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Latest Headlines

Why hospital CIOs must carve out time for innovation

Healthcare leaders tend to get bogged down in the day-to-day, while "finding time for innovation amidst the swirl of must-do projects can be a challenge," according to John Halamka, chief information officer at Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Net neutrality vote ensures equality for online health efforts

In ruling, 3-2, in favor of net neutrality Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission declared that there would be no paid prioritization, meaning no "fast lanes" for certain kinds of Internet traffic. While many in the healthcare industry see that as a positive, with a belief that private companies with deeper pockets should not necessarily receive preferential treatment over those with less means, some feel that defining the Internet as a public utility, in essence, already is a first step toward creating a fast lane for health data.

Few docs on track with ICD-10 implementation, survey indicates

Physician practices remain optimistic about their ability to meet the ICD-10 deadline and are slightly more prepared to meet that goal than last year, according to the results of a new survey from vendor Navicure.

Atul Gawande: Simple steps, not tech, will improve healthcare

Health technology often is touted as being the catalyst to better healthcare, but surgeon Atul Gawande says the real change lies in simpler things--such as asking better questions and making clinicians wash their hands.

State licensure problems plague telemedicine

Obtaining state medical licenses is a time consuming process and a big barrier to the use of telemedicine across state lines, and according to the authors of a new report, the time to find a solution is now.

How health IT is shifting patient-doctor relationships

The relationship between Google and Mayo Clinic to provide better health information online for consumers has the power to create a "true paradigm change" in the industry, according to health IT consultant Michael Millenson.

VA looks to boost cybersecurity funding by $24M

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for $180 million in its fiscal 2016 budget request to boost its cybersecurity efforts.

Anthem releases hack numbers by state; 78.8 million consumers impacted overall

More exact numbers are in for the cybersecurity attack on health insurance company Anthem, with 78.8 million people impacted, including 60 million-70 million of Anthem's customers.

Data-sharing fees: A healthcare reform-killer?

The fees associated with sharing patient data threaten to thwart the $30 billion federal push to move the healthcare industry to electronic records--and it could require Congress to step in to change things.

Execs must close gaps and engage CIOs

Chief information officers are often not involved with shaping a company's strategic agenda, and confidence has lessened when it comes to IT's ability to support business goals, according to a survey published this month by McKinsey & Company.