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Latest Headlines

CEO succession planning: Recruiting hospital leaders for the future

Every day, FierceHealthcare could fill its daily newsletter with announcements about CEO resignations and retirements. Just this week, I've read reports that Basil Ariglio has stepped down as...

Why doctors make good CIOs

Doctors who are still practicing can make for good chief information officers because they know the business and the operations, according to Thomas McGill, CIO at Chicora, Pennsylvania-based Butler Health System.

HCA, Tenet make list of widest CEO-worker pay ratios

Hospital CEO pay continues to rise, outpacing overall healthcare spending in Massachusetts and, for major publicly traded hospitals, such as Tenet and Community Health Systems, ranking among the top 10 companies for CEO-worker pay disparity

3 ways to get your OSHA compliance up to speed

Physician practices have a lot of regulatory responsibilities to juggle, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance measures, which ensure a safe working environment, too often become a dangerously low priority, according to a recent article from  Medical Practice Insider.

Is your practice culture well-defined?

Unlike in years past, this summer I went on vacation--in the respect that I actually left town at least--albeit with some work in tow. It wasn't getting up early to write a few mornings that was...

Career tips for both sides of the generational divide

For the first time in human history, workplaces now have five generations of employees working side-by-side. Columnists from  Inc. Magazine  offer advice for members of all generations to more effectively meet one another in the middle.

Execs well-paid even as CO-OPs struggle

Though consumer operated and oriented health plans around the country have struggled and even folded, some of their leaders appear to have been well-compensated.

Time to revisit benchmarks for physician pay

It's time to overhaul the current use of the work relative value units to determine how physicians are paid, argues an article in the most recent issue of  HFM   Magazine.

Investment in medical residency programs may help solve doctor shortage

To tackle doctor shortages, some states have shifted their focus to increase the number of residency positions at hospitals in order to have more practicing physicians within their borders, according to  Kaiser Health News.

'Culture Club' helps Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina embrace the unknown

Amid a time of transformation throughout the health insurance industry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina formed the CIO Culture Club as a way to strengthen employee engagement.