Carolina's Mission Health's "Immersion Day" program allows stakeholders such as such as administrators, policymakers and journalists to don scrubs for a day and shadow healthcare providers.  

Healthcare sector a big contributor to brisk jobs forecast

A new forecast says that the healthcare sector is one of the biggest drivers of new jobs in the U.S. economy--and 44 percent of companies in the healthcare sector with 50 employees or more are expected to add permanent jobs during the second quarter of 2016. 

Beyond workout apps: The ROI of well-crafted wellness programs

Both health insurers and employers have a stake in driving down healthcare costs for their member populations. Increasingly, businesses are turning to payers to design wellness programs to aid in the effort. But it's not as simple as handing out activity trackers or launching a member wellness portal. Every company is different and there are many ways to measure success.  FierceHealthPayer  spoke to three health insurance executives to find out how they're designing wellness programs--and how they're demonstrating their value to customers.

Elements of MedStar Health attack mirror ransomware warned about by FBI

The attack paralyzing MedStar Health's computer systems is the result of ransomware, both the  Baltimore Sun  and  CBS Baltimore  are reporting.

Reporting program helps halt unsafe physician behavior

A program at a Tennessee healthcare system that encourages coworkers to report disrespectful and unsafe behavior by physicians and other advanced practice professionals was successful at improving those behaviors, according to a new study.