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Latest Headlines

5 lessons from healthcare partnership success stories

One of the best ways to improve population health management is through collaboration between healthcare facilities and community leaders, and a new study examines a variety of successful partnerships to make recommendations for how organizations can work together to improve public health.  

Experience, communication crucial for sharing of complex health data sets

An experienced team, robust and accurate documentation and communication are all crucial elements for sharing complex health data sets across large collaborative research networks, according to new case study published this week in the journal  eGEMs   (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes).

5 smart moves for healthcare leaders

Work smarter, not harder: It's a common phrase, but sometimes difficult to put into practice.  Becker's Hospital Review  helps to unravel that mystery a bit by sharing some of the smartest moves healthcare leaders can take to thrive in today's ever-evolving industry

3 ways hospitals can create an optimal patient experience

With more and more healthcare providers striving to provide the best possible experience of care for patients, a  Gallup Business Journal  article provides a roadmap for how to spearhead this effort.

3 easy leadership tricks to try today

Sound management advice for medical practices doesn't have to come from healthcare experts. The following three leadership tricks are from various industries and can help you connect with employees in virtually any setting.

Hospital CIOs share insight on experiences, challenges

The roles of chief information officers in healthcare are growing, and as technology advances they will continue to face new struggles, making the insights they can offer one another all the more important. That was the impetus behind this year's Scottsdale Institute Fall CIO Summit, where eight CIOs from leading healthcare organizations spoke about their experiences and the troubles they face.

3 overlooked aspects of strategic planning

Hospitals tend to overlook key aspects of strategic planning, health economist Paul Keckley, M.D., writes in a post for Hospitals & Health Networks.

Boom market continues for nonclinical healthcare jobs

Demand remains sky-high for nonclinical and frontline jobs in the healthcare industry due to a host of factors including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a new report indicates.

Reduce nurse fatigue with 40-hour workweeks, no forced overtime

Nurses shouldn't be required to work overtime to cover staffing shortages, the American Nurses Association (ANA) said in a position paper released last week that called for hospitals and nurses should work together to reduce nurse fatigue and possible harm to patients.

3 reasons for provider moderation in health IT use

While digital tools enhancing communication between physicians and patients has been proven an effective method for boosting medication adherence for some patients, their use should be approached with caution, according to Esther Choo, an assistant professor at Warren Alpert Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island.