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Latest Headlines

Does medical education prepare docs for team-based care?

Though new models of healthcare delivery increasingly focus on collaboration, medical education still does not adequately teach aspiring doctors how to work effectively with a team of caregivers, writes Dhruv Khullar, M.D., in a post for the  New York Times'  Well blog.  

Alternative pay models drive teamwork, care coordination

Although challenges remain, physician practices transitioning to value-based reimbursement systems see positive results on many fronts, according to a new study from the RAND Corporation, sponsored by the American Medical Association.

Nurses say peer bullying is rampant--and patients pay the price

As the issue of violence directed at healthcare workers gains ever more attention, research shows that nurses and doctors suffer some of the worst abuse at the hands of their own colleagues.

As value trumps volume, some hospitals treat patients at home

While some hospitals use the old-fashioned concept of the house call to provide better post-discharge care, other organizations take the idea even further by treating certain patients entirely from the comfort of their homes, according to post on the  New York Times'  Well blog.

How to cut practice payroll without losing muscle

Despite signs of a recovering U.S. economy, medical practices must still try to accomplish more work with fewer resources. But beware of stretching your staff too thin. 

How investing in members' health helped Southcoast Health cut costs

Healthcare organizations that struggle to reach the lofty goals of the Triple Aim--better health, better patient experience and lower costs--may want to take note of how one non-profit health system successfully overhauled its costly employee health plan, according to a new white paper.

4 ways to help patients pay for care

Almost three-quarters of healthcare providers now discuss treatment costs with patients, according to a recent survey, but ensuring that patients can afford needed care remains a significant--and growing--challenge.Although barriers such as imperfect cost transparency won't go away soon, physicians who spoke with  Medical Economics  shared several tips for addressing patients' ability to pay.

3 long-term healthcare changes on the horizon

Healthcare is already changing before hospital leaders' eyes, but several longer-term trends will emerge over the next five to 15 years, healthcare experts told the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Workplace violence is on the rise and nursing staff are in particular danger

In a report that puts hard numbers behind a danger many health workers have long spoken out against, the Occupational Health Safety Network found that injuries associated with workplace violence increased overall from 2012 to 2014 and "nearly doubled for nurse assistants and nurses."

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy calls for 'prevention-based society'

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, M.D., called for improving public health by creating a "prevention-based society" in an interview with the Washington Post.