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Latest Headlines

Population health a top concern among healthcare leaders

Population health was a hot topic at the 2014 American College of Healthcare Executives Congress in Chicago this week, with healthcare leaders from around the nation and world sharing ways to improve health under value-based care initiatives.

Patient experience gets a seat at the C-suite table

With patient experience playing an increasingly large role in healthcare, more hospitals seek chief patient experience officers (CXOs) to lead the initiative,  Information Week  reports.

3 ways to optimize performance of working moms at your practice

Tomorrow is my son's seventh birthday and I'm baking his cake as I type. Not many occupations lend themselves to this level of multitasking. But as a mom who spent many years working in an...

APN scope of practice under debate again

Scope of practice and how much authority advanced practice nurses should have are under debate again thanks to proposed legislation in several states.

4 leadership strategies for young hospital CEOs

The pressures of overseeing a major healthcare organization are never-ending, but it's especially difficult when your direct reports have more experience than you do. To help young CEOs--or those who may be new to the healthcare industry--learn from his experience, hospital CEO Nicholas R. Tejeda  offers four pieces of advice.

Top 5 traits of talented managers

Employee engagement is crucial to profitability, productivity, quality, safety and staff retention, according to Gallup research, which also shows that behind most high-performing employees are strong managers. In particular, Gallup indicates that only 30 percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work, while managers account for at least 70 percent of variance in employee engagement scores across business units.

Hospitals, nurses clash on staffing ratios

Massachusetts nurses and hospital executives are at odds over legislation that would require lower nurse-patient ratios, New England Public Radio reports.

How nurses can maximize technology use for better patient care

Nurses looking to get the most out of healthcare IT for their patients would be wise to adopt such tools in their own everyday lives, according to Patricia Sengstack, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Bon Secours Health System, who spoke at a nursing IT summit hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT last week.

Hartford HealthCare's COO: Take ownership to change hospital culture

It isn't easy to change a floundering hospital culture but it's possible with a commitment to change and involvement of patients and staff, according to Hartford HealthCare Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Flaks, who spoke today at the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress,

Supply chain management must adapt to changing healthcare landscape

A "just in case" approach to supply chain management no longer meets hospitals' needs In the U.S. and across the globe, according to  Supply Management.