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Latest Headlines

3 strategies to recruit creative, nontraditional healthcare executives

At a time when voters seem to prefer presidential candidates who think "outside-the-box," healthcare organizations are also willing to do the same to fill key leadership positions. But that also means hospitals and their recruiters must rethink how they search for and evaluate nontraditional candidates, according to an article in  Executive Insight.

5 ways to ensure transgender patients are treated with respect

A medical journal article detailing how a transgender patient was treated like a "freak show" in a U.S. emergency department has prompted the Emergency Nurses Association to call on its members to show sensitivity and respect for transgender patients.  

Karen Ignagni's big challenge is to turn around EmblemHealth's financial health

After almost a month in her new job as head of New York nonprofit insurer EmblemHealth, Karen Ignagni says she has shifted gears and is embracing the new challenges that come with actually running a health insurance plan.

Short pause after patient death helps medical teams recover emotionally

Medical teams at the University of Virginia Medical Center find that pausing for a few moments after a patient dies helps them accept the loss and experience less emotional trauma.  

3 skills most docs learn on the job

While medical school curriculums are beginning to make changes to better prepare physicians for the realities of healthcare today, practicing physicians are left to their own devices to hone several of these skills.

Nurses take aim at workplace bullying

Nurses are taking steps to handle bullying in the workplace. A series of blog posts from American Sentinel University aims to explore workplace bullying and examine conflict resolution strategies, whether the bullying is coming from "disruptive" physicians or from each other.

Insurers turn to nurses to power care coordination

​Health insurers have taken the trend of payer-provider collaboration a step further, adding more nurses to their ranks than ever before.  

3 reasons nurses report to work sick

Fear of punishment, strict attendance policies and lack of staff coverage are three reasons nurses go to work when sick even though they are well aware of the risks it poses to patients.

PAs, advanced practice nurses key to population health management

Before Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago could fully leverage advanced practice nurses and physician assistants to improve care delivery, hospital leaders first had to educate their medical teams about the role APNs could play in their efforts to better manage population health. 

How managing your email inbox can improve patient care

Being responsive conveys respect, says one of the country's best-known hospital CEOs, right down to how quickly leaders respond to emails.