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Latest Headlines

HIMSS Analytics reports detail hospital buying practices, technology use

The IT buying practices of for-profit hospitals varied dramatically from not-for-profit and government hospitals, according to one of two new reports released by the Dorenfest Institute for Health Information.

Data-driven tool enables patients to balance recovery expectations

Before deciding whether to go through with a medical procedure, it's important for patients to balance their expectations on recovery. A new data-driven tool being developed allows them to do just that.

Digital health funding on pace to surpass 2013 totals

During 2014's first six months, 143 digital health companies raised $2.3 billion, setting the stage for a record-breaking year, according to San Francisco-based digital health seed fund Rock Health.

Study: Online ED learning resources must clearly demonstrate value

Emergency department professionals were skeptical of efforts to use technology to enhance interprofessional education, according to a recent study.

Boston hospital cuts cardiac-unit alarm use by close to 90 percent

​Boston Medical Center was able to reduce audible alarms in its cardiac unit by 89 percent, with no adverse events, using a series of interventions aimed at reducing "alarm fatigue."

Joy Pritts: Health IT security is a constantly moving target

The biggest challenge for the next chief privacy officer at the ONC will be keeping up with the emergeing ways of sharing information, and looking at them from a privacy and security perspective, outgoing privacy head Joy Pritts said.

Docs still learning to make CDS work for them

Healthcare organizations continue to work to integrate clinical decision support systems into clinical workflow, and to overcome distaste for what many refer to as "cookbook medicine," according to physician technologist Joseph Kim.

3 ways health IT can fulfill its promise

Merely making health records digital won't fulfill the promise of health IT to improve care and cut costs, according to a newly published issue brief.

House panel discusses putting patients in control of health information

Putting healthcare information in the hands of patients and giving them a voice in their own care was the theme that threaded its way through the 21st Century Cures panel discussion Tuesday morning.

Tracking confidential data a major worry in healthcare security

Uncertainty about where sensitive and confidential data is located causes more worry for security pros than hackers or malicious employees, according to a new survey from the Ponemon Institute.