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3 ways practice leaders can help enhance physician communication

Effective physician communication is not just nice to have, but an element of patient satisfaction directly linked to the bottom line. Although some medical schools include communication skills in their curriculum, here are three ways practices can augment these efforts.

Why healthcare must harness the power of female consumers

It's clear that women are the primary healthcare decision-makers for themselves and their families, according to a new survey, but healthcare organizations could do more to understand and cater to this powerful demographic.

To take care of patients, first take care of yourself and your staff

My mother is a wise woman, and yet growing up I often ignored her advice because, after all, what could she possibly know that I, as a worldly 18-year-old, didn't already know? Spoiler alert: A...

Healthcare union activity on the rise as NYC nurses mull strike

Healthcare is primed for increased union organizing activity, particularly in the wake of new National Labor Relations Board rules streamlining the election process, according to a new report from IRI Consultants and the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.

Nurses afraid to speak out about dangerous staff shortages

While it's become clear that patient safety suffers if nurses are spread too thin, individuals who speak up about staff shortages often face harsh reprisals from their employers.

How peer support boosts the patient-centered medical home model

As patient-centered medical homes gain steam, a new report reinforces the fact that the model's mission of lowering costs and improving access to care relies on the use of peer support from community health workers.

Healthcare CEOs earn highest average pay than any other industry

The healthcare industry had the highest level of median pay for CEOs last year--$13.6 million--beating industries such as energy, technology and finance,  according to recent data calculated by the Associated Press.

3 small-town perks that draw physicians

We know that practice location can be a powerful recruiting tool. But what is a practice to do if it is situated in a region that physicians may consider less desirable? A recent article from  Medscape  may offer some insights into what qualities of your locale you may want to more deliberately promote.

ACA, better economy spark surge in use of traveling nurses

Declining unemployment in the U.S. and an uptick in the number of Americans who have health coverage have increased demand for healthcare, which in turn has sparked a surge in employment opportunities for traveling nurses,  Kaiser Health News  reports.

To prevent burnout, hospitals must care for caregivers

Hospital staff spend long hours staying professional amid death, suffering, grief and anger from patients and their families, and those clinicians need support as well. To take care of their staff and prevent burnout, hospital leaders increasingly look for ways to treat stress and prevent the job from overwhelming clinicians, according to the Columbus Dispatch.