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Latest Headlines

Hospitals develop, sell tech to bring in cash

Technology is not just helping hospitals save money; in some cases it is helping them make it. Both MedStar Health, in the Baltimore region, and Cleveland Clinic are developing and selling technology to supplement their overall revenue, according to an article in the  Washington Post.

3 keys to thrive as a hospital CIO in a changing industry

As the digital landscape of healthcare continues to change, so do the jobs of those in the industry--including the role of CIO.

Facilities turn to best practices to keep patient data secure in high-risk cases

When it comes to highly sensitive health situations, patients' privacy and security is a top concern. The recent spread of Ebola shows why healthcare organizations need to have plans in place.

Why healthcare info governance must be 'proactively managed'

While working on Wall Street, Laura Zubulake dealt with information convergence and governance, later becoming a key player in landmark opinions on preservation of electronically stored information. In an interview published this week in the  Journal of the American Health Information Management Association, Zubulake spoke about her experiences and how they translate to healthcare.

De-identification effective in maintaining patient privacy if done right

As hospitals and healthcare organizations adopt new ways to store and share data, privacy and security of the information is a top priority--and with that comes de-identification of data.

Security chops more valuable than business acumen in top HIT roles

In the push to beef up security in healthcare, it's better to focus on security skills over healthcare experience if it comes down to hard choices between the two in hiring executives, writes security expert and author Mansur Hasib.

Guidebook offers action plan to address alarm fatigue

The ECRI has issued a guidebook to help hospitals address what the institute has deemed a top health technology hazard, alarm fatigue.

Physicians question safety of medical auction site

When prices for surgery and other medical procedures rise above what a patient can afford, they may find a cheaper deal online--but some physicians are critical of the practice.

3 ways to avoid HIE missteps

Organizations juggling having a fee-for-services business model while implementing value-based programs may face obstacles when it comes to interoperability and health information exchanges, Brian Ahier, director of standards and government affairs at Medicity.

Case study: Primary care practices need help to effectively use HIT

Primary care practices require sustained, focused efforts to effectively incorporate health IT into their work to improve care, according to a case study of practices in the Colorado Beacon Consortium.