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Latest Headlines

4 considerations for your practice's online presence

A disgruntled former patient who created a website to impersonate his surgeon's online presence. Plastic surgery practices posting the work of another plastic surgeon on their websites. These are just two reasons you must be careful when you set up an online presence to market your physician practice, according to a recent  Medscape  article.

When PR disaster strikes, hospitals must make the first move

Healthcare Drive  examines the responses of two hospitals that faced public relation nightmares in the past month that could have seriously damaged their professional reputations.   

3 ways to make social media more worthwhile

Gone are the days when medical practices can rely on word-of-mouth marketing alone. One of the most effective--and arguably indispensable--ways to engage current and prospective patients is through social media. Here are three ways to boost your social media presence.   

Twitter may shed light on patients' response to medical errors

Amid growing concerns about medical errors, the nation's third-leading cause of death, Twitter could serve as a tool to collect data and improve patient engagement on the subject, according to a study published in the  Journal of Patient Safety.

Social media policy tips for healthcare leaders

As healthcare providers expand their use of social media,  Becker's Hospital Review  offers hospital leaders tips to consider when drafting policies.

A doc's little video that connected in a big way

Posting a video demonstration online could just make you a social media superstar, as pediatrician Robert Hamilton, M.D., found when he posted a video showing how he calms a crying baby in seconds with "The Hold."

Privacy violations: Small breaches also pose danger but rarely addressed

In an era of increased concerns about patient privacy within the healthcare industry, most of the attention focuses on large-scale breaches; indeed, five such incidents this year compromised nearly 100 million private records. But this focus means smaller-scale breaches affecting only one or two patients often fly under the radar, according to Pro Publica.

Redrawing doctor-patient relationships in a digital age

Doctors have never been in full agreement regarding how sharply the boundary between patient and friend ought to be drawn. The increasing ubiquity of social media profiles has brought the age-old issue back to the fore and complicated it further, according to a recent  Wall Street Journal  article.

Healthcare providers lag on marketing front

The healthcare sector is lagging behind other industries in terms of marketing relevant messages to consumers, according to the publication  Chief Marketer.

3 ways healthcare organizations can better market their services

The healthcare industry has fallen behind in marketing compared to sectors such as insurance, but to survive amid stiff competition, healthcare organizations must adopt more innovative approaches to survive, according to an article published by  Chief Marketer.