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Latest Headlines

Newly insured and an improving economy have hospitals turning to contract nurses

Hospitals are increasingly turning to contract nurses from staffing agencies to fill in the gaps until they can hire permanent nurses, a trend triggered by higher patient loads under ACA and an improving economy.

NYU turns to big data to teach future physicians HIT skills

As big data and analytics create great change within the healthcare industry, they're also having a major influence on how and what future physicians are taught.

Healthcare workers at significantly higher risk for hepatitis C infection

4 guiding principles for managing an active-shooter scenario

Following four key principles--"avoid, deny, defend, treat"--will help hospitals deal with having an active shooter on site, a disaster preparedness expert told the American College of Emergency Physicians meeting in Boston last week.

Number of female physicians inches closer to halfway mark, Physicians Foundation finds

The percent of female physicians has reached 33 percent, a significant jump from 12 percent in 1981, according to a Physicians Foundation survey. What does the influx of women mean for the future of healthcare? 

Government looks to change workplace wellness program rule

​A newly proposed rule from the federal governement, which would allow voluntary employer workplace wellness programs to ask for genetic health information from employees and their spouses, is expected to receive praise from employers but may worry some consumers.

The 'CEO effect' overblown, researcher says

More than 70 percent of a chief executive officer's influence over a company's performance can be attributed to luck, according to a study published in the  Strategic Management Journal.

What baseball can teach healthcare about purpose, ethics and teamwork

As far as baseball analogies go, the comparisons between America's favorite pastime and healthcare are remarkably strong, as described in a recent commentary by Robert Pearl, M.D., in  Forbes.  A key distinction, however, is that hospitals and healthcare providers don't have the luxury of beginning each season anew with a clean slate, as do ball players, which is all the more reason medicine should heed the following lessons.

Target hospital workflow to identify waste, guide process improvement

Taking a closer look at workflows can help hospitals reduce wasted time, primarily for tasks involved in indirect patient care, such as preparing medications, documenting care and collecting supplies, according to a new white paper.

High-deductible plans drive increased point-of-service collections

The proliferation of high-deductible health plans has dramatically altered healthcare providers' collection process, according to a new survey from The Advisory Board Company.