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Latest Headlines

More women heading health plans

While it's rare to find companies in the business industry where women chair the boards, two of the biggest health insurers in Massachusetts have a Madam Chair, according to the  Boston Globe.

3 factors to know about wellness plans

The Affordable Care Act has created incentives to promote wellness programs for a healthier workforce and lower healthcare spending. As more employers partner with insurers in wellness initiatives, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

Resident: Hospitals pay young docs unfair wages

Hospitals treat resident physicians as a revenue source and depress wages for the doctors-in-training, Jacob Sunshine writes in an opinion piece published on  Slate.

Physician lifestyle research offers powerful retention clues

For physicians, perhaps more than many professions, work life can profoundly impact personal life. It's no secret that physician burnout is a major problem. And one factor that makes the some stressors even worse is feeling isolated. Do you ever wonder if other doctors are plagued with late-night paper work? If your colleagues are as worried about retirement as you are? Or even if you're the only practice that still hasn't joined Facebook?

3 changes at the hospital C-suite table

As the healthcare industry moves away from the fee-for-service model toward value-based service, hospital executives' roles and responsibilities change--and that includes the amount of space at the C-suite table.

Today's medical directors more responsible for quality

The role of the medical director is evolving, giving these individuals more responsibility for meeting quality-of-care metrics and leading organizational change. Evidence of this shift is found in a recent Medical Group Management Association survey, which reveals that 44 percent of responding medical directors said that their duties were tied to quality metrics.

Future success of telemedicine hinges on human interaction

Technology in healthcare--including telemedicine systems--while important to clinical care, is often developed only to support existing processes. In order for healthcare organizations to get the full potential out of IT systems, they must view development as integral and include it from the get-go.

Physician 'partners' help docs tend to patients, get home on time

For several years, physicians have found themselves increasingly burdened with administrative tasks, which not only represent uncompensated work, but also threaten patient relationships and work-life balance. Some physicians' end-of-day paperwork often  keeps them in the office u ntil 9 pm.

Alleged VA secret wait list cover-up grows larger

As the Department of Veterans Affairs' inspector general's investigation delves deeper into the alleged wait time cover-up within VA hospitals, veteran groups across the country and government officials want answers.

Hospital CEOs--not doctors--among medicine's top earners

The base pay of healthcare and insurance executives beat physician salaries by a long shot, according to an analysis performed for The New York Times by Compdata Surveys. And that's before taking nonsalary compensation into account.