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Latest Headlines

Longer surgical resident shifts pose no risk to patients

A new study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine  says that longer shifts for surgical residents pose no safety risk to patients. These findings lend weight to the argument that resticting the traditionally long residency shifts of new doctors does not significantly improve patient outcomes and in fact may lead to problems with patients' continuity of care. 

Nurses combat hospital violence with de-escalation tactics

The threat of violence increasingly feels like the "new normal" for hospitals, and now emergency nurses are taking steps to prepare for such incidents, according to

Survey: Health informatics professionals confident in state of the industry

A majority of health informatics professionals responding to a recently published survey say they are confident in the stability of the field and their individual careers.

Online quiz game engages medical, nursing students in healthy competition

Doctors and nurses in training are testing their medical knowledge with an online quiz game that the University of Alabama at Birmingham says is going viral.

How physicians can grow from serious mistakes

When physicians make serious medical errors, they needn't merely survive the emotional aftermath. With the right types of support, they can use the difficult experience to help them grow, according to a new study published in  Academic Medicine.

Hospitals tailor nurse residencies to meet staffing needs

There's a twist in the relatively new area of hospital residencies for registered nurses: Training new nursing school graduates in specialty nursing fields.

Nurse retention: Intergenerational conflict linked to whether nurses will stay on the job

A new study examines factors that influence nurse retention and what nurse leaders can do to help create a positive work environment. 

When PR disaster strikes, hospitals must make the first move

Healthcare Drive  examines the responses of two hospitals that faced public relation nightmares in the past month that could have seriously damaged their professional reputations.   

Request for 'booth girl' perpetuates view of HIT as a man's world

The face of health IT is changing. What used to be an industry where men held most of the executive positions, women are breaking through that glass ceiling and taking seats at the leadership table. Come March, tens of thousands of women will be in Las Vegas to attend HIMSS 2016. However, despite the progress women have made in the industry, there's still an undercurrent of sexism.

How to fire an employee without burning a bridge

Running a successful medical practice depends on a strong team of employees. If one staff member isn't working out, the best move for the practice is often to let him or her go. It is possible to part ways with an employee, however, without excessive hard feelings, according to a post from  Harvard Business Review.