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Latest Headlines

Jim Utterback: CIOs are becoming true business partners for hospitals [Q&A]

The demands on CIOs by hospitals have grown to be much more strategy-based over the last few years, a trend that will continue into 2016 and beyond as mergers and acquisitions in the industry increase, according to Jim Utterback, a principle with executive search firm Witt/Kieffer.

Union: Meridian Health revising social-media policy to protect nurses' rights

Two New Jersey hospitals revised a strict social-media policy that could have had nurses in hot water for posting posts on Facebook supporting the nurses' union during contract negotiations, reported.

There will be enough residency slots to go around, new study says

Claims of an impending residency shortage for U.S. doctors may be overblown, according to a new study published in the  New England Journal of Medicine.

Residency position shortage fears are unfounded

A new study claims that recent fears of a shortage of residency positions for U.S. medical school graduates are unfounded. 

Physicians are in a natural position to lead--but aren't always natural leaders

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, everybody touched by the system must evolve with it--from patients to doctors to administrators. Physicians are in a unique position to take the lead in guiding the industry through these changes because they interact with patients, their colleagues and their administrations. But they aren't always natural-born leaders.

Officials raise alarm over increase in ER violence in DC hospitals

A rise in violence at hospital emergency rooms in the District of Columbia has led to the D.C. Hospital Association calling for more resources to protect healthcare workers, the  Washington Business Journal  reports

Online therapy helps ease medical residents' thoughts of suicide

The stress of medical residency can be so severe that many doctors-in-training are at high risk for depression and thoughts of suicide. But time pressures, stigmas associated with mental illness and...

3 ways to hire the right practice manager

Managing a medical practice is no easy feat. So when you hire a new person to run your office, you must make sure he or she doesn't just look good on paper, but actually has what it takes to help your practice succeed. 

Shared decision-making requires patient and physician education

True shared decision-making involves a learning curve on the part of both patients and physicians, requiring both to make some changes to allow them to interact as a team.

8 most unhealthy healthcare jobs

Anesthesiologists have the most unhealthy healthcare job in the nation, according to a survey of jobs across muliple industries, including healthcare.