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Latest Headlines

Wanted: 450 more geriatricians per year

If primary care is a tough draw, getting medical students interested in geriatrics is nearly impossible. It's a state of affairs that's expected to only get worse as the population ages, according to an article from  The New York Times.

Study: Performance-based pay shows promise in pediatric ACO settings

Offering financial incentives to providers in a pediatric accountable care organization led to improved outcomes, according to a new study in  JAMA Pediatrics. What's more, data suggest additional interventions may further enhance quality improvements.

Women still have trouble breaking into HIT executive positions

Women are still underrepresented in the healthcare field, but in 2015 digital health saw a rise in female CEOs, according to a Rock Health report.

Transformational management improves nurse retention, patient care

The management style known as transformational leadership helps nurses provide better care and improves retention of nurses early in their career, according to a study published in the  Journal of Advanced Nursing.

3 steps to help reduce diagnostic errors

Although many providers believe that a diagnostic error can never happen to them, the threat of a misdiagnosis is real. The latest research indicates that a diagnostic error is a factor in about 10 percent of patient deaths, according to a blog post by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Here are three ways you can reduce the chance of a diagnostic error.

The solution to the physician shortage requires changing incentives

As legislators and the healthcare industry continue to search for ways to deal with the shortage of physicians, it has become clear that the solution is more complicated than simply training a bunch of new doctors, according to a story from  Marketplace.

New cost-cutting strategy: Employer plans with no outpatient surgery coverage

Unlike insurance sold to individuals and small businesses through online marketplaces, large employers are not required to offer a list of "essential health benefits," so some work-based health plans are starting to exclude outpatient surgeries to cut costs, according to an article from  Kaiser Health News.  

Don't just talk about the Quadruple Aim; take steps to achieve it

The next time you are at a healthcare conference during which a speaker talks about the Triple Aim, use the question-and-answer period to ask about the Quadruple Aim, urges Yul Ejnes, M.D, an internal medicine physician and a past chair, board of regents, for the American College of Physicians, in a post for the  KevinMD  blog.

Low staffing levels hold back hospital revenue, patient satisfaction scores

Hospitals could treat more patients, increase revenue and improve patient satisfaction if they hired more staff working directly with patients, a new study finds.

Georgia hospital on brink of insolvency after car dealership takes over operations

A small hospital in Georgia turned over its management to a local car dealership eight years ago. Now it's on the edge of bankruptcy, the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  has reported.