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Latest Headlines

Privacy a priority during health system's Apple Watch deployment

Protecting patient data and privacy requires prime attention when deploying mHealth technology, according to Michael Ash, chief transformation officer at Nebraska Medicine. The health system is conducting a $10 million research project on the impact of remote health monitoring of chronically ill patients, and is now deploying an Apple Watch-based version of its EHR to let patients and physicians communicate and access data from test result notices to appointment information.

Mobile technology at the bedside connects patients, physicians

Mobile technology in advanced diagnostic imaging can be a valuable approach to keeping a doctor connected to a patient during concussion and brain injury treatment scenarios, according to a new case study.

How physicians can get patients involved with mHealth

Patient engagement doesn't have to be an expensive or a cumbersome proposition, and there are many approaches providers can take to get patients onboard with the tools, says Mark Burrell, vice president of global user experience practice at Medullan.

Digital health market continues to 'mature' in 2015

The digital health market continues to mature as we move into the second half of 2015, with Fitbit's IPO and a focus on personalized medicine leading the way, according to a mid-year report from StartUp Health.

Joseph Kvedar: Connectivity key to 'knit together' health data

As patients continue to receive care outside of the standard hospital setting--such as at home and retail clinics--connectivity will be key, according to Joseph Kvedar, M.D., director for the Boston-based Partners HealthCare Center for Connected Health.

Robotic-assisted tele-rounding effective for NICU patients

Robotic-assisted telemedicine is an effective way to perform bedside rounds for ill infants in hospital neonatal intensive care units, new research concludes.

Why the 21st Century Cures Act is unsafe legislation

The 21st Century Cures Act contains good ideas for streamlining development and evaluation of new drugs and devices, but other provisions could lead to an approval process that is less safe, according to a perspective article in  The New England Journal of Medicine.

BlackBerry mulls bacteria-free smartphone for health professionals

BlackBerry is considering building a new device specific to the healthcare industry that would feature bacteria-fighting technology.

FDA issues draft guidance on UDI 'marking'

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued draft guidance on the "marking" feature for medical devices with a unique device identifier as part of a medical device postmarket surveillance system.

Why security must be top focus of mHealth wearable data exchange strategy

The explosive growth of mHealth wearables, illustrated by Fitbit's recent IPO and the debut of Apple's Watch earlier this year, isn't happening without some concerns and serious worries about user security.