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Latest Headlines

Heart failure patients open to tech but prefer docs to manage condition

While technology provides the opportunity for heart failure patients to more actively manage their symptoms, patients still look to their doctors for guidance in doing so, according to a small study...

Social media bugaboo: How to handle grief and memorial in the Internet age

When  FiercePracticeManagement  launched in 2010, healthcare social media was in its infancy. The major questions surrounding websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the like were, "What are they? Why should I use them? How do I use them?"

Communicating with patients: Stick with the tried and true

Guest post by Nancy Cawley Jean, senior media relations officer for the Lifespan health system in Rhode Island Over the years, the way we communicate with patients has changed drastically. I...

Doc jokes on social media may have real-world implications

Although jokes at the expense of doctors and hospitals aren't new, researchers who looked at the popularity of the one-liners on Facebook say the study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research provides insight into the use of social networking sites for research related to health and medicine.

Set rules for docs on social media

Guest post by Nancy Cawley Jean, senior media relations officer for Lifespan health system in Rhode Island. Back in 2011, I wrote a Hospital Impact post about why doctors should be careful when...

A prescription for docs on social media

By Nancy Cawley Jean Back in 2011, I wrote a Hospital Impact post about why doctors should be careful when using social media. I'm not changing my stance on the issue, but I recognize that social...

4 healthcare mega-trends

Between the Affordable Care Act and an aging population, traditional healthcare industry models face unprecedented disruptions, contributor Reenita Das writes in  Forbes,  and four "mega-trends" will reflect this by the end of the decade. 

Virtual connections: How to relate to patients online and in person

Last week's column focused on some of the ways healthcare has changed since the days of Marcus Welby, M.D. This week's issue of FiercePracticeManagement has a similar theme with many stories...

3 mistakes to avoid after social media bashing

Now that social media has a strong presence in consumers' lives, one person's negative experience with a company easily can become a public relations nightmare as the story gets shared repeatedly across various online sites.

Health insurance marketing: Seek a long-term member relationship

Health insurers need to build long-term relationships with customers--using methods that include customized outreach and data mining--to compete and thrive in today's healthcare environment, according to a white paper from Frost & Sullivan. However, health insurance marketers must address several challenges to build lasting customer relationships.