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Latest Headlines

HIT professionals must have 'customer empathy' when creating software

To create software that works, health IT professionals need to have "customer empathy," said Todd Dunn, director of innovation for Intermountain Healthcare's I.S. Organization.

Online tool helps map location of healthcare professionals

A new online tool released by the American Medical Association will help patients find locations of the healthcare workforce countrywide.

CIOs should be more than just 'the head geek'

Success as a healthcare CIO boils down to having the right people on your team, Randy Davis, chief information officer and vice president of support services at CGH Medical Center in Sterling, Illinois, said in an interview at  Becker's Health IT and CIO Review.

Cleveland Clinic releases list of top medical innovations for 2015

January is only a few months away but the Cleveland Clinic is already looking to the New Year with today's release of its list of top medical innovations for 2015.

Report: Health IT market moves to more powerful care delivery method

As venture capitalists pump more money into healthcare tech and innovation, and companies make more valuable contributions to the field, the industry is entering Health Market 2.0, according to a report by global consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

High school coding programs give students taste of health information management

Rural hospitals in Kansas aren't waiting for students to graduate from high school to spark their interest in medical coding. They turn to health information management professionals to start the credentialing process early on--before students even get their high school diplomas.

Beacon Community programs face barriers to success, report says

An evaluation of four Beacon Community projects found some common issues and barriers, according to a paper at  eGEMs  (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes. The paper looked at commonalities among the projects, including structure, people, technology, tasks, and sustainability.

Google Trends promising for health research, but needs more transparency

While Google Trends has the potential to help with access to population data on behavior and its link to health and healthcare, it needs to be more transparent to be a useful tool, according to a new study.

HIE, user input help improve public health reporting

A project to rethink the paper-based process in which clinical providers do reporting for public health surveillance helped ensure that IT development was driven by users' workflow needs.

VA's CIO: Bolstering faith in online security vital

Stephen Warren, chief information officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs, says one of his biggest worries is that the proliferation of breaches will undermine the public's trust in e-commerce.