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Latest Headlines

Which CEO would get biggest golden parachute in health insurer merger?

The chief executives of three of the major U.S. health insurers currently locked in merger maneuvering have a lot to gain if takeover bids for their companies come to fruition, Bloomberg reports

Healthcare increasingly requires a tech-savvy workforce

The rise of technology in healthcare is creating new roles within the industry and requiring doctors and nurses to be tech-savvy as well, according to a story in the Financial Times.

Pharmacists take on bigger role, authority in healthcare

Historically, pharmacists have taken a background role in the care process. But today pharmacists take on a more prominent role in healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

Nurses need longer breaks between work shifts

Quick turnaround between work shifts appears to be hazardous to nurses' health, according to a new study published in the journal  Clinical Nursing Studies 

Nurse practitioner creates website to help nurses find jobs

A new website,, aims to connect nurses to employers looking for healthcare professionals who can provide specialized care.

AMA: Evaluate older docs

The American Medical Association has voted in favor of the creation of a process to screen and assess the competency of aging physicians', according to an announcement from last week's annual meeting. 

CEOs, cyberattacks and accountability

Should Joseph Swedish, the CEO who was at the helm of health insurer Anthem when it suffered a historic data breach, be fired? 

Physician re-entry remains 'expensive and time-consuming'

Physicians' path to re-entry after a prolonged break from practicing hasn't gotten much smoother amid a growing workforce shortage in primary care, according to an article from Kaiser Health News.

5 facts new nurses must know before entering the profession

Providing medical care to patients is just one aspect of the day-to-day job of the average nurse. He or she must also have skills as a waiter or waitress as well as a mediator, according to a piece in  Cosmopolitan.

3 common accounts receivable mistakes and how to fix them

Managing accounts receivable (AR) is a crucial part of your practice's profitability. However, you may not be as on top of this task as you think. A recent article from Medical Economics highlighted three common AR mistakes and how to correct them: