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Latest Headlines

Stuck in a rut? Change your perspective

Last weekend, I attended the Newburyport Literary Festival. Best-selling novelist Andre Dubus III offered the following advice to a budding author who asked how to overcome writer's block: "Change your point of view"--a technique authors use to filter the events through another character. It seems much easier in fiction than in real life. We hold onto our perspectives like ideals, self-portraits that separate us from others, as if letting go of them would strip us of our identities.

Doctors who lost licenses get millions from Medicare

Medicare records released last month show the agency paid at least eight doctors with suspended or revoked medical licenses collectively more than $7 million a year, including doctors disciplined for gross malpractice, battery and violating prescription drug laws, according to a  Bloomberg Businessweek  article.

Healthcare worker confidence up in first quarter

Confidence is up among healthcare workers, increasing 2.9 points to a level of 58.0 in the first quarter of 2014, according to the Randstad Healthcare Employee Confidence Index.

Hospital shootings: What to do when disaster strikes

With more than 150 shootings at hospitals across the United States from 2000 to 2011--30 percent of those in emergency departments--the threat to patients and staff safety is real. An April symposium at Johns Hopkins examined ways to prepare for an active shooter situation, according to MedPage Today.

Phoenix VA director put on administrative leave amid allegations of secret wait list, deaths

Veterans Affairs put Sharon Helman on leave indefinitely this week after allegations that the Phoenix facility she headed delayed care for more than 1,400 veterans, leading to the death of at least 40

Independent NPs could save California $1.8B, increase care access

California could save $1.8 billion in healthcare costs over the next 10 years if nurses were allowed more scope of practice, according to a new report issued by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Can hospitals trust charismatic leaders?

Charismatic healthcare leaders can be a double-edged sword, particularly in a hospital setting, and can leave a workplace in disarray when they depart, according to a blog post from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

3 healthcare cost-control trends for 2014

In light of increasing healthcare costs, providers should keep an eye out for key trends in the second quarter of 2014, according to  Small Business Trends.

3 ways to stretch your payroll dollar

Three-quarters of physician practice administrators say they can't afford to give staff significant raises, according to a recent survey from  Physicians Practice. 

5 employee handbook must-haves for every practice

The threat of an employee suing your medical practice is greater than the chance a patient will accuse you of medical malpractice, To protect your practice, create a well-crafted employee handbook.