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Latest Headlines

3 common accounts receivable mistakes and how to fix them

Managing accounts receivable (AR) is a crucial part of your practice's profitability. However, you may not be as on top of this task as you think. A recent article from Medical Economics highlighted three common AR mistakes and how to correct them:

How healthcare leaders can achieve '20/20 vision'

The healthcare landscape has changed so rapidly in recent years it can seem like a daunting proposition to try to predict what it will do next. However, failure to look to the future is a crucial mistake that many healthcare leaders make, according to healthcare policy expert Paul Keckley, Ph.D.

One-third of workers say they'd quit if they lose employer-sponsored health insurance coverage

Health insurance is so important to employees that 1 in 3 would leave their jobs if their employers stopped fully sponsoring their health benefits, according to survey released today. 

Nearly 1 in 4 hospitals fail in hand hygiene

Though hospitals' performance on hand-hygiene practices has improved, 23 percent still fail to meet all 10 best practices the Leapfrog Group outlines in its latest quality and safety report, according to the nonprofit organization.

5 ways community health worker programs can improve post-ACA

Community health worker programs are more relevant than ever in the United States amid the current emphasis on outcomes and value, but these initiatives still must overcome several significant barriers in order to succeed, according to an opinion piece published in the  New England Journal of Medicine.

OSHA doubles down on efforts to curb nurse injuries

Amid recent reports that chronicled the high rates of workplace injuries among nurses, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to ramp up its regulatory efforts in the healthcare industry,  Healthcare Finance News  reports.

Massachusetts regulates nurse staffing levels in ICUs

Amid rising concerns about unsafe nurse staffing levels nationwide, Massachusetts on Wednesday became the second state to explicitly regulate nurse-to-patient ratios in its hospitals, the  Boston Globe  reports.

5 traits of the ideal healthcare CEO

As the industry continues to experience sweeping changes, healthcare organizations that want to survive and thrive will need a new breed of CEO at the helm,  Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine  reports.

Employee-retention tip: Focus on individuality

One simple change to your employee onboarding process--emphasizing workers' individual identities over your practice's--can make a long-term impact in reducing turnover, according to a post from the  Harvard Business Review.

Naturopathic doctors focus of latest scope-of-practice debate

Out of all of the strategies proposed to help ease the United States primary care shortage, expanding the scope of practice may be the most contentious. The latest chapter in the debate surrounds proposed legislation to allow naturopathic doctors to prescribe some medications and perform minor procedures in California,  MedPage Today  reported.