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Latest Headlines

4 ways to slash inpatient sepsis rates, deaths

An early detection and intervention program implemented at Houston Methodist Hospital has succeeded in significantly reducing inpatient deaths and costs related to sepsis. The program, featured in the November  Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, was designed to put nurses on the front lines of identifying signs of the possible blood infection and initiate prompt, evidence-based interventions to diagnose and treat it.

How hospitals can ensure they better serve LGBT patients

`Hospitals need to understand more about LGBT patients and communicate what they've learned to one another and to patients in order to ensure better treatment of and access for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients, according to an article published by  Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

No panacea for physician burnout, but there are ways to help

The is no one way to prevent or cure all physicians from suffering burnout, according to authors of a recent study, but there are some clues about how to improve physicians' well-being.

Why don't doctors and nurses have more healthy lifestyles?

Doctors and nurses suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart disease only slightly less than the general population, according to a study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Fight back against workplace bullying with education, culture of accountability

Eliminating the dangers of workplace intimidation, harassment and other bullying behaviors requires a multi-pronged approach that emphasizes employee education as well as creating a culture of accountability, according to experts.

Look internally to groom your next hospital CEO

Hospitals and health systems demand a lot from their leaders. Chief executive officers must be humble, compassionate, interact and engage with staff, have experience with finance as well as data and analytics, be willing to change and embrace new management models and have clinical expertise. It's no wonder that CEO turnover remains high.

Hospital attempts to close primary care residency to boost margins

New York's Presbyterian Hospital recent announcement that it would close its family medicine residency program sent shockwaves through not just the room in which 30 trainee doctors were fired, but through the healthcare industry and mainstream media at large. The backlash was so powerful that the hospital reversed its decision three hours later. 

Aetna's personalized wellness program shows quick return on investment

A personalized program that targeted employees at high risk for metabolic syndrome saved health insurance company Aetna more than $600,000 and seems to prove it's possible for a wellness initiative to show a positive return on investment in one year.

Better outcomes require leaders to update their management styles

Hospitals' management systems are often left out of discussions about how to cut costs and improve outcomes, but they are a vital factor in such efforts, according to a Harvard Business Review blog post.

Healthcare leaders need humility and compassion to succeed

The hottest trend in management is one of the most fundamental values of humankind: humility. Increasingly, top executives find that they lead most effectively from a position of humility and a willingness to listen to the needs and opinions of others, according to an article published in the Wall Street Journal.