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Latest Headlines

Nonprofit hospital CEOs earn more--but don't always deliver better outcomes

Nonprofit hospitals with highly-paid CEOs score better on performance measures overall, but have higher rates of inpatient care complications and inpatient expenses, according to a new report.

Manage medical staff appropriately to build a high-functioning practice team

Practicing medicine and running a medical practice are two distinctly different things. A general lack of training with regard to managing a team can create problems for doctors, medical staff and patients alike, according to an article on  Slate.

How physicians can recover from the rigors of residency

Fifty percent of medical school students say their overall self-confidence and self-esteem have taken a hit as a result of their medical school and residency experiences, according to a recent  Medscape  article.

3 smart ways for practices to trim expenses

A cornerstone of practice survival these days is efficiency, including cost-efficiency. But although payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses, healthcare experts advise against cutting muscle from your staff. If you are like most practices looking to get as much bang for your payroll buck, consider adapting the following strategies from  Inc.

The 'executive physical'--why companies hang on to this CEO perk

Although many companies have scaled back on the types of luxurious benefits they offer to key executives, one perk that is not going anywhere is the "executive physical." In fact, it's becoming even more popular,  The Washington Post  reports.

The 5 best healthcare jobs for 2016

For the second year in a row, jobs in the healthcare field dominated U.S. News & World Report 's ranking of the 100 Best Jobs, occupying six of the top 10 slots.

Wanted: 450 more geriatricians per year

If primary care is a tough draw, getting medical students interested in geriatrics is nearly impossible. It's a state of affairs that's expected to only get worse as the population ages, according to an article from  The New York Times.

Study: Performance-based pay shows promise in pediatric ACO settings

Offering financial incentives to providers in a pediatric accountable care organization led to improved outcomes, according to a new study in  JAMA Pediatrics. What's more, data suggest additional interventions may further enhance quality improvements.

Women still have trouble breaking into HIT executive positions

Women are still underrepresented in the healthcare field, but in 2015 digital health saw a rise in female CEOs, according to a Rock Health report.

Transformational management improves nurse retention, patient care

The management style known as transformational leadership helps nurses provide better care and improves retention of nurses early in their career, according to a study published in the  Journal of Advanced Nursing.