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Latest Headlines

Better outcomes require leaders to update their management styles

Hospitals' management systems are often left out of discussions about how to cut costs and improve outcomes, but they are a vital factor in such efforts, according to a Harvard Business Review blog post.

Healthcare leaders need humility and compassion to succeed

The hottest trend in management is one of the most fundamental values of humankind: humility. Increasingly, top executives find that they lead most effectively from a position of humility and a willingness to listen to the needs and opinions of others, according to an article published in the Wall Street Journal.   

Data, analytics experience tops list of most desirable traits for C-suite execs

Data systems management and experience with advanced analytics are the two top skills C-suite level executives in healthcare must have to succeed, according to a new Black Book survey.

How care management helped a health plan tackle high costs

A care management program combined with better health plan design can help health plans reduce slow down high-cost trends among their members, according to a new white paper.  

3 ways to mentor practice management newcomers

As you know, I spent most of last week in Nashville attending the Medical Group Management Association's annual conference. This must have been roughly my 10th MGMA meeting, and it met all of my...

CHIME 2015: Health execs must speak the same language for strategic success

Hospital IT strategies that aren't in lockstep with overall organizational plans risk failure, several CIOs said during a track session last week at the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives' annual fall forum in Orlando.

How the healthcare industry can foster innovation

To foster innovation within healthcare, the industry needs the mechanisms in place that promoted major advances in other industries.

The ACA effect: Low-wage workers avoid coverage; execs lose platinum benefits

There's no doubt that the Affordable Care Act has led to major changes in the health coverage that companies offer their workers, but the way these policy shifts play out may depend on the how much an employee makes.

Ethics in healthcare: Why nurses need 'moral courage' to protect patients

Ineffective leaders often fail to promote moral courage or to address the ethical dilemmas nurses routinely face, such as when they witness or experience bullying in the workplace, failure to obtain informed consent or inattention that may endanger patients, according to an  article  published by

ICD-10 conversion isn't over: 4 ongoing tasks

ICD-10 has been in place for half a month now, but conversion efforts will continue. Here are four actions your practice should follow to ensure a smooth transition this year.