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Latest Headlines

Stress, burnout hinder nurse performance

Nurses face some of the highest levels of work-related depression, stress and burnout of any profession. It may help to reduce that stress if hospitals rethink how nurses and staff fit into the healthcare chain of command while making the organizations better and more profitable places to work, according to  National Public Radio.

Peer review data drives quality in ambulatory surgery centers

Data from peer review is just one more way for ambulatory surgery centers to track outcomes and drive quality improvement, according to  Becker's ASC Review.

How to recruit and retain millennial employees at your practice

Despite the negative reputation that millennials have about being entitled and disloyal employees, there are many reasons that physician practices should consider hiring them, according to a recent  Physicians Practice  article.

Less than half of English doctors seek treatment for mental health symptoms

American doctors aren't alone in feeing stress and burnout. A study by researchers at Cardiff University found that almost half of doctors in England have experienced symptoms of mental illness but continued to work while hiding their mental health concerns.

Cultural competence must begin in medical school

How can medical professionals meet the needs of a rapidly diversifying population when they can't address prejudice within their own community? 

5 ways to create a great healthcare workplace

Healthcare organizations named to  Fortune 's 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care share a sense of camaraderie and pride in their work, and offer lessons to other hospitals and systems that strive to create a positive work environment that can attract and retain the best talent.

Rude staff can damage the patient experience

Something is seriously wrong when a patient is made to feel like a recruit in military basic training being shouted at by a drill sergeant, writes George Korda, a  Knoxville News Sentinel  columnist. That was his feeling after an encounter during a recent doctor's visit with the office receptionist who yelled out his name despite the fact he was the only person in the waiting room.

Sticking with the doc patients know

One of the common myths about healthcare consumerism is that most people have a primary care provider and are highly reluctant to change doctors, according to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company

Outpatient clinic staff fail to wash hands more than one-third of the time

Medical staff in outpatient settings failed to follow established hand-hygiene practices nearly 4 out of 10 times, according to an observational study that also found staff failed to follow practices for safe injections one-third of the time.

Chamber of Commerce outlines best practices for wellness programs

Workplace wellness programs have great potential to improve the nation's health, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.