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Latest Headlines

FDA proposes deregulation of several medical devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday released draft guidance on a wide ranging list of medical devices--many of which fall into the mobile healthcare spectrum--which the agency believes do not require premarket notification review for safety and effectiveness.

Hospitals covet neighboring facilities' technology

Facilities were more likely to acquire a new surgical robot if neighboring hospitals had done so, according to a study from a group of private and government researchers published in this month's  Healthcare  journal.

Weak user commitment, mHealth tool reliability present adoption hurdles

Privacy concerns and data security may not be the top obstacles in mHealth technology adoption. Insteady, the biggest hurdles might be getting patients and consumers to use such tools in a more dedicated fashion and boosting the reliability of emerging monitoring and tracking devices to spur user activity.

Apple's potential role in the Epic-IBM Pentagon EHR bid

Apple iOS support would play a role if the joint bid by IBM and Verona, Wisconsin-based electronic health record vendor Epic to develop a new EHR system for the Department of Defense is accepted.

Report: Mobile healthcare market projected to hit $6.7 billion by year's end

Connected devices and machine-to-machine technology, as well as mobile network advancements and emergence of low-cost smartphones will spur mobile healthcare market growth as provider and payer organizations seek new ways to streamline costs while improving patient care, according to Visiongain's latest market forecast.

Court orders dismissal of $4 billion Sutter Health privacy suit

A privacy lawsuit against Sutter Health has been dismissed by a state appellate court this week.

Apple-IBM partnership bodes well for mHealth innovation

Apple and IBM are forging a global strategic partnership to transform business using mobile technology. A big chunk of that strategy is aimed at the healthcare sector, specifically the mobile healthcare segment.

Health industry stuck on older communications tools

Much of the healthcare industry remains reliant on older communications systems, including pagers and paper-based processes, that can negatively impact patient safety and operational inefficiencies, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report.

Google healthcare strategy boasts strengths, weaknesses, industry experts say

As Google's Glass offering already is making headlines thanks to various mHealth pilots and initiatives, some industry experts remain wary of such efforts due to security issues

mHealth program helps to foster patient self-management in U.K.

Phone and face-to-face contact with community nurses was reduced by 26 percent just after one month of use of mobile technology, lessening pressure on primary care providers according to new data from the U.K.-based NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group.