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Latest Headlines

Personalized medicine, HIEs expected to boost cloud services

The transition to personalized healthcare delivery and incentives for health information exchange are expected to significantly increase the adoption of cloud services in healthcare, according to a new Frost & Sullivan analysis.

Hospital IT leaders: Keep private patient data on-site

A key to preventing security breaches at a hospital is having controls in place that allow as little information to leave the system as possible, according to two IT leaders at Medical Center Health System.

Deloitte's Mark Ford: Health industry must be less reactive, more proactive on security

The health industry has come a long way in recent years when it comes to data security, but it still lags far behind others when it comes to having the right prevention measures against cyberthreats, according to Mark Ford, principle of Deloitte Cyber Risk Services.

Why ICD-10 is necessary for big data success in healthcare

While ICD-10 might have codes that seem excessive--like injury via turkey--without its comprehensive codes, doctors will "never detect the one-in-a-million disease when it matters," according to resident physician in family medicine William Rusnak.

Hospital CIO-vendor relationships must be less mambo, more tango

The ideal healthcare CIO-vendor relationship should be a tango, according to Daniel Morreale, president at New Jersey HIMSS, who said he has come to think of that partnership as a dance because it takes a sequence of steps to enhance the product, the process and the outcome.

ICD-10 costs: Lower than expected?

ICD-10 implementation costs may not be as burdensome as previously thought for small physician practices, at least according to a post in this month's  Journal of the American Health Information Management Association.

Patients embrace sharing doc notes with family, caregivers

Patients are increasingly using technology to share their health information with family or friends, and access to information is causing them to pay better attention to their care, according to a recent study.

How low health literacy, technology leave elderly behind

The Internet is quickly becoming the go-to place for health information, but those who are not well-versed in understanding health matters, and especially those who are elderly, are being left behind, according to a recent study.

NIST releases draft guidance on sharing cyberattack info

Healthcare providers can help one another when it comes to cyberattacks by sharing information with one another during and after and attack, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology has created draft guidelines on how organizations can handle those relationships.

Medical research needs transparency, more robust peer review

Big data projects by themselves won't effectively transform medical research without a cultural change rewarding transparency and cooperation, according to an article published at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research  focused on rooting out unreliable research.