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Latest Headlines

UCSF's Michael Blum: Interoperability platform could tackle barrier to healthcare progress

An interoperability platform being developed between the University of California San Francisco and Cisco will involve an application programming interface approach with "more repeatable data binding within large healthcare organizations," says Michael Blum, M.D., UCSF's associate vice chancellor for informatics and director of its Center for Digital Health Innovation.

Report: HIE-sponsored PHRs offer 'one-stop shopping'

Health information exchanges may wish to consider offering personal health records as part of their array of services, according to a report recently unveiled by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

EHRA defends comments on information blocking

Members of HIMSS' Electronic Health Records Association, apparently stung by negative media and other reaction to the group's letter to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT regarding the agency's interoperability report, have written a blog post clarifying its position.

Karen DeSalvo: Near-term HIT strategy includes making usable data readily available

Usable data needs will be a priority for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT down the road, according to head Karen DeSalvo.

Framework from Sequoia Project, Care Connectivity Consortium focuses on patient matching

The Sequoia Project and the Care Connectivity Consortium (CCC), in a new white paper, present a  framework  for patient matching for health information exchange partners, considered one of the major hindrances to effective data-sharing.

Walgreens to use Epic EHRs at health clinics

Walgreens announced this week that it will install electronic health record vendor Epic's systems into its health clinics.

Congress between a rock and a hard place when it comes to enforcing VA-DoD interoperability

At a recent congressional hearing focusing on electronic health record interoperability--or lack, thereof--between the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) said to officials from both agencies that after nearly two decades of failed efforts to play nicely together, and billions of dollars spent, perhaps it's time to punish noncompliance of federal requests. In theory, that idea makes sense. But it will be difficult to achieve.

3 priorities for bringing new drugs, devices to patients

The Bipartisan Policy Center urges Congress to take up three priorities in order to bring new, safe and effective treatments and cures to patients, according to an announcement.

Legacy technology: A scapegoat for HIT startup struggles?

Digital health startups often fail due to an inability to integrate with legacy HIT systems--including electronic health records--according to entrepreneur John Sung Kim.

Congress to VA, DoD: Interoperability issues reflect poor management, not technology

House lawmakers grilled Veterans Affairs and Defense Department officials at a hearing Tuesday about a continued lack of health data interoperability, calling the agencies' progress inexcusable and demanding more accountability.