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Latest Headlines

Google grant to help University of Michigan-Flint create platform for lead crisis data, communication

Google is set to help the residents of Flint, Michigan, by offering a $150,000 grant for the creation of a data platform that can help officials make better decisions about the city's crisis surrounding high levels of lead in the drinking water.

Focus on analytics pays off in ROI for University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center deep focus on data analytics and push to become a "knowledge-driven health system" have help the organization see gains of $1.6 billion and a four-fold return on investment.

Docs question quality of 'no-touch' telemedicine services

Some physicians are questioning the role of telemedicine in care, wondering if "no-touch" services work in all cases.

White House to hold workshops on AI's promises, pitfalls

Artificial Intelligence holds both promises and pitfalls for many industries, including healthcare, which is leading the White House to host workshops on the technology's future.

Baking in the basics: Hospital IT leaders outline ingredients for robust cybersecurity programs

In this  FierceHealthIT  special report, hospital IT leaders speak about their organization's security culture, their greatest security challenges, how they are keeping employees educated and more.

AHA16: Andy Slavitt says CMS wants to help hospitals drive change

As they discussed their health policy priorities Tuesday at the American Hospital Association's annual conference, two top officials in the Obama administration emphasized the federal government wants to collaborate with healthcare leaders as it strives to transform the delivery system.  

Online tool gives gamers role to play in diagnosing TB

Gamers may have a role to play in diagnosing diseases such as tuberculosis, thanks to a new Web-based tool.

How continuous patient monitoring can increase hospital revenue

Continuous patient monitoring (CPM) will be a "critical component" of smart hospitals, and can help improve workflow and increase revenue, according to Charlie Whelan, director of Frost & Sullivan.

American Dental Association accidentally sends out malware-infected USB drives

Some USB drives sent out by the American Dental Association to dental offices around the U.S. are infected with malware.

BCP to explore policies on patient data collection for research

The Bipartisan Policy Center's Health Innovation Initiative will soon start exploring policies surrounding the use of patient data collected during routine care visits.