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Latest Headlines

Brain atlas aims to find causes of autism, schizophrenia

A comprehensive three-dimensional atlas of the developing human brain that incorporates gene activity and other data is outlined this week in the journal  Nature.

Kaiser Permanente uses costly hep C drug; LA Gov. Bobby Jindal proposes alternative healthcare plan;

News From Around the Web: > Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) introduced an alternative healthcare plan on Wednesday with the promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. However, it would cost...

VA touts gains of 44% in reducing claims backlog in past year

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced this week that it has reduced its claims backlog by about 44 percent to 344,000 claims from more than 611,000 last March.

3 ways to maximize face time with patients

For many physicians, patient panels grow longer while visit lengths shrink. This reality not only causes serious physician stress, it also compromises the patient relationship and even lead physicians to miss important clues about their patients' health.

Physician burnout reaches fever pitch

Rampant professional burnout drives more doctors to sell their practices, slash their patient panels or retire early, according to an article from the  Washington Post. The problem is particularly acute in primary care, where physicians manage patients' comprehensive needs, yet get as little as 11 minutes to spend with each of them.

What the ICD-10 delay means for your practice

ICD-10 implementation is delayed by at least one more year after the Senate voted, 64-35, Monday evening to approve a temporary, 12-month patch to the sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment formula that will prevent deep Medicare payment cuts, FierceHealthIT  reported Monday.

Global healthcare IT market projected to hit $66 billion by 2020

The global healthcare IT market projected to hit $66 billion by 2020, driven by efforts to streamline critical workflow processes, according to a new report.

Kentucky insurance exchange tech expert shares HIE's secrets to success

While states such as Oregon and Nevada continue to struggle with technology glitches in their state-run health insurance exchanges, Kentucky's Kynect exchange ranks among those hailed as...

Blumenthal interview on EHR use elicits mixed reaction

A recent interview in  The Atlantic  with David Blumenthal, former National Coordinator for Health IT, has generated a flurry of comments from readers weighing in on the role and worth of electronic health records

David Harlow: Evidence-based medicine's promise lies in data analyses

Everyone has a digital footprint as a patient, according to Boston-based health attorney and  FierceHealthIT  Editorial Advisory Board member David Harlow. When that data is aggregated with the digital footprints of others, he says, it can be usable information.