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Latest Headlines

Pen mightier than computer during outage at BJC HealthCare

For 20 hours a hospital system that provides care in Southern Illinois and Missouri was without power to its computer systems, causing employees to turn to pen and paper to record patient information.

Docs in Europe have mixed reactions to mHealth, digital tools

Doctors throughout the United Kingdom, France and Germany have mixed feelings about digital health technologies, with one in five saying that lifestyle apps are a fad, according to a recent report.

How CIOs can ensure budgets include room for innovation

Although the opportunity for innovation in the healthcare technology space is unlimited, the money for new projects and ventures often is not, particularly for hospitals and health systems.

Cancer data sharing drives collaboration between California health department, St. Joseph Health

St. Joseph Health and the California Department of Public Health are teaming up on a project to collect and share cancer data.

IT touted in CMS initiative to improve substance abuse treatment

The use of health information technology to enhance care coordination is part of a new initiative announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week to improve access to substance use disorder treatment options.

Privacy advocate Deborah Peel: Government HIT initiatives strip patients of data control

Privacy advocate Deborah Peel calls government health IT initiatives "more of the same old, same old measures to increase the spread and use" of personal data while taking control out of patients' hands.

BPC calls on Congress to 'modernize' device, drug development

A new report by the Bipartisan Policy Center provides policy actions that Congress can undertake when it comes to reducing the time and cost of developing drugs and devices and delivering them into the healthcare marketplace.

OIG attorney outlines health documentation best practices

As the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General continues to crack down on fraud, copying and pasting text in electronic health records remains one of the easiest ways to run into trouble, according to Felicia Heimer, a senior attorney with OIG.

Four ways data helps Minnesota's health department cut costs

Using data from readmissions, emergency department use and hospital admissions, the Minnesota Department of Public Health is finding room for improvement when it comes to cutting costs.

Athenahealth CEO predicts 'healthcare Internet' in five years

Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush foresees a "healthcare Internet" in place within five years.