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Latest Headlines

Teladoc sees $17.1M revenue hit prior to IPO

After its initial IPO, telehealth company Teladoc saw its revenue grow in the second quarter of 2015, but also reported a loss of about $17.1 million before it went public.

Report: 50 percent of digital health startups will fail within 20 months

As more startups enter digital healthcare, more are likely to quickly fail, but that gives larger companies the ability to "mine" them for new innovations, according to a report from Accenture.

Karen DeSalvo: In hindsight, we needed common interoperability standards

A common set of standards for the exchange of electronic health information likely could have improved the current state of interoperability in the industry, National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo said.

Providers uncertain industry will stick to ONC interoperability timeline

Less than 1 in 5 healthcare professionals say they are "very confident" the industry will meet the 10-year goal for nationwide interoperability, according to a  survey  by document management company Scrypt.

Obama requests $262M for HHS to help tackle cyberthreats

President Obama's cybersecurity budget for fiscal year 2016 has a request for $14 billion in funding for cybersecurity across the federal government, with a chunk of it going to the Health and Human Services Department.

DEA medical record case could impact use of telemedicine to prescribe meds

A case pending in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals may have an impact on providers who use telemedicine to prescribe controlled substances.

Texas Children's CIO Myra Davis: Patient engagement about 'making a difference' [Q&A]

When getting patients involved in their own healthcare, Myra Davis says Texas Children's Hospital wants to ensure that it's not "patient engagement for patient engagement sake."

AHIMA's Green: Information governance establishing 'a toehold in healthcare'

A growing number of providers are seeing the value of information governance and making it a priority, according to Deborah Green, of the American Health Information Management Association.

Secure messaging to treat BP must be supplemented with e-visits

Patients are making use of secure messaging to contact providers about managing blood pressure, but research shows that very few messages contained enough information for clinical decision-making.

Cedars-Sinai's Brennan Spiegel: Digital health no easy feat

Digital health is at its infancy, and even technical solutions that hold great potential to transform health outcomes can be waylaid when applied to everyday humans, according to Brennan Spiegel, director of health services research at Cedars-Sinai Health System.