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Latest Headlines

CEO pay growth outstrips other positions

Chief executive base pay continues to grow faster than other C-suite positions, according to the 2014 Hay Group Healthcare Compensation Study.

Hospital security planning will play part in containing Ebola virus

Hospital security policies and personnel can play a huge role in preventing the spread of the Ebola epidemic that is raging on in West Africa, according to an article at

The future of nursing: An industry in flux

Like much of the healthcare industry, the nursing profession drastically evolves, adapts and morphs to meet new demands and needs every day. Amid debates about a nursing shortage, scope of practice and educational requirements, only one thing is certain--the future of nursing will change even more.

Lessons on employee wellness from Google

Employee wellness must be a top priority among healthcare leaders, and they can take inspiration from an unlikely source: Google, according to a MedPageToday blog post.

How to retain top employees in the age of cutbacks

As the healthcare model changes dramatically  and many providers make cutbacks, hospital leaders must consider ways to keep their best employees on board,  Healthcare Global  re ports.

Juggling act: Balance short- and long-term goals to see tangible results

It's officially fall. And if we didn't feel so already, the earlier and earlier sunset reminds us that there are hardly enough hours in a day to accomplish everything on our lists.  For me, with work and home life all jumbled under one roof, some days I need to put all of my energy into achieving the bare minimum (i.e., meeting the day's deadlines and keeping the kids in one piece). 

To improve healthcare outcomes, empower nurses

Healthcare providers can achieve the necessary post-Affordable Care Act transformation by empowering nurses, according to Forbes.

Hospitals combat violence against workers

Angry patients and violence against healthcare workers plague hospitals across the country, as organizations try to defuse tension in a high-stakes environment.

Keep docs within treatment guidelines to cut costs, reduce overuse

Hospitals across the country can cut costs and standardize care by asking their doctors to stick to guidelines and not deviate from best practices, which can lead to overuse of tests, procedures and medications, the  Wall Street Journal  reported.

Fun and games with surgical simulation training

Surgical residents who go two weeks without practicing their surgical skills will often experience a substantial decline in their technical abilities. To ensure they keep up their skills, hospitals may want to add some fun and cash prizes to simulation training.