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Latest Headlines

Not all physicians keen on patient-generated health data

As consumers increasingly embrace mobile health and fitness devices, some physicians are more than a bit wary of relying on such data for patient care.

mHealth solutions market predicted to hit $59B by 2020

The mHealth solutions industry is on the cusp of huge growth in the next few years, with a predicted 33.4 percent growth rate through 2020, which would put the market's value at $59.15 billion, according to a new report.

Device may detect stroke in less than 10 minutes

A new device, developed by scientists at Cornell University, may help diagnose a stroke in only 10 minutes.

RSNA 2015: Is this the year that radiology turns the corner?

"Innovation is the key to our future." That's the slogan for #RSNA15. Innovation--of course--can be interpreted in variety of ways, though. There is the scientific and technological...

Quality-driven healthcare system a boon for use of remote, mobile tools

This week I had the chance to speak about mHealth with Spyglass Managing Director Gregg Malkary, and during the discussion I noticed a trend: optimism of what's to come for mobile technology in...

Why mHealth wearables may not have to be worn to be effective

Today's mHealth wearables, whether slapped on a wrist, strapped to a chest or lying against skin with a dollop of adhesive, could become tomorrow's mHealth nonwearables while providing all the same features and functionality. At least that's the premise behind a device developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RSNA 2015: Radiology society looks to forthcoming challenges and opportunities

Last year's meeting of the Radiological Society of North America--the organization's 100th--reflected on the past and celebrated how far the field has come. This year's event promises to look to the future--and the challenges and possibilities that are on the medical imaging horizon.

RSNA 2015: Reimbursements, decision support, cybersecurity among trends to watch

Financial, clinical and technological safety, no doubt, will drive many of the discussions between medical imaging executives, radiologists and other healthcare stakeholders descending upon Chicago next week for the Radiological Society of North America's annual conference.

How a BYOD policy can help a hospital's bottom line

Bring-your-own-device strategies can help healthcare providers avoid the costs of giving mobile devices to all staffers, as well as costs related to training employees on such tools, according to Gerard Nussbaum, director of technology services at management consulting firm Kurt Salmon.

3 ways the FDA furthers patient engagement in the med device process

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is looking to include patients and caregivers every step of the way when it comes to development of new medical tools.