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Latest Headlines

Hospitals continued bonus payouts amid VA scandal

In the wake of the Veterans Affairs scandal involving cover ups over treatment delays and the subsequent resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, VA leaders in several states received substantial bonuses despite the systemic problems.

Lucia Savage joins ONC as chief privacy officer

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT on Tuesday announced that Lucia Savage has been named the agency's new chief privacy officer.

Hospitals, physicians fight for women's equity in healthcare research, delivery

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare, KIimberly Skelding, M.D., an interventional cardiologist at Geisinger Health System based in Danville, Pennsylvania, discusses efforts by hospitals and physicians around the country to improve equity in healthcare research and delivery.

Employers, states raising the stakes for wellness program participation

In this day and age, nearly every major employer offers some sort of wellness program as a way to encourage employees into partaking in a healthier lifestyle. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers and states are able to increase the amount of rewards dished out to employees who participate in such programs. Additionally, employers are also allowed to increase the maximum penalties if employees do not participate.

HR tip: Harness the power of self-awareness

It's not uncommon for healthcare organizations to use personality tests or other predictive screening tools to determine whether a candidate truly possesses the mindset they want among...

Beware of 'decision fatigue' leading to inappropriate prescription

Physicians are just as human as their patients, and potentially more vulnerable to making lower-quality decisions--particularly regarding  ina ppropriate antibiotic prescriptions-- as the day wears on. The phenomenon known as "decision fatigue" could be a major contributor to the dangerous rise in antibiotic resistance in the United States and beyond, according to  rese arch  published in  JAMA Internal Medicine.

Best path to physician re-entry is to not let skills lapse

Physicians  leaving or taking a break from med icine  amid the stresses of today's healthcare environment should make a plan to keep their qualifications current  in case they have a future change of heart. Although a multitude of physician re-entry programs exist, many physicians experience difficulty in navigating their way back to practice, according to an  artic le  from  MedPage Today.

Female physicians more persuasive, study suggests

Patients are more likely to agree on the appropriateness of their physicians' advice on  nutrition, exercise or weight loss  if their doctors are female, according to a  s tudy  published in  Family Practice.

No more good ol' boy network for hospital boards

The challenges of healthcare reform have forced hospital boards to change the way they do business, with many hospitals now looking for board members who will challenge the status quo.  

3 essential steps to ensure a successful hospital opening

There's more to opening a new hospital than laying the cornerstone and completing construction, the CEO of the new Victory Medical Center Fort Worth in Texas writes in an article published by  Becker's Hospital Review.