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Latest Headlines

New EHR system causes issues with patient records at UK hospital

The switch to a new electronic medical record system installed at U.K.-based Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust may have caused issues with patients' medical records.

Nurses: Tele-ICU tools improve performance, communication

Tele-intensive care tools help nurses to conduct tasks more quickly, and improve performance and communication, according to a study published recently in the  American Journal of Critical Care.

Beth Israel to work with international groups to expand eHealth in Latin America, Caribbean

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is leading an effort to bring eHealth advancements to Latin America and the Caribbean.

UCLA Health CIO Michael Pfeffer: Physician buy-in critical for adoption of OpenNotes

While the OpenNotes project is about giving patients greater insight into their care, it has to be a physician-driven project, says Michael Pfeffer, CIO at UCLA Health.

Columbia St. Mary's Bruce McCarthy: OpenNotes shifts patient-provider power balance

Giving patients a complete look at their health and making them a true partner in the care process were Bruce McCarthy's goals for implementing the OpenNotes program at his facility, Columbia St. Mary's.

Organ-on-a-chip tech helps researchers study lung disease

Organ-on-a-chip tech is helping researchers create models of the human airway to study asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other health issues.

Phoenix Children's Hospital turns to wire data to monitor IT systems

Vast amounts of data flow through Phoenix Children's Hospital's dozens of different systems and devices, and to keep track of it all, the healthcare system is focusing on wire data monitoring.

Theranos under scrutiny from health regulators

Theranos is being investigated by U.S. health regulators after reports questioning the accuracy of its lab testing technology and its research practices.

CHIME, HIMSS support omnibus bill's cybersecurity act

A pair of health IT industry stakeholders are in support of the government's recently passed omnibus spending bill, part of which requires the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to convene a cybersecurity task force.

Flawed research design harms HIT policy decisions

Research that features weak or flawed design does more harm than good when it is used to drive policy decisions within healthcare--especially when it comes to health IT, according to a post in the  Health Affairs Blog.