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Latest Headlines

Current ACA challenge: Understanding contracts

Only months into Affordable Care Act implementation, one of the biggest remaining challenges for physician practices is understanding contracts with new health exchange plans, noted consultant Mary Pat Whaley in a recent  Manage   My Practice  blog post.

How to successfully engage healthcare employees

Good employers and leaders will create and foster more engaged employees, which help make organizations more productive and successful, according to a Gallup article. 

Tufts Medical Center and Lowell General Hospital will merge

Two hospitals in the northeast will join forces in hopes of bringing the region lower-cost medical services, the latest of several  mergers in the area, the Boston Globe reported

3 ways providers can take advantage of the ICD-10 delay

Early this month, Congress delayed the implementation of ICD-10 as part of legislation that provided a one-year patch for the sustainable growth rate formula, a move that took the healthcare industry...

Engaged care delivery team key to 'branding' hospitals

Building a brand is essential for any hospital or healthcare system to attract and retain new patients, as well as top physicians during an era of consolidations, mergers and closures, according to a blog post on

Report: Expanding nursing assistant responsibilities could save $400M

Public hospitals could save almost $430 million a year by expanding responsibilities for nursing assistants, allied health assistants and registered nurses, according to a new report from the Grattan Institute.

Hospital mergers and acquisitions increased in 2013

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) increased among hospitals and health systems in 2013, according to a new analysis by Kaufman Hall.

Experienced nurses shorten length of stay, improve patient outcomes

More experienced nurses deliver better patient care and shorten length of stay, according to an study published in the  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Nurses often view teleheath as threatening, disruptive

Some healthcare professionals may view telehealth as threatening and as a result, organizations should work to minimize potential disruptions, according to a new study published in  BMC Health Services Research.

5 ways the ACA may affect malpractice risk

As the Affordable Care Act shifts the dynamic of how physicians provide care to a higher volume of patients, experts predict implications on the medical malpractice climate as well. A recent round table discussion at the Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference suggested five changes healthcare professionals can expect.