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Latest Headlines

Hospitals tailor nurse residencies to meet staffing needs

There's a twist in the relatively new area of hospital residencies for registered nurses: Training new nursing school graduates in specialty nursing fields.

Nurse retention: Intergenerational conflict linked to whether nurses will stay on the job

A new study examines factors that influence nurse retention and what nurse leaders can do to help create a positive work environment. 

When PR disaster strikes, hospitals must make the first move

Healthcare Drive  examines the responses of two hospitals that faced public relation nightmares in the past month that could have seriously damaged their professional reputations.   

Request for 'booth girl' perpetuates view of HIT as a man's world

The face of health IT is changing. What used to be an industry where men held most of the executive positions, women are breaking through that glass ceiling and taking seats at the leadership table. Come March, tens of thousands of women will be in Las Vegas to attend HIMSS 2016. However, despite the progress women have made in the industry, there's still an undercurrent of sexism.

How to fire an employee without burning a bridge

Running a successful medical practice depends on a strong team of employees. If one staff member isn't working out, the best move for the practice is often to let him or her go. It is possible to part ways with an employee, however, without excessive hard feelings, according to a post from  Harvard Business Review.

Nonprofit hospital CEOs earn more--but don't always deliver better outcomes

Nonprofit hospitals with highly-paid CEOs score better on performance measures overall, but have higher rates of inpatient care complications and inpatient expenses, according to a new report.

Manage medical staff appropriately to build a high-functioning practice team

Practicing medicine and running a medical practice are two distinctly different things. A general lack of training with regard to managing a team can create problems for doctors, medical staff and patients alike, according to an article on  Slate.

How physicians can recover from the rigors of residency

Fifty percent of medical school students say their overall self-confidence and self-esteem have taken a hit as a result of their medical school and residency experiences, according to a recent  Medscape  article.

3 smart ways for practices to trim expenses

A cornerstone of practice survival these days is efficiency, including cost-efficiency. But although payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses, healthcare experts advise against cutting muscle from your staff. If you are like most practices looking to get as much bang for your payroll buck, consider adapting the following strategies from  Inc.

The 'executive physical'--why companies hang on to this CEO perk

Although many companies have scaled back on the types of luxurious benefits they offer to key executives, one perk that is not going anywhere is the "executive physical." In fact, it's becoming even more popular,  The Washington Post  reports.