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Latest Headlines

Court rules hospital not responsible for employee's Facebook patient privacy violations

A judge has ruled a hospital is not liable for an employee's Facebook post containing a screenshot of a patient's medical record that revealed she had a sexually-transmitted infection, setting a potential precedent for emerging issues of social media and patient privacy, according to the  Cincinnati Enquirer.

Union: Meridian Health revising social-media policy to protect nurses' rights

Two New Jersey hospitals revised a strict social-media policy that could have had nurses in hot water for posting posts on Facebook supporting the nurses' union during contract negotiations, NJ.com reported.

3 social media misconceptions debunked

While the healthcare industry is beginning to set forth guidelines related to social media, not all of physicians' assumptions about the dos and don'ts are necessarily accurate. Consider the following insights from some of today's leading social media experts.

Patient tweets may reveal insights into health outcomes, hospital experiences

​Every day social media posts may provide insights about health, health outcomes and the quality of care at hospitals, according to two new studies published in the journal  BMJ Quality & Safety.

'Sky is the limit' for health providers who use social media

Social media can be a minefield, but platforms such as  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter can also provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with an array of previously unheard-of advantages and the ability to confer with other professionals--no matter where they are in the world. 

5 dos and don'ts for healthcare social media

Here are three ways leaders can make social media work for their organizations and two ways it can go wrong.

4 social media trends your practice may have missed

Social media is the most important factor in managing your practice's brand today, according to a post from  Physicians Practice. But despite the multitude of benefits that practices have realized by having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites patients access every day, the "rules" for optimizing the tool are a moving target.

How hospitals can use online health forums to better engage underserved populations

A new study from the University of California, Riverside reveals how people use social media and online health forums. Hospitals can use the findings to help reach underserved communities and prevent the spread of misinformation.

Online review trends reveal doctors' service weak spots

While the majority of online reviews about physician practices are positive, patients who are unhappy with their experiences aren't shy about sharing it. Most types of healthcare providers earn an average of 4 out of 5 stars, according to a review of Yelp data from  ProPublica, but doctor offices got the most critical feedback, with an average rating of 3.6,  NPR  reported.

Hospitals' commitment to social media grows

Hospitals in Ohio are spending more money and resources on social media but also say they don't have the staff and time needed to use social media effectively.