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Mac McMillan: Health IT security compliance does not equal safety

FierceHealthIT  recently spoke with Mac McMillan, chair of the HIMSS Privacy & Security Policy Task Force and CEO of IT security consulting firm CynergisTek, about the current state of healthcare security. In part 1 of this two-part interview, McMillan discusses what he thinks hospital CIOs need to focus on.

Wearables to play starring role in Parkinson's disease research effort

Chip maker Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are teaming up on a project that will use wearable devices and data analytics to monitor treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, the latter has announced.

Health attorneys: 3 steps mHealth start-up developers must take

Mobile healthcare start-up developers must do three things--1) establish a business plan, 2) devise a comprehensive revenue and reimbursement plan and 3) determine product and technology insurance requirements--in order to succeed, according to health attorneys Lisa Clark and C. Mitchell Goldman with Philadelphia-based Duane Morris, LLP.

Parkland's digital facelift focuses on 'future-proofing'

Four years after announcing plans to build a brand new complex, Dallas-based Parkland Memorial Hospital is on the verge of opening what's being described as "one of the first 'digital hospitals' in the United States."

Apple discusses HealthKit with hospitals, Allscripts

Apple is meeting with healthcare providers--including Mount Sinai Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic--as well as electronic health records vendor Allscripts as part of its strategy to establish its HealthKit system as a healthcare data hub.

Media spotlight without facts makes mHealth privacy a tougher task

Privacy is a huge concern in mobile healthcare, which makes protecting consumer data and providing consumers control over data something everyone--from the federal agency level to mHealth app and device makers--cares about. It's not surprising, then, that a U.S. senator brought the issue into the media spotlight, calling on the Federal Trade Commission to stop device makers from allegedly selling data and enacting an "opt out" for consumers. What's not good, however, is that Schumer put the focus on Fitbit, one of the veteran fitness tracker manufacturers, saying the company was selling its user data when it was not.

Senator wants FTC rules on data selling by wearable device companies

A U.S. senator is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to shore up data privacy regulations regarding mobile health and fitness devices, claiming device makers are sharing data without consumer permission or awareness.

Tablet interaction, entertainment apps can ease pre-op stress for young patients

Playing with a tablet prior to surgery can minimize anxiety and reduce stress in young patients and speeds up surgical recovery time when compared with the traditional oral sedative given in such medical scenarios.

Can drones improve healthcare in remote regions?

The World Health Organization and the government of Bhutan--a small South Asian nation in the Himalayas--are teaming up with a California technology startup to examine a new method for improving patient care efforts: Drones.

Google debuts SDK preview kit for developers of its Fit platform

Developers interested in building apps for Google Fit, the tech titan's Android-based health and fitness tracking platform, can now tap the Preview SDK for Fit, which offers up three APIs: Sensor API, Recording API and a History API.