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Latest Headlines

Locum tenens industry poised to take off

Impending physician shortages and other changes in the healthcare landscape are driving increased use of temporary or locum tenens physicians, according to an announcement from the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations.

Essential skills for exceptional hospital CEOs

Excellent healthcare leaders share several common traits, including an in-depth knowledge of how their whole business works and great decision-making skills, according to  Harvard Business Review.

Nurses at risk: Most don't comply with standard precautions for blood-borne pathogens

A new study raises troubling concerns that ambulatory care nurses fail to comply with standard precautions intended to protect them from blood-borne pathogens.

U.S. physicians push to regain control of how they practice medicine

The recent and historical strike among junior doctors in England may seem unlikely to occur in the United States, but American doctors are waging battles of their own over issues that are fundamentally similar, according to an article from  Fortune.

Vindell Washington named Deputy National Coordinator for Health IT

National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo, in a memo to ONC staffers today, announced that Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based doctor Vindell Washington will serve as the agency's newly appointed principal deputy beginning next week.

Courts may ultimately decide debate over mandatory wellness programs

Employee wellness programs started off being voluntary with participants perhaps saving a few hundred dollars for agreeing to tests that measure health indicators such as blood pressure, body-mass and cholesterol. But now wellness programs are becoming more mandatory than they are voluntary, and some companies have gone a step further to deny health benefits completely for those who do not participate, according to a  Bloomberg Business  report.  

Cost of employer-sponsored plans set to rise faster than inflation

The average cost increases for employer-sponsored health plans around the world will significantly outpace inflation, according to a new report from Aon Hewitt. 

3 factors that drive employee engagement

A white paper published this week by Press Ganey said that hospitals and other healthcare insitutions must commit to three key strategies in order to slow down rates of employee turnover and increase employee engagement. 

Report faults HHS on healthcare workforce planning

The Department of Health and Human Services must develop a plan to address the needs of healthcare workers, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Medics returning from Iraq and Afghanistan wars redeployed as physician assistants

A new physician assistant training program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill aims to translate the medical experience of Army personnel to jobs in the civilian world, Kaiser Health News reports.