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How hackers could hijack

President Obama may have tapped Jeff Zients, one of his economic advisers, and communications giant Verizon to start fixing the troubled, but a bigger problem may be on the horizon:...

'Stealth' drug delivery system targets tough-to-treat breast cancer

MIT researchers have developed a "stealth" drug delivery system to attack a type of breast cancer that is highly resistant to current therapies. In an article at ACS Nano, Paula T. Hammond...

Obama orders tech surge to fix exchange website problems

President Barack Obama said there's no excuse for the technical glitches that have beleaguered the health insurance exchanges since opening and  he's taking steps to remove the problems.

Jeff Zients to head Obama's 'tech surge' team fixing

Jeff Zients, a former corporate executive and one of President Barack Obama's economic advisers, will lead the "tech surge" team focused on fixing the flawed website, CBS...

Technology's role in improving patient experience expands

Health IT is strengthening provider communications with patients and influencing patient-engagement strategies, according a new health IT survey. The findings come as the National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) announces a new project to develop a Patient Experience Framework, an evolution of the group's Patient Engagement Framework.

Interactive program helps prostate cancer patients weigh treatment options

An online interactive program developed by Thomas Jefferson University researchers helps patients assess the pros and cons of different prostate cancer treatment options, according to an announcement...

North American health IT market to hit $31.3B by 2017

The health IT market in North America is forecasted to hit $31.3 billion by 2017, up 7.4 percent per year from $21.9 billion in 2012, according to a market report from Dallas-based MarketsandMarkets....

Spotlight: NeHC to develop Patient Experience Framework

The National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) is creating a Patient Experience Framework to use health IT to bring patients and providers closer together, according to an announcement. The Patient...

Stolen laptops compromise health info for 729,000 patients

The personal health information of 729,000 patients was put in jeopardy when thieves stole two laptops from an administration building of San Gabriel Valley-based AHMC Healthcare.

John Halamka: 2014 priority for hospital CIOs must be 'institutional survival'

While hospital CIOs will be forced to make some tough, unpopular decisions that focus primarily on government mandates in the coming fiscal year, those actions will serve to ensure the viability of their facilities, John Halamka, CIO at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, writes in a new post to his  Life As A Healthcare CIO  blog this week.