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Latest Headlines

National Nurses United: Supreme Court case on public unions threatens patient safety

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court this week to review a case that could limit the power of public unions to collect fees from nonmembers, could also destroy their bargaining power, and in effect, endanger patient safety, the largest U.S. organization of nurses warned Tuesday.

New Virginia law requires hospitals to inform patients of observation status

A new Virginia law that takes effect today will require hospitals to inform patients of their admission status verbally and in writing.

ICD-10 training: How one hospital shifted away from dual coding

Engaging in dual coding as the deadline to transition to ICD-10 moves closer to reality is not an optimal strategy, according to Walter Houlihan, director of health information management and clinical documentation at Springfield, Massachusetts-based Baystate Health.

3 traits of indispensable practice managers

Running a medical practice is hard work. And with various forms of healthcare consolidation potentially affecting virtually any practice, managers are under pressure to not just keep their jobs amid new governance but also to help such ventures succeed. To make the most of opportunities for their practices and careers, practice managers must pay special attention to honing certain skill sets.  

Survey: Docs less critical of ACA, more restless in current jobs

The Affordable Care Act still isn't winning the favor of all doctors in its fifth year, but more are at least willing to give it a passing grade, according to new data from the Medicus Firm.

Employer-sponsored health insurance benefits: What's hot; what's not

Employers are increasingly choosing health insurance plans that emphasize preventive care, according to an annual  survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Quest for compliance: 3 ways practices can help patients do the right thing

I could have dreamt it, but am nearly positive I could hear the surgical team chatting for a few moments of my 90-minute wrist surgery earlier this year. I had a nerve block preventing any feeling...

For better care, recruit more nurses to research positions

The number of scientists in the nursing field is slowly growing, according to an article published in the journal Nature, with many of them entering the research field to seek solutions for problems in their clinics.

Physician empathy is key to patient satisfaction

In recognition of how poor bedside manners could hurt both patient satisfaction scores and finances, more healthcare providers put a higher priority on physician empathy training, according to the  Deseret News.

Infection preventionists spend more time on data collection than prevention

Hospital infection preventionists spend more time reporting and collecting data than they do protecting patients from healthcare-associated infections, according to new research.