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Latest Headlines

Costs, LOS increase with hospitalist workloads

Heavier hospitalist workloads may lead to longer lengths of stay and higher costs, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

ThedaCare Center CEO: Engage front-line hospital workers to boost patient safety, quality care

Senior healthcare leaders need to simplify their approach to patient safety and quality measures, and give front-line workers the opportunity to provide the best care possibly by creating an environment that fosters open communication and team work, according to John Toussaint, M.D., chief executive officer of ThedaCare.

Patient observation boosted physician hand hygiene

Patient observation could be the key to healthcare worker hand hygiene, according to a new Canadian study published in the  American Journal of Infection Control. 

4 ways to improve the nursing environment, patient safety

The nursing world has changed for the better throughout the past decade, but there is room for improvement as patients remain at risk for serious harm and disruptive behavior in the workplace continues, according to a new brief from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

ICU staffing levels affect high-risk patient outcomes

Higher numbers of doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit could increase survival rates of high-risk patients, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies.  

4 steps for successful hospital-physician integration

As hospitals continue their search to hire physicians--and more doctors seek the employment--it's vital that hospitals work to integrate and engage doctors in their organizations. In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare, Peter Angood, M.D., CEO of the American College of Physician Executives, shares four steps hospitals can take to successfully integrate physicians into their organizations.

13 important lessons for every leader

Guest post by Darlene A. Cunha, R.N., director of clinical services at Coastal Medical in Rhode Island. What does it take to create a great leader who can survive the break-neck pace of healthcare...

Healthcare leaders must balance profits, social good

Healthcare providers face skyrocketing healthcare spending across the United States, funding cuts and dwindling Medicaid reimbursements--but leaders must focus on the social good their organizations can do rather than just making money, according an article in  The Atlantic.

Hospital CIOs rip ICD-10 delay in SGR patch legislation

Hospital CIOs are not happy that lawmakers may push out ICD-10 implementation another year, should the Senate approve the latest proposed legislation to delay physician Medicare reimbursement cuts under the sustainable growth rate formula; the House approved the bill in a last-minute voice vote early Thursday.

Population health a top concern among healthcare leaders

Population health was a hot topic at the 2014 American College of Healthcare Executives Congress in Chicago this week, with healthcare leaders from around the nation and world sharing ways to improve health under value-based care initiatives.