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Latest Headlines

Scholarship looks to boost number of minority registered nurses

In an effort to increase the amount of black, Latino and other minority registered nurses, the American Heart Association and Macy's will give out 16 scholarships a year for the next three years to boost the number of diverse healthcare workers, the  North Dallas Gazette   repo rted.

US must produce 1.1 million nurses by 2022 to meet demand

Fifty years after the Nurse Training Act of 1964, and as many of those original nurses retire, the United States will need to produce 1.1 million new  registered nur ses  by 2022 to fill jobs and replace retirees, according to an  announce ment  from the  America n Nurses Association.

3 ways to improve physician engagement

Physician engagement is more important than ever as healthcare shifts in the direction of value-based purchasing models like accountable care organizations (ACOs), John Wallace, vice president and general manager of ACO services at McKesson, writes in Becker's Hospital Review.

US could see healthcare occupation labor shortage

There is a great risk of labor shortages in the United States, especially in the healthcare industry, according to a  new  re port  from The Conference Bo ard,  a global, independent business membership and research association. 

Hold engaging, productive meetings to make them worth your time

Meetings are an inevitable part of every medical practice. They can lead to productivity, but broken meetings also lead to frustration and are bad for business. 

4 ways to address and embrace constructive conflict

People always advise: Don't shy away from productive conflict. Letting problems fester, in the long run, leads to far more miscommunication and preventable issues. I'm far from alone in having trouble adopting this concept into my own behavior. Both professionally and personally, learning to call foul--at the right time, in the right way--is an area of high anxiety.

How to create a culture of universal accountability

Across industries, the highest-performing teams don't rely on a manager to hold members accountable, but rather create a culture in which peers respectfully confront one another, according to a  p ost  from  Harvard Business Review.

Direct-pay practice: 3 steps to take before switching

Physicians increasingly explore new practice models to ease their financial strain and restore their satisfaction in medicine, but the process of actually making the switch (or starting a new practice) requires careful planning.   A recent  article  from  Medical Economics  provided three key successful transition steps

What's wrong with American healthcare

The "insanely, outlandishly expensive" U.S. health insurance system is the product of random WWII-era tax provisions," according to  Vox's  Sarah Kliff, in an article published.

Healthcare unions gear up to fight potential cuts, layoffs

As the state and federal governments pressure the healthcare sector to cut costs, healthcare workers are often collateral damage, according to the Washington Times.