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Latest Headlines

Medical residents embrace use of telemedicine

A majority of medical residents would be willing to conduct visits with patients through telehealth services, according to a Medscape study.

American Well 'exchanges' to connect patients immediately with providers

Patients will soon be able to use American Well services to find physicians immediately available for an online consultation or in-office appointment.

Bill Frist: Federal, state changes needed to advance telemedicine

Telemedicine offers the potential to address the access, cost and quality problems in the U.S. healthcare system, but requires change at the federal and state levels to do so, according to Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

Reducing hospital readmissions through telemedicine partnerships with skilled nursing facilities

Guest post by Raymond Hino, president and CEO of the Sonoma West Medical Center in California. Telemedicine systems, including remote presence technology, have evolved over the years from stationary...

How telemedicine partnerships can reduce hospital readmissions

Telemedicine systems, including remote presence technology, have evolved over the years from stationary workstations to mobile carts to the latest "robotic" units that self-propel themselves down our hospital corridors without a driver, according to preprogrammed GPS instructions.

Mass General plans to debut telemedicine service for second opinions this fall

Come fall, Massachusetts General Hospital will allow patients to seek second opinions through an online medicine service.

Oregon provider-payer hybrid aims to disrupt healthcare delivery

A 9-year-old health clinic network in Oregon that now is selling health insurance for the first time aims to challenge the healthcare system's status quo with its innovative model.

Turning to telemedicine: How providers differ in their remote care options

Telemedicine is growing in popularity among patients who like the convenience and for providers who can reach rural patients and make more efficient use of their time.

Patients wary of telemedicine, distrust virtual diagnosis

Patients responding to a recent survey said they would be less likely to use telemedicine services compared to an in-person visit with a physician.

How telemedicine aids Mercy Health's efforts to improve care

Telemedicine is a three-legged stool that includes not only technology, but also improving access to healthcare and managing reimbursement issues, Mercy Health's chief medical information officer Stephen Beck, M.D.,  writes  at  HIT Consultant.