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Latest Headlines

Karen DeSalvo: Candid feedback on HIT regulations, policies crucial

Health IT holds promise for delivery of care and improvement of care, but there must be interoperability of systems, flexible oversight of technology and governance policies for it to reach its full potential, according to panelists at a Bipartisan Policy Center event held Wednesday in the District of Columbia.

A new seat at the C-suite: Chief Data Officer

Make room for yet another seat at the healthcare executive table. In addition to carving out spots for new positions like the chief population health officer and chief incentive officer, some hospitals and healthcare systems hire chief data officers to oversee data collection.  

University of Chicago to examine flow of HIT in communities

The University of Chicago's Computation Institute and the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences are teaming up to assess healthcare innovation.

What makes hospital CIOs stay, move on

Although health organizations prize IT leaders with healthcare experience, hospital chief information officers come from a range of industries--and can be lured away by them as well, according to  Becker's Health IT and CIO Review.

Hospital CIOs share insight on experiences, challenges

The roles of chief information officers in healthcare are growing, and as technology advances they will continue to face new struggles, making the insights they can offer one another all the more important. That was the impetus behind this year's Scottsdale Institute Fall CIO Summit, where eight CIOs from leading healthcare organizations spoke about their experiences and the troubles they face.

Groups continue to push for two-year delay in ICD-10

Could another ICD-10 delay pass Congress as early as next week? That's one of the scenarios outlined in an article at the  Journal of the American Health Information Management Association.

UM's Sue Schade: Women advancing in health IT careers, but there's more to do

More women are working in the health IT field, but there's still more work to do, says Sue Schade, chief information officer at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.

Study: Barriers impact use of public health data

Despite an increase in health data collection--barriers remain to gaining and using the information to improve care, according to a study by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

Beth Israel Deaconess to pay $100K in fines for 2012 data breach

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will pay $100,000 in fines as a result of a 2012 data breach in which a physician's laptop was stolen from the hospital.

Most patients willing to share health data with researchers, employers

A majority of patients would be willing to share their healthcare information with researchers, employers, health plans, and their own doctors, according to a new poll.