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Latest Headlines

Cost of employer-sponsored plans set to rise faster than inflation

The average cost increases for employer-sponsored health plans around the world will significantly outpace inflation, according to a new report from Aon Hewitt. 

3 factors that drive employee engagement

A white paper published this week by Press Ganey said that hospitals and other healthcare insitutions must commit to three key strategies in order to slow down rates of employee turnover and increase employee engagement. 

Report faults HHS on healthcare workforce planning

The Department of Health and Human Services must develop a plan to address the needs of healthcare workers, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Medics returning from Iraq and Afghanistan wars redeployed as physician assistants

A new physician assistant training program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill aims to translate the medical experience of Army personnel to jobs in the civilian world, Kaiser Health News reports. 

AHIP's Marilyn Tavenner hopes to win back Aetna, UnitedHealth

The industry's largest trade association hopes to convince the two major health insurers that left its ranks to return amid a particularly high-stakes year for payers.

Fired docs' patients help fund new practice

When a practice terminated a popular Tennessee doctor, his patients responded not just with protest but also with their wallets, the  Tennessean  reported.

Network aims to link regional health data, open it up to the public

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement has set its sights on making regional health data open to the public to inform patients about the performance of hospitals and physicians.  

Burnout rates, severity at unprecedented highs

Physician burnout isn't just getting more widespread; it's also getting more severe, according to a new report from  Medscape.

Attending physician workload linked to lower teaching effectiveness

Attending physician workload is associated with lower teaching effectiveness and may compromise patient safety when managing new admissions, according to a new study published in the  Journal of Hospital Medicine.

How to initiate discussions with healthcare workers about end-of-life care

As Medicare moves to pay doctors for end-of-life discussions with patients, one healthcare institution plans to educate its staff about the importance of palliative care by initiating advance planning discussions with them.