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Latest Headlines

Chronic care management: 3 hurdles to reimbursement

Beginning this month, practices are eligible to receive reimbursement for the non-face-to-face work they do to coordinate care for Medicare patie nts who are chronically ill. But despite the significance of this change, challenges remain for practices to actually obtain payments for CPT code 99490, which is intended to capture chronic care management (CCM) services, according to an arti cle  from  Medical Economics.

Medical school teaches, tests skills for patient-centered care

While today's clinicians are learning to embrace patient-centered care on the job, more medical students are being taught and tested on specific skills that allow them to better partner with patients.

Tomorrow's physicians plan to avoid private practice

Although many practicing physicians report they feel torn a bout forgoing their independence, most current medical school students (73 percent) plan to pursue employment with a hospital or large system from the get-go, according to a new sur vey  from Epocrates.

Assistant physician: A new form of midlevel provider?

In Missouri, a law passed earlier this year would give the green light to an entirely new form of midlevel provider: the assistant physician, according to a report from the  Columbia Missourian.  Assistant physicians, not to be confused with physician assistants, would be composed of medical school graduates who were unable to secure residencies.

How medical marriages can become more resilient

There are distinct challenges to being part of a medical marriage for physicians as well as their family members, especially around the holidays, but there are strategies all parties can use to maintain harmony, according to an article published in  Physician Family.

3 skills an effective hospital CFO needs in 2015

In the modern healthcare industry, the role of the chief financial officer has become more complex, which requires the executive to possess several qualities, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.

3 essential qualities for CFOs

As the post-Affordable Care Act healthcare landscape shifts, the job of chief fina ncial officers becomes more complex, and effective CFOs must have a few key traits, ac cording to   Becker's Hospital Review.

'Executive physicals' a popular choice for the C-suite

More and more executives make their health a priority not only for their own good, but for the benefit of their careers, according to the  Columbus CEO.

Embezzlement prevention: 3 tools to promote trust

You may not realize this, but one of the ways I select the articles to cover in each issue of FiercePracticeManagement is by monitoring Google alerts for keywords such as "physician...

Study: Core care team includes doctors, social worker, dietitian

A study conducted at the Loyola University Health System's burn center intensive care unit found that three doctors, a dietician and a social worker are the most central players in regard to communicating about patient care.