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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Study finds online symptom checkers inaccurate

Patients who turn to websites such WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Ask MD for health queries more often than not get inaccurate information from the sites, according to a study by Harvard Medical School researchers.

Why healthcare needs more cybersecurity personnel

As technology makes work in hospitals and healthcare systems both easier and more complicated, the healthcare industry is in need of more IT security professionals.

Hospital to pay $218,400 for HIPAA violations

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center must pay $218,400 for HIPAA violations through a agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights.

Congress members propose ICD-10 dual-coding bill

A new House bill would require a transition period for ICD-10 by requiring dual coding in ICD-9 and ICD-10 for six months.

21st Century Cures Act sails through House

The 21st Century Cures Act has sailed through the House with a vote of 344-77.

CIOs should prepare for possibility of lawsuits following security breaches

Chief information officers may soon have to find themselves lawyers, because as cybersecurity attacks increase, the IT leaders could end up in the courtroom.

Researchers call for global genomic data repository in the cloud

Researchers from Canada, Europe and the United States are calling on major funding agencies to set up a global genomic data repository in the cloud available to authorized researchers worldwide.

AHA report calls interoperability imperative to care improvement

Interoperability in healthcare is of upmost importance, and in order to make rapid progress, government action will be necessary, with the private sector also playing a role, according to the American Hospital Association.

Data security, patient engagement take precedence at 'Most Wired' hospitals

As providers invest more time and money in new technologies,  patient engagement  and  data security  are two main areas of focus, according to this year's Most Wired Hospitals survey.

Privacy risks plague creation of health-related social media site

While social media sites are growing in popularity as a way for patients to find health information online, creating a health-related social media service would come with a bevy of privacy and security risks.