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Latest Headlines

Two Southern cities: Best places to practice medicine

The top two cities to practice medicine are Apex, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas, according to a report by  Medscape.

Emotional intelligence increasingly important in healthcare

The medical field can take a lesson from corporate American in valuing the importance of emotional intelligence or EQ, writes healthcare policy expert Paul H. Keckley, Ph.D., in a  Hospitals & Health Networks  report.

Patient handoffs: Risk of death increases when medical residents leave clinical rotations

The risk of patient death significantly increases when medical residents leave their monthly clinical rotations and turn their patients' care over to other residents, according to new research presented at the American Thoracic Society's 2016 Annual Conference.

CEO turnover: Have a strong succession plan, groom leaders from within

CEO turnover is an issue plaguing the healthcare industry--turnover rates were at 18 percent for 2015--but grooming potential leaders from within and having a plan for a potential succession can help ease the transition.

Medical students seek better training on safe prescribing and addiction treatment

Harvard Medical School students are adding their voices to those of critics who say that medical schools aren't doing enough to prepare doctors to help stop the country's deadly opioid crisis, according to a report on  STAT.

Doc suggests rethinking primary care training to fix physician shortage

It's hard to be a good mentor when you're feeling fried and overworked. A lot of the time, though, that's the position in which primary care physicians find themselves when residents rotate through their practices, and it's hard to imagine closing the physician gap under those circumstances, writes Fred N. Pelzman, M.D., in an article for  MedPage Today.

Critics: EEOC wellness program rules create opportunities to discriminate

While one national group praised the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's final rules on corporate wellness programs as providing the much-needed clarification, others lambasted the rule as creating "opportunities to discriminate." 

Feds finalize privacy rules for employer wellness programs

Two new federal rules issued Monday outline how employer-based wellness programs must handle the health information they request from employees and their spouses.  

Doctor wonders if physician burnout is contagious

Is all this talk about physician burnout and depression only leading to more of it? asks "Skeptical Scalpel," a former chairman of surgery and residency program director, who anonymously blogs about medicine in a post for  MedPageToday.

Better support systems needed to counter depression among medical residents

The need to address depression among medical residents and hospital staff members remains real and urgent, according to a study published in  Academic Medicine  in which 35 percent of medical interns screened positive for clinically significant depression.