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Latest Headlines

Execs must close gaps and engage CIOs

Chief information officers are often not involved with shaping a company's strategic agenda, and confidence has lessened when it comes to IT's ability to support business goals, according to a survey published this month by McKinsey & Company.

Telemedicine helps hospital move patient care from 'Blockbuster to Netflix'

Healthcare in the U.S. needs to "change its DNA" and usher in consumer technology, according to Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals CEO Stephen Klasko, M.D.

Lucia Savage: We can do a better job explaining federal data exchange efforts

The challenges of allowing for exchange of patient data while ensuring proper consent for information sharing from patients was the bulk of discussion during a meeting of privacy and security advisers to the Office of the National Coordinator Monday afternoon.

Xerox system for Medi-Cal may see delays

Xerox's case management computer system for California's Medi-Cal program may be running into difficulties.

Hospital officials among notable IT leaders for 2015

Among the 100 top IT leaders named in Computerworld 's Class of 2015 Yearbook, five are involved in the healthcare industry, including four hospital officials.

Med identity theft continues to rise

Medical identity theft incidents rose more than 20 percent in fiscal year 2014 compared to the year prior, according to a recently released survey by the Ponemon Institute.

Health systems must pay 'ICD-10 piper'

When healthcare systems bring on new providers, they must now "pay the ICD-10 piper," according to Linda Reed R.N., vice president and CIO at Morristown, New Jersey-based Atlantic Health System.

Doc: It's time to get to work on ICD-10

It's time for ICD-10 to be implemented, and added delays are not likely to motivate organizations any more than the others ones did, says pediatrician Michael Lee, the director of clinical informatics at Atrius Health.

Healthcare industry 'behind by a country mile' in email security

The healthcare industry lags behind almost all others when it comes to privacy and security practices--and that holds true when it comes to email communication as well, according to a recently published report.

Cleveland Clinic partnership aims to boost telemedicine services

The Cleveland Clinic, through a new partnership announced this week with Cox Communications, is looking to improve in-home patient monitoring and treatment services.