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Latest Headlines

Payer consortium to help small practices switch to ICD-10

Payers have joined together to help smaller providers make the switch to ICD-10, reports  ICD-10 Monitor.

Organizations urge Congress to avoid further ICD-10 delays

A group of 15 organizations--including the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, the American Health Information management Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and America's Health Insurance Plans--is urging congressional leaders to ensure that no future delays to ICD-10 implementation take place.

Why ICD-10 is necessary for big data success in healthcare

While ICD-10 might have codes that seem excessive--like injury via turkey--without its comprehensive codes, doctors will "never detect the one-in-a-million disease when it matters," according to resident physician in family medicine William Rusnak.

Doc: ICD-10 delays teach medical professionals to embrace apathy

According to James Libecco, a single practitioner at Akron Skin Center in Ohio, the multiple delays to ICD-10 are teaching those in medicine to embrace apathy.

3 strategies for winning physicians over for ICD-10

Physician involvement is an especially crucial element at several levels for hospitals transitioning to ICD-10, according to healthcare IT consultant D'Arcy Guerin Gue.

Large organizations press on with ICD-10; worries plague smaller groups

As organizations continue to prepare for the switch to ICD-10, smaller entities are anticipating more difficulties than their larger counterparts, according to an AHIMA survey.

Linda Reed on ICD-10: Prepare and don't get caught short

Despite yet another delay in the transition to ICD-10, providers still must remain focused and alert to ensure that, should implementation go forward on Oct. 1, 2015, cash flow remains uninterrupted. That was the message last week from Linda Reed, vice president and CIO at Morristown, New Jersey-based Atlantic Health System.

Nash Health Care's Ken Kilmer: Use ICD-10 testing to avoid chaos

For Ken Kilmer, ICD-10 project manager at Rocky Mount, North Carolina-based Nash Health Care System, conducting a weeklong mock ICD-10 transition earlier this month was all about avoiding chaos in 2015.

AMA's Steven Stack on ICD-10: The sky's not falling, but at times it feels like it

For health IT, it is both the best of times and the worst of times, according to the American Medical Association's President-Elect Steven Stack.

Computer-assisted coding market 'ripe' for growth as ICD-10 looms

As hospitals prepare to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding by October 2015, computer-assisted coding (CAC)tools will become increasingly important, so much so that, according to a new HIMSS Analytics report, they have the highest growth potential out of 25 support service applications.