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Latest Headlines

Data, analytics experience tops list of most desirable traits for C-suite execs

Data systems management and experience with advanced analytics are the two top skills C-suite level executives in healthcare must have to succeed, according to a new Black Book survey.

Report: HIEs failing to capture impact on quality of care

Most backers of health information exchanges believe they are improving care and generating a positive return on investment, but few of the exchanges actually offer up data to confirm those beliefs, according to a study published at  Perspectives in Health Information Management.

Senator to block HHS nominations over 'systematic failures' of ACA CO-OP program

Karen DeSalvo is waiting in the wings to fully step into the role of assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, but one lawmaker may cause her wait to be even longer.

Susannah Fox: Walls still keep health data locked up, out of reach of patients

People who are living with life-changing illnesses and conditions are the "alpha geeks" of healthcare, according to Susannah Fox, and they are the ones you want to follow because they are "pushing on the edges of medicine."

Report: Consumers turn to Internet for majority of health info

Most consumers turn to the Internet for health information, strongly feel that they should be in control of their data and personally are purchasing wearable devices to track their fitness.

Johns Hopkins, Microsoft partnership to bring interoperability to med devices

In a joint effort, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Microsoft are developing a health IT system that can better help medical devices communicate.

Business intelligence, analytics help providers save costs, improve decision-making

More healthcare organizations are making use of business intelligence and analytics, with more than half of respondents to a recent HIMSS Analytics survey saying they use such platforms.

University of Oklahoma says stolen laptop may have contained PHI

A laptop that may have included patient health data was stolen from a physician who previously worked at the University of Oklahoma Department of Urology.

Theranos forced to change test procedure after surprise FDA visit

Startup Theranos rocketed to the forefront of the health industry touting a need for only a few drops of blood to run lab tests--but after a surprise FDA visit, the company is now drawing blood from patients through needles like a traditional lab.

Baylor Scott & White Health's Matthew Chambers: Post-merger EHR integration was major hurdle [Q&A]

Baylor Scott & White HealthCIO Matthew Chambers spoke with  FierceHealthIT  about his management style, how Baylor Scott and White handles cybersecurity and the future of the CIO role.