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Latest Headlines

Labor union balks at Hawaii hospital privatizations

A labor union representing workers at three Hawaiian hospitals has filed suit to block a privatization effort, according to Pacific Business News.

Third-party contraceptive-coverage rules don't violate religious employers' rights, court rules

In another blow to objections to the Affordable Care Act's birth control-coverage mandate, a panel of judges has ruled that religious employers' rights are not violated by rules that require them to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage through third parties.

Report: Culture change must precede ACO, medical home success

Physician practices, especially in primary care, have experienced myriad changes in recent years driven by the Affordable Care Act and other trends. Although the long-term impacts of emerging delivery and reimbursement models remain to be seen, a new survey from The Commonwealth Fund and The Kaiser Family Foundation shows a mixed bag of primary care physician reactions to transformation.

Online review trends reveal doctors' service weak spots

While the majority of online reviews about physician practices are positive, patients who are unhappy with their experiences aren't shy about sharing it. Most types of healthcare providers earn an average of 4 out of 5 stars, according to a review of Yelp data from  ProPublica, but doctor offices got the most critical feedback, with an average rating of 3.6,  NPR  reported.

Hospitals added 15,700 jobs in July

Hospitals, which just a few years ago balked at the idea of adding new employees, have become a job-generating machine for the U.S. economy, according to the latest labor data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secure messaging: What providers want

When choosing a secure messaging platform, Annapolis Internal Medicine looked for a platform that would integrate into its electronic medical record and was mobile-friendly.

6 factors that influence nurse compassion fatigue

Younger, less experienced nurses are more likely to suffer from compassion fatigue and lower levels of satisfaction, according to a  survey  published in  Critical Care Nurse.

Clinical quality comes from the top down

Hospital boards of directors that pay close attention to clinical quality have a positive effect on overall management scores and clinical quality metrics.

Succession planning a 'responsibility' for healthcare leaders

With shorter tenures and less loyalty to companies, it's essential that healthcare leaders have a succession plan in place, according to Sarah Richardson, CIO at Naples, Florida-based NCH Healthcare System.

Is it fair to fire a physician and then enforce a noncompete?

A Virginia asthma and allergy specialist has filed a lawsuit against his employer for attempting to enforce a noncompete after firing him without cause,