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Latest Headlines

Hospital execs must take charge, responsibility

Guest post by Lynn McVey, CEO and president of Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, an acute care, 230-bed hospital in New Jersey. Chuck Lauer is a former healthcare news publisher turned author and...

8 overlooked ways to improve patient safety

The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety presented a list of ways to improve postoperative patient safety and health outcomes at the annual Association of perioperative Registered Nurses conference earlier this month.

Hospital CEO turnover brings fresh perspective, evolving leadership position

In an innovative and dynamic period for the healthcare industry, high CEO turnover, leaders from outside the traditional realm and C-suite turnover bring new skills and fresh blood into hospitals and healthcare systems, according to a Hospitals & Health Networks post by Mary Grayson.

Hospitalists translate into successful C-suite execs

Physicians with a hospital background and natural leadership abilities are a perfect fit for the C-suite executive roundtable, according to an article published in  The Hospitalist.

GIS holds promise for boosting care transportation accuracy, lowering costs

The use of geographic information systems technology holds the potential to help hospitals and other healthcare providers make more accurate care transportation decisions--and thus improve care quality and save money--according to new research out of the University of Cincinnati.

Team-building dos and don'ts for physicians

Even if your medical office employs a manager or administrator, physicians play a strong role in the non-clinical side of the practice--and thinking otherwise is a big mistake, Judy Capko, consultant and founder of Capko & Morgan, a practice-management consulting firm in San Francisco, recently told  Physicians Practice.

3 questions docs must ask before adding NPPs

In line with predictions, physician practices use more nonphysician practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, according to a new report from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Violence against hospital nurses prompts call for education, planning

Hospital violence is at the forefront of many healthcare safety conversations after recent assaults on two New York-area nurses, one of whom suffered a critical head injury, according to

New resource in works for perioperative surgical home

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) announced this week plans for a new learning collaborative for its Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) care model. ASA revealed that it chose Premier, Inc., to lead the project's development, according to an announcement.

Why interconnectivity is vital to hospital CIO success

Pamela Dixon and Steve Nilsen, of recruiting firm SSi-Search, recently offered up tips for how hospital CIOs can lead effectively and dynamically.