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Latest Headlines

Feds finalize privacy rules for employer wellness programs

Two new federal rules issued Monday outline how employer-based wellness programs must handle the health information they request from employees and their spouses.  

Doctor wonders if physician burnout is contagious

Is all this talk about physician burnout and depression only leading to more of it? asks "Skeptical Scalpel," a former chairman of surgery and residency program director, who anonymously blogs about medicine in a post for  MedPageToday.

Better support systems needed to counter depression among medical residents

The need to address depression among medical residents and hospital staff members remains real and urgent, according to a study published in  Academic Medicine  in which 35 percent of medical interns screened positive for clinically significant depression.

Involve facilities professionals in patient safety efforts, expert says

National Patient Safety Foundation President and CEO Tejal Gandhi, M.D., said it is important for healthcare systems to include facilities professionals alongside clinical teams for patient safety efforts.

Survey: Docs satisfied with pay, but losing patience with the ACA

While physicians are generally feeling better about their income in 2015, they're feeling worse about the Affordable Care Act than they have in several years, according to survey results announced by the Medicus Firm.

Primary care shortage threatens to derail NY healthcare reform

A shortage of primary care providers is threatening to derail the success of healthcare reform in New York State, according to a healthcare organization there. 

Poor hospital design may negatively impact nurses' performance, study finds

An Australian study found that poorly-designed hospitals are adding to stress and burnout for nurses and is impacting staff retention.

Hand hygiene: Electronic monitoring tools just one element of compliance plans

Electronic monitoring tools may help promote hand-hygiene compliance, but ensuring that the habit sticks will require leaders to fully commit to enforcement, a study has found.

Patient privacy matters: Practices must ensure 'dignity for all'

Privacy might be dead in a lot of places, but it shouldn't be in the doctor's offices, writes patient Leslie Anne Tarabella on the Alabama-based web site

Best practice: Plan ahead when merging EHRs

When two physician practices join forces and both use the same electronic health record system, the integration should be easy. Not so, reports  MedPage Today.