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Latest Headlines

For better care, recruit more nurses to research positions

The number of scientists in the nursing field is slowly growing, according to an article published in the journal Nature, with many of them entering the research field to seek solutions for problems in their clinics.

Physician empathy is key to patient satisfaction

In recognition of how poor bedside manners could hurt both patient satisfaction scores and finances, more healthcare providers put a higher priority on physician empathy training, according to the  Deseret News.

Infection preventionists spend more time on data collection than prevention

Hospital infection preventionists spend more time reporting and collecting data than they do protecting patients from healthcare-associated infections, according to new research.  

What health insurers can do to draw millennial employees

With the baby boomer generation poised to enter retirement, it's imperative that the health insurance industry draw millennials into the workforce.

Disruptive--and dangerous--behavior caught on tape: Time to finally stop misbehaving docs

In all the furor leading up to the Supreme Court's ruling Thursday to uphold federal subsidies, you may have missed a story in FierceHealthcare this week about a lawsuit involving an...

3 ways CFOs can thrive in today's fast-changing healthcare world

In order to survive--and thrive--in today's evolving healthcare climate, a hospital CFO must move beyond the numbers and become a "business person," Peter Sheahan, founder of ChangeLabs, told attendees of this week's Healthcare Financial Management Association's annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

Feds ban health insurers that have blanket exclusions on gender transition care

By 2016, federal employees' health insurers will no longer be allowed to have blanket exclusions for transgender-specific healthcare services such as hormone therapy and gender-transition-related care,  Vox  reports. 

OSHA to crack down on hospitals that don't protect nurses from injury

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has announced a new initiative to drastically increase scrutiny of injuries among hospital nursing staff.

5 health IT terms every hospital CEO must know

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly technology-focused, leaders without a background in tech may find it overwhelming. That's why it's essential they understand several key terms and concepts, according to Managed Healthcare Executive.

Use of hospitalists on overnight shift doesn't change patient outcomes

A teaching hospital that implemented a program that had an on-site, attending-level physician provide overnight supervision, did not see any significant impact on important clinical outcomes, according to a recent study  published in the  Journal of General Internal Medicine.