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Latest Headlines

FDA's Bakul Patel asks stakeholders to comment on med device interoperability draft guidance

Interoperability of medical devices is as much about sharing information as it is about safety, according to Bakul Patel, associate director for digital health at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Senate health committee unanimously passes HIT bill

The Improving Health Information Technology Act and six other bills cleared the Senate health committee with bipartisan support at a hearing on Tuesday.

CVS digital exec: We're forging ahead on digital health tools

CVS will continue to make its mark on digital health by embracing online tools to help consumers manage chronic conditions, as well as improving convenience, according to Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer.

Mobile health data plays role in digital biomarkers

Relevant data plays a critical role in digital biomarkers, and mobile devices collecting such information are a valuable contributor to the technology.

Personalization, education tools foster behavior change among mHeath users

The top factors spurring behavioral change among mHealth users are personalized content, educational tools and dashboard functionality, according to a recent research2guidance blog post.

Why the pager remains a viable and trusted tool for providers

Despite the emergence of new digital health communications tools and technologies, the pager remains not only a viable and valuable device for healthcare providers, but also offers evidence of what devices must provide to be successful in the care and treatment scenario.

Smart contact lens tracks glaucoma disease progression

A smart contact lens may one day help track the progression of glaucoma and identify glaucoma patients facing higher disease risks.

Health system taps Fitbit for adolescent diabetes research

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is using Fitbit devices for a research effort regarding sleep behavior and activity among children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Medical device security research on the upswing

Healthcare professionals should look for an uptick in cybersecurity research for medical devices during 2016, security researcher Billy Rios says in an interview with  HealthcareInfoSecurity.

Device familiarity matters when it comes to digital health effectiveness

According to a recent Scripps Translational Science Institute research study, there is little evidence digital medicine helps cut healthcare costs or spurs consumers to be more interested in their...