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Latest Headlines

3 ways hospitals can engage the community to improve care

Though many hospitals have made strides to improve population health by forming public health partnerships with other organizations, that's merely one of the ways healthcare leaders can engage their communities, according to an article from  Hospital & Health Networks (HHN).

Physician online reviews gain power

Although narrow payer ne tworks  often exclude certain physicians,  44 percent of patients may be willing to seek out-of-network doctors with favorable online reviews, according to a new sur vey  published by practice management consultancy Software Advice.

Hospitals embrace social media, but have yet to realize its full benefits

The use of social media among U.S. hospitals is greater than previously thought, although the impact it has on patients and populations remains unknown, according to new research published in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

5 (more) ways to make your practice thrive in 2015

Last week, I offered five practice traits that appear to be common denominators for success. In truth, I had 10 in mind, but ran out of space in which to share them. But while the first batch was...

4 easy-to-miss social media safeguards for physician offices

While the potential benefits of social media in healthcare are vast, so too are the consequences for physicians or organizations whose representatives don't post carefully,  according to a  po st  on  OncLive.

Does social media boost healthcare careers?

Many nurse practitioners and physician assistants believe social media use has helped their careers, according to a new survey by The Clinical Advisor.

Mobile tech critical to Ebola eradication in Nigeria

Nigeria leaders are crediting mHealth and social media technology for playing a big role in containing and eradicating the Ebola virus from the country.

4 principles guiding healthcare's age of enlightenment

There are many emerging themes and movements driving healthcare innovation and evolution, which is comparable to the Age of Enlightenment with its new discoveries and ways of solving problems,  Forbes  contributor Dave Chase wrote in his most recent column.

NIH grants funds to research impact of social media on treatment of substance abuse

Research exploring how social media can be used to advance prevention and treatment of substance abuse has received a boost from the National Institutes of Health.

Facebook sets its sights on healthcare industry

Following in the footsteps of tech companies like Apple and Google, Facebook has also set its sights on healthcare.