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Latest Headlines

Rehab programs let addicted nurses seek help, keep jobs

Up to 15 percent of nurses in the United States have a substance abuse disorder and many states offer programs that allow them to detox without losing their careers, according to Newsworks.

4 ways healthcare workers can improve patient satisfaction

To keep patient satisfaction scores high, hospitals must rely on front-line workers and administrators to interact with patients in the most positive way possible,  Global Healthcare  reported.

Peer pressure may improve hand-hygiene compliance

In high school we're told not to give in to peer pressure. But it might be the key to boosting hand-hygiene compliance in hospitals, according to a new study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

Nurses need more respect, stronger voice

Hospitals and healthcare facilities don't give nurses enough recognition, support or appreciation--and the effects are far-reaching, according to an  opinion pi ece  in the  Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Maximize benefits of patient advisers with updated patient engagement strategies

Hospitals must re-evaluate how they receive feedback from patients, using them as advisors to address patient-care issues from first-hand experience, and do more to engage patients through  recom mended strategies,  ac cording to  a  Hospitals & Health Networks  article.

HIMSS' Joyce Sensmeier: 'We are all stakeholders in advancing interoperability'

For true interoperability to occur in the healthcare industry, stakeholders must recognize the barriers, according to Joyce Sensmeier, vice president of Informatics for HIMSS.

Make 'open-door' management a more effective tool

Almost all managers tell employees that they have an  open-door p olicy, but often don't follow through on their promise--or at least don't adequately demonstrate to staff how the policy should work, according to a recent  p ost  from  Inc.

How doctors can overcome social isolation

For as long as I've written about medical practices, a recurring theme is the plight of  solo physicians t o preserve their autonomy. But one of this  week's top stories  touches on a darker side of independence. 

4 tips to tackle cold and flu season

Cold and  fl u  season can make for a lot of extra work for practices, but by planning ahead, your office can take care of patients' seasonal needs more efficiently and with less stress. 

3 risk factors for physician suicide

Physicians struggling with thoughts of suicide are often reluctant to seek help, but new  resea rch  published in  General Hospital Psychiatry  identified three powerful risk factors that may help identify doctors who are in danger.