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Latest Headlines

Why Teladoc could be on shaky ground

Teladoc shares fell last week after a report that Highmark is now renewing its contract with the telemedicine company.

3 growth areas for patient engagement in healthcare

Patient engagement has been one of the key trends in healthcare and health IT in 2015 and a new Deloitte survey examines where engagement is growing the most and what it means for the industry.

Hospitals tout success on Day 1 of ICD-10 transition

Day 1 of ICD-10 use was a relative success, according to several hospital IT and information management leaders who spoke to  FierceHealthIT.

Mercy Health takes telemedicine farther with virtual facility

Healthcare organizations are continuing to take telemedicine to the next level. Case in point: Mercy Hospital's new virtual telemedicine facility.

WEDI to keep ICD-10 issue reporting tool live post-Oct. 1; CMS will monitor switch in real time

ICD-10 D-Day is here, and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange says its searchable ICD-10 Issue Reporting Database will be available after the transition.  

Stakeholders' proposal lifts restrictions on telemedicine coverage for Medicare beneficiaries

Stakeholders across the healthcare industry joined together to ask Senate lawmakers for support of a proposal that would lift "outdated restrictions" on use and reimbursement of telemedicine services for Medicare patients.

HHS info system to help healthcare stakeholders prepare for disasters

A new information system set up by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will help healthcare stakeholders prepare for and manage impacts of disasters in the U.S.

Why constant communication will be vital to post-ICD-10 transition success

Continuous communication and education, particularly for coders, will be key to ensuring a successful transition to ICD-10, according to various stakeholders speaking this week at the American Healthcare Information Management Association's annual meeting in New Orleans.

Providers mull adoption of speech recognition tools

The use of speech recognition in healthcare is growing, with about 30 percent of providers considering adopting the tech.

Kathy Giusti: Lack of interoperability impedes precision medicine efforts

Precision medicine relies on patients being able to have easy access to their health data, but in the industry today that's easier said than done, according to Kathy Giusti, founder and executive chair of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.