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Latest Headlines

Fuse data, randomized clinical trials to reduce problems

Randomized clinical trials help provide information on safety and outcomes of drugs and devices, but there are problems to using RCTs--problems that can be solved with the help of data stored in electronic health records.

Technology key to CVS' disruption of the healthcare industry

For many patients, access and affordability often are the most important determinants as to where, when and how they will receive care. To that end, CVS Health's status as a disruptor in the healthcare industry continues to grow.

Hospitals face readmissions head on with help from health IT [Special Report]

From the minute a patient is admitted to the hospital and for months after he or she leaves, providers are committed to ensuring a return visit doesn't happen--and health IT is aiding in that effort.   In this special report, find out how provider organizations view technology's role in preventing readmissions, what programs they have under way to battle the problem and the challenges they face. Special Report

How CVS uses telehealth, EHRs to improve patient care

While telemedicine and electronic health records are helping health providers to improve the quality of care delivered to patients, they also are helping pharmacy retailers stake a legitimate claim in the industry, according to Tobias Barker, vice president of medical operations for CVS MinuteClinic.

Karen DeSalvo: In hindsight, we needed common interoperability standards

A common set of standards for the exchange of electronic health information likely could have improved the current state of interoperability in the industry, National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo said.

NorthShore uses EHR data to create Alzheimer's risk score

Researchers at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago are using data collected in electronic health records to create a risk prediction model for Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers use data for early sepsis detection

Sepsis is one of the leading causes of deaths in U.S. hospitals, and researchers are turning to health technology in an effort to detect risk for the condition sooner.

Geisinger's Nicholas Marko: Early EMR adoption has propelled innovation [Q&A]

As an early adopter of electronic medical records, Geisinger Health System is well-equipped to use health data in new and innovative ways. Because the Danville, Pa.-based provider has had a system-wide EMR since the mid-1990s, both clinicians and researchers are very confident navigating mounds of patient information and using it to improve patient care processes, Chief Data Officer Nicholas Marko says.

CVS Health, St. Luke's University Health Network to integrate EHRs

Prescription and visit information from CVS Health clinics can now be integrated into electronic medical health records of patients at St. Luke's University Health Network.

Pen mightier than computer during outage at BJC HealthCare

For 20 hours a hospital system that provides care in Southern Illinois and Missouri was without power to its computer systems, causing employees to turn to pen and paper to record patient information.